Monday, December 31, 2012

Adieu 2012~~

Today is the last day of 2012. 

31st December 2012.

Ending a year always makes me think back what I have accomplished in a year.

This year I completed my studies and graduated. Bid a tearful goodbye to my studying life and saying a bitter hello to the working life. Learning new things about myself. Discovering my disability to be independent and being too nonsensical and over-emotional.

2012 started well to me with lots of happiness and hope amidst the fear of the unknown. It ended with frustration, regrets, tears and understanding and remembering there's always still hope. 2012 was a year of realisations to me.

2013 is coming in 6 hours. A new year brings forward new challenges and signifies new beginnings. In the year 2013, I will switch to a new job in a new workplace and I'm praying for courage and determination. I'm not expecting things to go smoothly but I'm hoping that things can eventually unravel and have a good end. I hope I can make some changes I want to make successfully and be happy. I hope 2013 will be a year full of happiness and good health to everyone.

Happy New Year everyone...


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Time is the father of all truths

The quote time is the father of all truth really inspire me.

I recently just listen to it on the radio and realise that is it pretty much the truth. Pardon the pun.

It's true that with time, you will learn to see what's right and what's wrong. 
With time, you will realise whether you believe in what you do or not. 
With time, you will realise that without passion, there's just no love or interest.
With time, you grow wiser or less stupid in my case,
With time, you learn that plans require efforts,
With time, you learn nothing comes without sacrifice,
And with time you will realise what you want now might not be what you want in the future.

I'm very fond of philosophy and now I wonder why I didn't pursue a career in that.
Hah...I'm just jack of all trades and master of none. 
A lil bit here and there. 
Total nonsense.


Saturday, December 01, 2012


People say to gain you have to lose.

It's funny that when I decide on a plan, something will definitely change my plan.

Something unexpected comes my way and I have to struggle to deal with it.

I get so frustrated and stressed out by it and it just make me feel panicky.

So panicky that I feel like bursting in tears and being so hard to breathe.

Can't believe I'm having a panic attack at this age. >.<

"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need."

I hope this applies to me.

I'll try to be positive about things and look forward instead of back.

I  don't handle changes well. In fact I hate changes. You can say I like the feeling of being safe.

The fact that I'm starting on a new path in my life scares the hell out of me and I need someone around and there's no one to stay with me.

Everyone has their own life now and I guess that makes me a little a lot lonely.

I am too clingy to my family and friends and the fact is I need to start being really independent now.

I know I'm being too emotional all the time and it's annoying the people around me.

Thank you for trying to be understanding and please bear with me with all my emo-ness ahead.

I have a plan again now and I hope my plan goes well. 1 year..I will give engineering another shot.

After that, anything goes~~

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. If there's a will, there's always a way. 

Please don't let me forget that.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Having second...third thoughts....

I don't know what I want in life.

Suddenly I lost all my ambitions in life.

I started working yesterday and to tell you frankly, I hated it.

If you ask me why I hated it, it's just the feeling of it and the heart is saying no. The people are OK albeit the company being stingy in pay. There's a lot of work but I'm still trying to cope. But I still have the feeling this is not the path for me. I'm going to try but if your heart's not in it.......and I feel so alone.

I know people will have all sorts of impression of me being rich, pampered and spoiled. I'm probably am pampered even if my family is not rich.I'm just not happy.

It's funny how I imagine myself 5 years from now and I can't see myself working in a factory. I'm not much of a leader and frankly, I don't want to be one. So find me a job where I can follow someone and I'll go for it.

It's not that I don't have the skills or the brains to do it but I just don't have the heart to do it. My heart doesn't even know what it wants now. I'm in serious thoughts of furthering my studies. But what can I do after futhering? Do I still have to work back in a factory? Take up lecturing?

I'm probably going for something different. So many years in science and I realise although I find science interesting, I'm not much of the fan of the mathematical parts of science. So I guess I'm more suitable for some artsy or language. I love English but do I love it enough to make it my job? Teaching perhaps in English?

I truly need a psychologist. Why don't we have them in abundance in Malaysia. There's a lot of stress on me right now. I hate that I have to grow up and my parents going old. This year brings a lot of perspective into my life and my thinking is life is short and I want to be doing something I love while I can and enjoy my time with my family. Working...I want to be working doing something I love and that would be what? Baking? Cooking? English? And suddenly....I realised I'm not even thinking in science.

A few people mention I was good in my studies in Materials Engineering, why don't I like it now? I don't have the answer too. Is it because all my life people have been saying science is good and engineering is good and I'm influenced through there and since I'm bad at accountancy, I decided to try it.

Would it be wrong to say I made a mistake now and I want to try something different? My mom says she's proud of me no matter what which makes me teared up and tell me I can do what I want as long as I can take care of myself and be happy. I cried big time everything she says that because it make me realise how I haven't grow up at all and I'm so much of a mommy's and daddy's girl.

I'm jealous of people who are working and holding on well to their ambitions. I don't really have a big one. I just want to live a simple and happy comfortable life. And it is so hard to achieve that.


Thursday, November 08, 2012


So I got through what I would say is a phase of depression

I stop feeling sorry for myself...maybe still a little bit. But hey...I'm neurotic in that way.

I'm writing this because frankly, I don't have anyone to talk to about it now. No one who can offer me advice or some perspective on the jobs. So here I am letting go of what I think here.

I got a job. In fact I'm starting next week although I haven't sign the offer yet.
But fate just have to play with me. I got a job interview from a big multinasional company, one of the big players in Penang. Maybe I shouldn't have accepted the interview and went. It made me think of the what ifs.

What does my heart tell me? I'm not sure. Obviously getting into a bigger company will have better pay, benefits and stuff but the thing is I'm still at the interview stage only. It's still pending and there's no guarantee I'm getting the job. On the other hand, the small company has confirmed everything for me.

Thus the confusion. I don't know who to talk to right now. I've already gotten a job and done the medical checkup and whatnot. If I would take the risk and drop the job wouldn't that just be bad manners to the company and the what-ifs comes into mind. What if the MNC rejects me too? So continue being jobless?

And then the company drop me another bomb. Ask me to go for another interview for another position. Every damn thing is still pending. So what do I do now. How to make choices when you're confused? I'm afraid I'll make the wrong decision. 

Should I just go to the smaller company where the pay is lower and benefits less and give it a shot? Should I or should I not? 

But come to think of it, I sort of have a decision made but I still feel wasted. I think I'll give myself a chance to go for the interview and then start working at the small company. Go for the experience even if I have went to like gazillions of these interviews. I'm following my heart but why does it feel so heavy?


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I should have faith in myself....

Somehow when I vowed not to come back to this place, I'm back. =.=

I said goodbye to this chapter of my life but I can't seem to move on to the next chapter of my life.

My friends told me not to lose faith and cheer up. That nothing is impossible.

My family just tell me to be me, to make my own decisions as it is my own life.

A senior told me to follow my heart and I won't be wrong. That even if I am then I won't regret it. 
The truth is I am following my heart and I do wonder if my decisions do sometimes fail me.

Do I lose myself in the process of making decisions or suffer from the consequences of the choices I made?

I know I shouldn't feel sad over things passed. Let bygones be bygones. (and I almost forgot that's what I always say in the past)

I need to have a new perspective in my life and trust everything will go well.

I should get out from this emotional mess and be courageous. 

Whatever will be will be. If there's a will, there's always a way.

Hwaiting, Ganbatte, Jia You!!!!

Through the rain, there's a brighter day.
Sunflowers Field, Umbria

Friday, October 26, 2012

So miserable that it's funny

It's funny.

I started this blog to show myself that I have many happy memories and I want to remember them through here. But it seems the blog has taken a very depressing state through a depressing period of my life. I think I made myself depressed.

It's funny.

Funny how I can think too much and become so emotional in seconds. I have a new skill now. The ability to cry in 30 seconds. It's true. I can do that...make it 20 seconds and I'll still be able to do it.

It's funny.

Right now I'm feeling just fine. But you'll never know tomorrow. I was sitting and talking with a friend just now during dinner. It was all happy chit-chatting and suddenly my emotions swerved into a different direction that I feel so down and almost cried.

It's funny.

I can write about this now because I got fed-up of myself being such an idiot. So what if no one wants to hire me now. So what if I'm still sitting at home doing nothing. So what if I'm not as capable as some people earning money. 

It's funny.

I still care of what people think of me and maybe too much at that too. Too much that it made me so low esteemed about it. That I worry of what people think of me. That I worry that my parents worry about me. That I disappoint them in so many ways. That I can't give them a good life. 

It's funny.

I'm actually afraid of starting a new chapter in life and worrying over something that isn't going to happen in another 20 years. Worrying and not actually taking on a challenge and be brave, be positive, and believe that I can.

It's so funny until it is not funny anymore......

Monday, October 08, 2012

I think I'm going through a depression state.

It seems I can never feel happy enough. One minute I feel happy, the other I feel down.

I worry about this and that yet I do nothing to solve it.

I guessed I'm a worrywart and I tend to aim too high.

But then that's who I am isn't it? 

Aim for the stars but if you can't at least you reach the moon.

Let's face reality, eventually I'll need to work and make a living.

Can't rely on anyone to live your life.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I'm A Graduate!!

Latest news in my life.

I'm finally a graduate!!! Graduated only with a second class upper degree in Materials Engineering. 
Wish it was a first class degree. Oh well, I'm smart (self bragging) but not that hardworking. :P

If there's anything I regret from the four years there is not spending enough time exploring Perlis and actually going to Langkawi. Can you believe I only went there once and it was for a school program so I didn't even get to tour the island.

Another thing would be not scoring those silly midterm test where everyone copies and pretend they don't. Wish I studied better. I tried my best during the finals but not always during those tests. 

Oh well, let bygones be bygones. Maybe I'll challenge myself to a Master's degree someday.

Back to the topic, here's a few photos of my convocation which I think was too short. I think the whole ceremony of me taking the cert from the Raja Muda was like 4 seconds. Didn't even have the chance to savour the moment. It's a closure to another chapter of my life. The end of my studying life. Worrying to continue to the next chapter...

My mom and dad. See they're wearing matching clothes...haha

This photo is the best. Love it.

Just realised how I take photos by tilting my face in a certain angle. So every single photo of me seems to look the same...haha. But the angle makes me look I'll keep doing that. :P
(Pressies from many makes me so happy ^^)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reply 1997

Synopsis of Reply 1997

This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took centre stage and K-pop was blossoming. It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Si Won, who idolizes boyband H.O.T. and her 5 high school friends.

So I have finished watching the drama until the 15th episode. One more episode left. Can't say this is the 1st drama I go crazy for because I had plenty of past experiences ^^.

But this drama is great in terms that it made me cry and it made me laugh. Any drama which can make me laugh and cry in the same episode can be cased into my favourite drama list. I think there's a feeling that everyone can related to in the drama when we are still studying. And as much as I dislike those cliffhangers, the directors and screenwriters really made a great job in keeping the audiences' attention to tuned in the next episode. I myself finish watching 15 episodes in 4 days. Could have been faster if I haven't been busy with other things. I spend every free time I got at home watching this drama.

Because I know I'm pretty much fanatic for romance stories, I don't know if this story will intrigue you like it did to me but I felt this story is really awesome. Watch it for yourself. ^^ Can't wait for the final episode!! It airs tonight and I shall wait for the English subbed ones (Dunno if I can resist watching the raw videos or not..hehe.)

Failed to resist watching the raw videos..haha. Great ending though hehe....although I don't understand the words hahaha. Here's a trailer on the drama.

And one of the OST. I love this song. ^^


Friday, September 14, 2012


What's new about watching Korean dramas? Hmm...if you knwo me then you will know I'm a big K-pop fan. 

But I'm not someone who will watch drama series for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I like watching dramas. It's just that I prefer something I can finish in a short amount of time than waiting for the series to go on every week. But, if I got the whole series then somehow I still don't watch it. It's weird. I think I'm weird.

I'm peculiar. And if someone I don't like is in the drama or movie, I will try not to watch it. It's like I try to avoid watching it so that my perspective of that person won't change. >.< Proofs that I'm a stubborn bitch. I guess I'm bitchy in many ways. Better not say in what ways here. :P

Back to the topic, K-dramas....I have lots of good dramas in my external hard disk waiting to be watch but I started on three which is still airing. Crazy waiting for them to air every week. 

Started watching Reply 1997 today. Hmmm...started because I was influenced by the good reviews of netizens. After watching the 1st two episodes, I think the drama should be good. I can related to it even though during the year 1997, I was just 9 years old. The drama does portray the average teenagers accurately even if it was 15 years ago. Funny and meaningful. Those were the days.... 


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Newest freebies collected

 Kleenex tissues which came through the mail. Express post which ended up having me to go to the post office and collect a package with tissue in it. 
 The Laneige Snow Bb Soothing Cushion which is basically a BB cream sample. Collected it today from Gurney Parkson. Just have to print out a voucher through this link:

 And this perfume sample is the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume I redeem from buying Cleo Magazine September Issue. Smells nice. There's a card inside the magazine to redeem it from stores nationwide. Check out this month's Cleo magazine for further details.

These days I got myself obsessed with looking for freebies online and so far these were what I got from the last month of foraying into the world of freebies online. I remember getting a freebie of contact lenses before but that was 2 years ago. I can only get small stuff unlike some people who are so awesome at it getting freebies such as shoes, clothes, bags and even electronics. Still, it's fun to get free stuff even if they are small stuff. ^^

Monday, September 03, 2012

Book review: The Peach Keeper

Almost forgot I have another Sarah Addison Allen's book in my collection. I'm sort of like a collector. I like collecting books by the same author if I find one of her/his book interesting because chances are other books by said author might be nice as well.

Peach Keeper tells the story of two women. Ms Allen rather likes to write about stories of two women rather than in singular form.

Welcome to Walls of Water, North Carolina, (Fictional I'm assuming) where secrets are thicker than than the town's famous fog. That's what was written on the back of the book cover.

I do tend to judge book by its covers occasionally all the time. Sometimes I buy books cos they are cheap and they were so bad that I stop at the 1st chapter and leave to grow dust on my bookshelves. And yes I do have a bookshelves which occupy a section of my wall and the book collection is growing that I have to buy books secretly to avoid being reprimanded by my mom. If you're interested in romance novels or fiction novels, I'm the person to come too...haha. I don't borrow books to anyone though. Just the occasional friends that I think is trustable with my books. My precious~~~

Back to the topic, Peach Keeper is about a secret buried with time with a hint of magic AGAIN...haha. Ms Allen's books tend to hold to the same formula...tell a story of women with a past and give them magic. Wahla~~ you get a book. This one has less magical properties in it than Garden Spell but it is nonetheless interesting at least to me. I still prefer the first book I read; The Girl Who Chased The Moon which I bought just because of the cover. Guilty as charged. ^^

A discovery of a long-buried secret, a friendship that defies time, and a touch of magic, will transform both women's live in ways they would never expected. The Peach Keeper tells a story of two families and how magic brought them together. How love changes a person and how friendship can defy the forces of time.

What I like about Ms Allen's books is that they tend to tell you to live up to your dreams and not be afraid to be different. Maybe it is time I stop burying myself in books and lift my nose up but the passion of reading can never really fade off from me because reading gives me as much pleasure as swimming does and they help me relax and cheers me up. It gives me an escape from reality and dives into the world where fantasy can be lived in our heads. =D

Book review: Garden Spell

So 3 long months ago, I promised to update a book review on Sarah Addison Allen's Garden Spell. I kinda forgot about it and scrolling down my blog posts, I just realised I didn't live up to the promise yet.

So here I am trying to live up to expectations.
If you like magical and fantasy book with a pinch bucket of romance, you would probably like this one.
It's interesting to me that I can actually sometimes recognise the way the story would go because I have read several of the author's book.

Garden Spell tells the story of two sisters; magical in their own way but none of those wand waving spells though. Garden spell is actually referring to the garden in the Waverley home which has fruits, herbs and edible flowers that has powers to affect people in different way. (Wouldn't it be cool to have food that can affect people magically?) There's an apple tree which throws apple at people. These apples are not to be eaten because it tells you the future; good or bad and most people sees only bad things. I think this is a twist of the forbidden apple tree in Eve's garden. Hehe.

Claire lives in this home tending to the garden and making wonderful concoctions of food from these herbs and flowers catering to people who want them.

Everything was fine until her sister who disappeared years ago came back with a daughter sending her life out of control. Garden Spells reveals what happens when Sydney returns to Bascom with her young daughter, turning Claire's routine existence upside down. As the sisters reconnect and learn to live and rely on each other for support, they finds romance where they least expected, while Sydney's child, Bay, discovers both the safe home she has longed for and her own surprising gifts. With the help of their elderly cousin Evanelle, endowed with her own abilities- the ability to provide people with things they need at really unpredictable times, the Waverley women redeem the past, embrace the present, and take a joyful leap into the future.

I'm actually looking forward to her other book Sugar Queen which I still can't find in the bookstore. Maybe I should buy online. ^^

Disclaimer: Some parts of the review is taken from GoodReads website. ^^

Sunday, September 02, 2012


So here's the thing.

I'm back for 2 months and I'm still choice.
I wrote a pretty emotional post 2 weeks ago which I have pull into draft. Too PG18...haha

So why jobless by choice? I'm still trying to get a job that suits me and is at a suitable distance from my house. I got one which wanted me to start in July. Can't do that then cos my mom was sick and I had to be home. Then got one that was way too far to be considered as long term. Of course there was one who chose a course-mate over me. I still think it's their loss :P

So here I am still looking for a job going to interviews and interviews. My dad says I will soon go to all the companies in Penang for interviews. I went to quite a few and I felt I like a few of them but so far no offer.

I got over being offended by what people say of me still not finding a job because in the end, I'm the one working and not you. I rather be working at a place I like and can do well than being miserable at the workplace and sulking and of course some place that pays me well enough and have room for advancement. Now I'm practically rolling my eyes when my relatives ask me if I found a job yet. Got sick of hearing the phrase so often that I don't even mind anymore..kekeke.

I believe in my own ability and if a company recognises it then they will hire me. Simple as that.

So a wait it shall be.

Good things come to those who waits~~~

Monday, July 09, 2012

ICXRI 2012

The ICXRI 2012 participants and organisers.
Having passion on something is great.

After attending my first science conference, ICXRI 2012; an International Conference of X-ray In Research and Industries, I felt that I have so much more to learn. 3 days of sitting inside the Vistana hotel ballroom listening to a bunch of researchers and students; old and young does give a certain perspective on material engineering. I find out that what I learn for these 4 years were just too shallow. There's so much more to learn and science even in material science is such a wide field waiting to be explored.

It's amazing how people have great ideas and visions. It is a really great experience and a chance to see how passionate people are in creating new things and being happy. Having passion matters because if you're not passionate in what you do, you'll hate it. 

Listening to the researchers and presenters giving their say on the fields they are working in is interesting, educational and eye opening. (Not all of them though. Some are just plain boring.) Having good food for tea breaks and lunches didn't hurt either. Meeting new friends along the way and learning something new about oneself.

The presenters seems to have a lot of fun in what they were doing; researching and traveling. You can do something you like and have fun at the same time. When will I ever feel that passionate about something?

I went to ICXRI 2012 because my lecturer registered me for it. Without that, I wouldn't have thought of joining considering it is RM450 to join a conference. I committed myself to go in and learn something and realise a stubborn part of me refuse to change. It's like I'm still stuck in that small world feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to step outside the box.

I meet some interesting characters, PhD students/lecturers who were dedicated and enthusiastic on their work. People who realise the value of simply happy. I hope someday I can find the same passion and dedication to be happy as well whether I'm working or studying. I hope maybe one day I can continue my post-grad degree to but for now I'm taking the easiest route of entering the working life.
Seniors from UniMAP at both ends and the two girls are PhD students I've just got to know.
The postgrad seniors from UniMAP at the conference. I get to tag along.
Poster presentation of my thesis hanging with other posters. Kinda make me proud even though mine was petty and lousy in terms of quality.
The Poster I made.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sometimes I really wonder. Do I actually put on a facade to face people at times.

Is it really the genuine me or am I just hiding under that kind, considerate image?

It's not that I'm mean and spiteful of people but sometimes I truly envy people who can speak their thoughts easily. I find myself caring too much of what people though about me to speak the entire truth. I'm always afraid that people might think less of me and have a bad opinion on me. Of course sometimes my mouth ran first and you'll find yourself regretting words you said to people.

So, it's a matter of I'm too thin skinned and timid. I care too much on how people feel about me until I forgot that I should care about how I feel abut myself too.

All this time, I always put into consideration how my parents would want me to do before I think of myself. Truth to be told, I based my decisions sometimes on that and it gets tired sometimes and you start thinking you should be selfish. But in the end, it's not always about what you want and is what you need.

I just need happiness. I don't need to be bloody rich and famous. I just want to be happy and sometimes, I can't even feel that. Making decisions are never my strong points. I take people's opinions in and sometimes I don't even know if I'm making a choice by myself or according to someone else's opinion.  I don't believe that diverging from a path you already planned will make you unhappy though. Sometimes I guess jumping blindfolded seems to be good. I just wish at times, I have the guts to do just that. Being happy is such a simple thing yet so hard to be.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bidding goodbye...

It kinda sad to be leaving the university. After 4 years here, it's hard not to be sentimental. I'll miss the place, the people and the quietness. I got used to the routine life here but there's another path I need to go on right now.

Goodbye to everyone in the university and thank you for being a part of my life and I hope to see some if not all of you one day. May everyone be blessed with good health and love. I'll miss everything. The good and the bad...

Goodbye is the saddest word I'll ever hear... It'll break my heart to hear you say goodbye~~

Goodbye everyone and take care...I hope to see you all someday. <3 Annyeong...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To be updated

On my update list

Book review on Garden Spell by Sarah Addison Allen.

Don't have time to update lately. Shall update soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Questions to be answered?

I have a question for myself now. Questions actually...

Do I want to further my studies to Doctorate or shall I just go into the working life?

I'm a bit worried actually? What do I want in life? I don't know if I want to be an engineer or lecturer...or something else...

All I know is I want a good payable job. Wahaha...but it's kinda true. I do want a stable job that pays well but I want to be doing a job I would be happy in as well. I don't want to be miserable in a job and not enjoying life.

Maybe I should try working as an engineer first because deciding on taking on postgraduates studies. Or shall I just take a leap of faith and get into studies. 

Opinions and answers vary from different views. How can I find the perfect answer to my question?

And all these questions before I even graduate. >.< 

I think...Let's graduate first before deciding shall we?


Friday, May 04, 2012

Gloomy Friday

Friday is a day  where people would pray to come faster because it means weekend break!!

Unfortunately for me, Friday is a day I would think another week gone.

Another week gone means the dateline of my FYP is coming.

And I haven't finish my testing. Yikes...double yikes. 

I feel like screaming like a banshee and feeding myself poison right now.

Oh well, the feeling will go away and I'm back with a determination to finish the FYP on Monday.

But of course, when Friday comes again, I'll be the one worrying about it all over again.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just friends?

And sometimes you wonder when friends are truly real friends.

When in the end all they want is just benefits of being your friend. I'm not saying you have to repay your friends with money or monetary stuffs but a simple thank you would be great. And sometimes, it's the thought that counts but some people don't even have the thought. Some people might probably be offended by what I mention but oh well, it's the truth.

Call me a hypocrite because maybe I do act like this sometimes but if you expect people to help you all the time without helping someone back then I think there's something wrong. And if you expect people to keep doing stuff for you then that's even ....

And it's always good to know someone has your back rather than stabbing you in the back. People changes with time or rather time shows you who a person really is. When you know someone for a longer period of time, those 'stripes' in their personality actually shows. 

They may dislike you yet pretend to like you. Sometimes it's more like I dislike a trait in one of my friends but it doesn't mean I can't be a friend can't I? In the end, it comes down to being sincere about your friendship and genuine about your feelings.

Recent events happening in my life made me feel that understanding computers and machines is hard but understanding people is even harder. I try to be nice with everyone and not talk behind someone's back (I do occasionally...I'm not a saint.) and I do have my occasional slip-ups and now I learned to watch my back and be careful of what I say because someone would probably be talking behind my back eventually.

All I can do is to be truthful to myself and try not to leap before I look. Life is complicated after all. It's so hard to be simple.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

My first job interview

Had a job interview at the EDGE carnival yesterday.

It came as a shock actually because I didn't expect that dropping my resume with hundreds of people, the company would pick me as a interview candidate. (Even if they pick many people indeed.)

I'm still thinking why they picked me. I got lucky??!!

The interviewer is from Fuji Electronics and is a section manager. It was scary. Actually it was a basic and casual interview but since I never went for one, it was freaky. It was a good experience though. At least I learn something.

Asking the basic question of tell me something about yourself also made me think a lot. What can I tell about myself that is not on my resume? That I like reading books? Or that I'm a big K-pop fan? Not exactly stuff you want to tell your future employer.

Then he ask what I know about Fuji..and guess what, I don't know much. All I know was they are situated in Kulim and is a semiconductor company. Now I know they make disk and wafer. The interviewer drone on and I realised how important it is to know facts about the company and some basics on electronics.

And if you're being interviewed for a Process Engineer position, bear in mind to know some of the process control and quality control tools. Things like 6 Sigma and FMEA...

In conclusion, prepare yourself before you get into an interview. Know the facts about the company and prepare to answer those simple yet complicated questions like tell me about yourself and what do you know about this company and what we do and etc...


Monday, April 16, 2012


The final year project got into another ditch again.

I'm so fed up about it. Really feel like just dumping everything into the rubbish bin and just don't care about it.

I don't really have patience for this kind of things do I?

Everything I think the project is running smoothly, I get into another roadblock.

Even if I always believe in Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam, the doubts are starting to build up.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Book recommendation: The Girl Who Chased The Moon

The book resolves around two people. Emily Benedict and Julia Winterson. If you like reading something magical with a little fantasy then I guess you'll find this book quirky and intriguing. For there's wallpapers which changes according to your mood (I wish it exists. It would have been interesting). People who can see trails of scents of cakes and desserts that bring them to the people they love. Lights that can be seen only at night moving around and giants (only one though).

Here's an overview from Barnes and Noble:

Emily Benedict has came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother’s life after her death. But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew, she realizes that mysteries aren’t solved in Mullaby, they’re a way of life: Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood. Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight. And a neighbour, Julia Winterson, bakes hope in the form of cakes, not only wishing to satisfy the town’s sweet tooth but also dreaming of rekindling the love she fears might be lost forever. Can a hummingbird cake really bring back a lost love? Is there really a ghost dancing in Emily’s backyard? The answers are never what you expect. But in this town of lovable misfits, the unexpected fits right in.

The book was dreamy and interesting (the type I like to read :P) and it's not very thick like some books so I finished reading it in around 2-3 hours. It pulled me into the story before I knew it and I find myself wanting to see Mullaby myself. The book I got was with the blue cover and truthfully, I actually bought the book because of the cover. It seems so magical and it's in blue (my favourite colour), I couldn't resist buying it. ^^