Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movie Time...

Look how cute the dragon is....

I watched two movies in a day in the midst of having examinations. How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) and Clash of the Titans. Both were in my opinion fascinating.

I didn’t expect HTTYD to be that nice but it was. It was funny at the same time it teaches you something. The moral of the story, just be yourself and not be afraid to stood to what you believe in. Not to mention the dragon is so cute. The animation was not too bad too. I like it the most when Hiccup (the main character) flew up into the skies with Toothless (the dragon called Black Fury). I can almost imagine myself flying with them through the clouds and twisting and turning across the skies. It was a fun story.

Clash of the Titans was fascinating because I’ve always been really fond about Greek and Roman Mythology. In a glance, I would have thought the movie was boring. Frankly speaking, the whole movie is almost in muted colours like white, black, tan, and gray was kind of dull but the muted colours did bring out the bleak events. Still, it does tell a great story and since I have nothing to compare with considering I didn’t watch the old Clash of the Titans movie, I’ll say the story was good but could be better. Due to the bookworm in me, I did recognize a few characters from books I have read before. I’m really fond of stories and through the limited books in the school library, there’s still much about these legends and even all those mythology in Asia. Well, if anyone doesn’t know Zeus, I’ll say he/she must be living under a nutshell because Zeus is so famous you must have at least heard of him once.

Well, now I’m going back into my books or rather notes because I still have to study for the last two papers in two days time with perseverance. After watching two of the movies, I have learnt a valuable lesson from both of them. To succeed in anything you do, you must always persevere.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wastage of food...

Just saw a few girls in Secret Recipe eating cakes. What a waste of the slice of cake.

Eating the cake only halfway and leaving it like that. It's a slice of cake. If you can't finish it, ask the waitress to wrap it up and take back. Don't just leave it like that.

Millions of people die from starvation all over the world and you waste food like that.

This is not the 1st time I'm seeing this.

Please don't tell me it's a tradition or old superstition that has to be followed. Such tradition of leaving some bits of food behind after you eat isn't a tradition.
It's wasteful.

Wonder never cease on how ignorant some people are about wastage.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you feel the pressure??

Are any of you people feeling nervous? Studying like mad? Well, it's the exam season. Everyone should be revising their subjects and making the best out of their time.

I'm trying to study. I started on 1 subject so far and still haven't manage to complete it yet. I don't really mind the distraction actually. I used to be able to study with loud music blaring on my earphones and a movie playing on my laptop. I guess all the pressure just made me unable to focus.

For now really, I felt that I have lost the spirit to study. My mind tells me that I can revise it in time if I starts now and try my best. My heart doesn't follow. Why do we all need to study???

I really wish myself luck and hope I can focus soon because I don't want to fail because I simply don't have interest in things. I just got to have faith in myself.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam....

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

Okay...let's be truthful here. How am I supposed to blog about no strings attached? I have no idea. So I googled it. @.@ LOL.

At 1st the first thought I came by from 'No Strings Attached' was actually the N'Sync album. Love that album. My favourite song from that album was "This I promise You". Teehee...That was like so long ago wasn't it? Hmmmm....ten years ago seems like a very long time. Still, I would listen to some of the songs whenever I think back on those times I had real fun. But Bye Bye Bye to those years of my life. Getting older now =.=

It turns out Google would also show lot's of website on N'Sync's No Strings Attached album. There's also the meaning of No Strings Attached. No strings attached means no special demands or limits that you have to accept. It means that you can get something without any extra conditions or requirement. (Dating with no strings attached perhaps? Not being tied down to only 1 relationship? Yeah, lot's of people do just that.)

No Strings Attached which is exactly what it like with P1 W1MAX too. With P1 W1MAX, there is no need for any wires or cables that would just crowd up your house or workplace. You'll get exactly what you paid for and great connection using the broadband. The connection is really worth the fees you are paying. You'll get fast uninterrupted speed connection with no contract and no restriction.(Promoting P1 W1MAX to the maximum here...O.0)

Yes, using this new P1 W1MAX W1GGY offer, it gives you affordable speed and high usage quota with no contracts and no restrictions. Best yet, you can go online anywhere with no strings attached. For more info, check this out here. So let's all try this new P1W1MAX offer out. It might just be the right choice for you with no strings attached *winks*

And lastly,

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P.S. Thanks for the money I got for the past few weeks.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Favourite Sport

I'm not exactly a sporty person. In fact I hate it if I get all too sweaty unless it's really a fun sports that I love. Which is why swimming is my favourite sports. You can exercise without getting all sweating..teehee.

Swimming has always been one of my favourite sports since I was a kid. I started swimming when I was 7 and never stop loving it. I still remember when the instructor back then teaches us swimming. We would have to be blowing bubbles learning how to breathe underwater and kicking our legs like mad. I really had fun back then. I never did get to learn the butterfly stroke and I still suck at freestyle but I can swim fast. I still remember joining the MSSPP in Penang Chinese Swimming Club where the pool water was salty as it came from the sea. It was really salty because if the water accidentally went in your mouth, you will taste it and well I taste it like a couple of time. Gross...

I love the feel of the water around me and how I can just float around in the water without any worries. It was a time when everything was so carefree back then. I was a little sad when I went up to secondary school and there wasn't any swimming club in the school. No more of my favourite sports in school. I swim less now but it will not diminish my passion for swimming because swimming is simply too jjang!! I really admire those girls who keep pursuing their dreams on swimming because I had the chance once but I didn't take it. so, I end being this reall sloppy and non-sporty. Well, I do play sports whenever I fancy though. :P

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm not settling for anything less either. :p

Found this at Yu Jean's blog....

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Guess which leg is mine?

Guess which of these is mine?

Hahahahaha.....waiting for class to start and was too bored.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Secret Recipe-ing

Went to Secret Recipe on Thursday. The new Kangar branch. My 3rd time there. Every time I go in, I spend money. Really a place I shouldn't go. Treat myself to a slice of cheesecake and a pie. I think we got too excited to try the cake that I forgot to take photos until I ate the cake like almost halfway..LOL. 3 of us went and ate like 4 slices of cake and 1 pie together.

Black pepper lamb pie...was really yummy!!

This is for the tham chiak po who ate roti tisu after the cakes..haha.

QB roller-coaster ride....

Weee!!! The roller-coaster ride down the upper car-park level to the ground level

Took this on the way down from the upper level car park at Queensbay. Loo Wen said scary...hahaha...I understand since it was pretty high up and I was driving with 1 hand. Don't try this, kids...hehehe...

Bad angle for a photo. Couldn't get much of the scenery. That's cause I was driving while I took this pic with my phone. I have to say it was not scary cause I have another hand on the wheel still....hehehe....please trust my driving skills...I'm not that bad. I still have controls on the brake too. ^^

It would have been a much better pic if I took it like 5 seconds earlier. I missed the view. Still, since I attempted to take a photo of the sea view at QB, I thought I should at least post them up for the sake of posting :P