Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats to Prince William and Princess Katherine

The whole England was so hype up about the Royal Wedding and so was I.

I'm still excited haha even if it's none of my business. My 1st live view on a royal wedding.

It was truly a lovely wedding. Kate Middleton aka now the Princess or Duchess of Cambridge wore a simple, classic and elegant dress which I think is really simple yet beautiful. Did you know the tiara she wore was something borrowed to her from the Queen? It's a 1936 diamond 'halo' tiara by Cartier. Keng leh..

The wedding ceremony to me was solemn and everyone just looks tense..haha. The best moment at the ceremony was Prince William saying to Kate that she looks beautiful. That was just Awww...and he jokes to her and her father that this was only supposed to be a small family affair. (Haha..very funny~)
And the KISS at the balcony...everyone was anticipating was nice nice. They kiss sweet and so romantic. I think it was partly due to the crowd asking them to kiss again and Prince William obliges them or maybe he just want to kiss her again :P haha. They look really happily in love which makes the whole Royal Wedding really nice. I can see they are genuinely in love by the looks of them smiling at each other joyously. May they have a happy joyous life together.

P.S. 2 billion people watch the couple tie the knot. That includes me ^_^
P.P.S. It could have been much better if Princess Di was there. I was watching re-runs and keep thinking she IS there..spiritually...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exams are over..Phew

The nightmare is over. For some of you, exams haven't even started but mine has ended. Good luck with yours. Well, I only took 3 papers this semester but 3 of them are so tough I'm dreading the results. I read all that I can but I went in to the exam hall nervous to end up with frustration inside and leave in devastation. Stressful week, I was so freaked out with the papers that I couldn't sleep at night. I'm praying for my pointer not to go down.

The paper I had most confidence in was terrible. The questions weren't straight forward and I had to think and think but I still can't give a satisfying answer. Economics, law, ethics....I seriously am bad at it. Ethics was the worst, I didn't know what kind of answer I should give it. Haiz..forget about's already over. let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, don't know if this is good or bad news. I've secured a place for my 3 months internship. It starts in 5 days. I'm going to be working in Motorola. I'm kinda scared about it. I wonder how bad will I do in the internship? Let's just hope I'm prepared to enter into the working society. I'm afraid of making mistakes and just suck at work. What if I don't know everything they ask me to do? Or screw up something simple? Or panic over presentation with managers and supervisors? Or got messed up because of work politics? (If you ask me, the socialising and communicating part scares me the most) I guess I'm going there to learn. I should open my golden mouth and ASK ASK ASK and just smile.

I got 3 calls from different companies. I would have chosen Benchmark if they had replied me early because I get to go into the Applied Material department. Still don't know where Motorola is putting me in. I prefer QC or research but I guess I'm going into production. Gotten a call from Knowles too which came so late. I've already accepted Motorola and rejected Benchmark for more than 2 weeks before it came. It would have been nice if I had a chance to choose. Envious of those with high pay and short working time but mine is okay. RM545 is moderate enough for me. Enough to foot my petrol bills and food.

Which reminds me, do you know where Motorola is located? Because I didn't until just now. I went there to get my forms and letters and guess what? I got lost in the Industrial Zone. So so so so many factories. I looked around in awe and horror. I saw so many other factories but I couldn't find Motorola. I did Google it's location but I took a wrong turn and WaLah I ended up in another Industrial Zone. I think I got to the wrong zone. I circled through BBraun, Knowles, Benchmark, AME, AMD, Amephenol, Phillips, Osram and so many more factories before I stopped and ask a security guard to just point the way. I wasted plenty of petrol and plenty of my time. Motorola is so far from my house. Very near the sea. The place is so jammed after many people leaving after work. More than 1 hour away but all of the factories ARE 1 hour away from my house. Who ask me live so far? No choice geh...haizz...

Friday, April 08, 2011

My first wedding dinner in Perlis.

The Sri Petani Seafood Restaurant presents to you the newly weds.

The wedding photos were very nice and it is taken in Penang. ^__^

If you really notice, you'll realise the ceiling is made of egg cartons.
Does this look like a family photo? Hehe

The bride and groom with us.
The food.

I got to go to a wedding dinner in Perlis. ^^
I'm so happy because I got to eat...haha. The food is pretty good. I love the mushroom dish.
The Diamond water boss's wedding. He invited all his workers and me, the ex-worker. ^__^
The day was rainy but I really enjoyed eating and listening to aunties and uncles singing old songs like they are singing for a competition..hehe. Of course, eating is always enjoyable. :P


Wang Burma Cave & Timah Tasoh

This is long overdue. At last, photos of my Wang Burma Cave adventure.
The entrance to the Wang Burma Cave.
Before reaching the cave, we have to hike 3km. Damn tiring compared to exploring the cave.

The stairway down to darkness.

The bats~
Does this remind you of something obscene or is it just me?
There's bats, frogs,lizards and spiders inside. Lots of small little creatures. There's even small crabs.
The group photo of us girls.
My big butt trying to get through the small opening.

The group photo

The cave was dark and without a torchlight, you can't even see your hands in front of you. It was fun but pretty scary if you're afraid of darkness. I was paranoid that something will bite me when I wade through the water in the cave and I got my sport shoes filled with sand. It was a great trip which I think I will never go again. The place is so damn far at the border of Perlis and Thailand. I keep imagining someone telling me "Welcome to Thailand. If you like ah kua please turn left, if you like guys please turn right..." =.=

Then we took a detour to Timah Tasoh Lake. It looks really calm and windy. Such a nice place. i would have enjoyed it if I wasn't that tired. I had a sleepless night and only manage to sleep at 5am that morning and woke up at 7am. So, I was exhausted. The view was so nice and I saw 3 set of couples taking wedding photos. A must come place for wedding photography I guess.

The girls.
The boys.
The girls and the awesome view.
...Me and my roomie. Notice my swollen and exhausted eyes.

Shrinking Sushi

Don't you feel that the food at Sushi King has been reduced in size?

The amount is less than usual and it's so costly for me to have a nice meal.

The meal portion is shrinking and the green tea is as diluted as water.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy birthday, Hyukkie!!

4th of April 2011...

Happie birthday to Eunhyuk-shii!!!

This year I joined a birthday project for you~

I hope you receive the photobook soon...

Have a nice anchovy day!!!