Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exams are over..Phew

The nightmare is over. For some of you, exams haven't even started but mine has ended. Good luck with yours. Well, I only took 3 papers this semester but 3 of them are so tough I'm dreading the results. I read all that I can but I went in to the exam hall nervous to end up with frustration inside and leave in devastation. Stressful week, I was so freaked out with the papers that I couldn't sleep at night. I'm praying for my pointer not to go down.

The paper I had most confidence in was terrible. The questions weren't straight forward and I had to think and think but I still can't give a satisfying answer. Economics, law, ethics....I seriously am bad at it. Ethics was the worst, I didn't know what kind of answer I should give it. Haiz..forget about's already over. let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, don't know if this is good or bad news. I've secured a place for my 3 months internship. It starts in 5 days. I'm going to be working in Motorola. I'm kinda scared about it. I wonder how bad will I do in the internship? Let's just hope I'm prepared to enter into the working society. I'm afraid of making mistakes and just suck at work. What if I don't know everything they ask me to do? Or screw up something simple? Or panic over presentation with managers and supervisors? Or got messed up because of work politics? (If you ask me, the socialising and communicating part scares me the most) I guess I'm going there to learn. I should open my golden mouth and ASK ASK ASK and just smile.

I got 3 calls from different companies. I would have chosen Benchmark if they had replied me early because I get to go into the Applied Material department. Still don't know where Motorola is putting me in. I prefer QC or research but I guess I'm going into production. Gotten a call from Knowles too which came so late. I've already accepted Motorola and rejected Benchmark for more than 2 weeks before it came. It would have been nice if I had a chance to choose. Envious of those with high pay and short working time but mine is okay. RM545 is moderate enough for me. Enough to foot my petrol bills and food.

Which reminds me, do you know where Motorola is located? Because I didn't until just now. I went there to get my forms and letters and guess what? I got lost in the Industrial Zone. So so so so many factories. I looked around in awe and horror. I saw so many other factories but I couldn't find Motorola. I did Google it's location but I took a wrong turn and WaLah I ended up in another Industrial Zone. I think I got to the wrong zone. I circled through BBraun, Knowles, Benchmark, AME, AMD, Amephenol, Phillips, Osram and so many more factories before I stopped and ask a security guard to just point the way. I wasted plenty of petrol and plenty of my time. Motorola is so far from my house. Very near the sea. The place is so jammed after many people leaving after work. More than 1 hour away but all of the factories ARE 1 hour away from my house. Who ask me live so far? No choice geh...haizz...

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