Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chowrasta Market

Whee...I'm so hardworking these days...blogging again..hehe.

Chowrasta Market is at inner Georgetown. More fondly known as Kelinga Ban San to the Hokkiens. (My grandparents and old aunts called it that.) It's a wet market with lot's of food and things. It's one of the markets I really like to go. For the food of course...hehe...

The Koay Teow Th'ng (Koay Teow Soup) is one of my favourite. With fish-balls, meatballs, meat, pork inner stuff, and coagulated duck blood (you probably thinks it's yucky but it's nice). Yummy...I finished everything including the soup today.

Then, finally had my roti kahwin...haha. In fact, I had it a few times since I posted that I wanted to eat it. ^^

Then, here's one stall which is apparently quite famous because it is shown on a show on Astro AEC. (The Ah Sien show...which I don't know what the title is.) It's a traditional dessert/kuih. It's called Ketayap or Pok Chiang. It's almost like a Malay kuih but sorta different. (According to my mom lah...I have no idea...only know that it is good.) We went and ordered it around 9 something am and had to wait around 30 minutes for 5 pieces. Damn many people ordered. It should be very popular I think but it is only open during Saturdays or School Holidays. (The young auntie is a teacher so the stall only opens when she is free.)The old auntie is old already thus the slow movement of making of the kuih. Thus, the long waiting time. I think this stall has been open quite sometime but I only notice it recently hence my first taste of it only today.

It's actually pretty easy to make this kuih. (If the steps were like what I seen...I stood there for 30 minutes min. so I got a good look at the process.)
1. Pour the white liquid batter into oiled pan. (Same pan like apong...batter is of water and flour which I suspect is glutinous flour mixed with either plain water or alkaline water.)
2. Flip so that both sides are evenly cooked.
3. Then, removed from pan and to wrapping process. Add coconut shavings and finely grounded peanuts with sugar.
4. Wrap like wrapping popiah. Fin~

What I saw was like that but I'm not sure if it's really this easy. ^^ It's quite delicious and cheap too at RM0.60 per piece. It smell really nice and when I ate it, it was slightly sweet added with the coconut shavings. Yum...

The ketayap or pok chiang

These clams were yummy too. I had them for lunch. Mom cooked. When we bought it, it was spurting out water like a water gun. I was standing like 0.5m away and it spurted water on my shoe. It looks kinda cool since it was fresh and still alive. I thought it would still spurt water when we got back home but it didn't anymore even when I put it into the water....haha. I was like a kid waiting for it to spurt out some water. ^^
And introducing the valet carpark in Chowrasta Market. Drive in the parking lot and you'll realise that the cars are parked like sardines in a can. To those unfamiliar with the place will feel weird of leaving his/her car but fear not, the uncles are pro at this. They maneuver your car into such a small space without a scratch all for the price of RM2.00. It's a no time limit parking space too so that you can walk and eat at Chowrasta Market for as long as you want. ^^

Back home, painting duty starts again. Retouch up the paint on the balcony and painted the window frames in the kitchen. Got paint all over my hands and my legs and even my hair. I had so much trouble washing them all out with smelly turpentine. Painting is one messy job.
My painted hair...

The window frames. I turn it from ugly brown to ivory white.

Tadaa!!! Looks so sparkling. ^^

Oh ya...Merry Christmas even though it's already late :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve..

Not in much of a Christmas mood but here's a song that makes me feel more Christmassy.

I love the music. It's the typical jingle bells of Christmas and makes me feel more happy listening to it.

Not much of a fan of After School (They are pretty though..hehe) but this song keeps playing in my mind and now becomes my favourite Christmas song this season.

~~ Sarangeul mideoyo~Taeeona Cheoeumeuro~Say that you'll always love me~~

Enjoy this song from After School...Love Love Love.

Merry Christmas everyone <3

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm feeling envy again. of the 7 deadly sins.

While people are enjoying themselves, I'm stuck at home painting the gate and the balcony.

I really wish I would stop doing this to myself. (The self-pitying and emo-ness) After all, I'm the one that made the decision not to go. But here I am, thinking how nice it would be to be there.

I made a decision I know is the right thing to do but not necessary the best thing to do. Does that make sense? I'm thinking to myself that I'll have a chance to go one day.

The gate I painted.
The balcony I helped painted...BTW, that's not me. That's my mom.

For better news, I'm not going back to Perlis till after New Year. Yay to me!! Apparently there's no classes going on. So, I'm taking everyone's advice and stay home. Staying home actually means more housework to be done you know. =.= I've been helping out this past week which is why I'm feeling especially envious of people enjoying themselves.

What to do, I'm only human.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tang Yuan

Today's the Winter Solstice...

Had a huge bowl of tang yuan and isn't the bowl cute?

Me & My Clown

My holiday outings....

Haven't gone out much this holidays as I only have 2 weeks. But guess what? I'm skipping classes this week which is why I'm still in Penang when it is the 1st week of university life already. My two buddies in uni skipped out to after going back there for 3 days. Their messages to me were like " need to come back yet la....we also going back home." LOL. So end up these three naughty girls skip out of classes.

Guess I'm no longer on Santa's Nice List since I'm being so naughty. Still Santa, I'll appreciate it if you gave me a small gift. A book maybe since I miss out on the Korea trip this time which is where two Kiddies are going to. (One already reached Korea and one on the jealous I feel now.)

So, before they went off to Sparkling Korea, we went out a few times for karaoke, dinner, dimsum, shopping and movies.

Red Box Karaoke Session

Karaoke trips are always fun and enjoyable. Which explains the crazy barefoot dance we did.See...we are always having fun karaoke-ing and doing all sorts of selcas...

Movie marathon day.
We watched Narnia and Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale continously. Smuggled McD in the cinema during Narnia and ate popcorn during Rapunzel. Then we went for dinner. Keng leh..haha

The selcas in the cinema.
At the food court. Love this photo...<3

Dinner at Blue Reef, Straits Quay

Straits Quay looks amazing albeit the emptiness. (It's not exactly ready for opening. The shops aren't all open yet.) But the view to the sea is awesome. We can see straight till the mainland. The scenery was great which was why we saw plenty of people with DSLR walking around taking photos like they were pros. (With the big camera stand and all) Haha. I think we took plenty of photos there. It was fun.

Blue Reef is a fish&chips restaurant but the funny thing is I went and ate Chicken Cordon Bleu. It wasn't as nice as I expected it to be. Should have ordered fish..silly me. The mushroom sauce was nice though. Oh and the Caesar Salad was yummy. I ate a piece of Ting's fish and chips in beer batter...that was delicious. Can taste the slight bitterness of beer and together with the fish it was nice. We even had blueberry cheese for dessert. I was really full after that.

Grilled fish...
Mushroom soup...
Fish and Chips in beer batter.
Caesar the croutons
My Honey Lemon Tea...which still taste sour even after all the honey I dumped in.
Chicken Cordon Bleu. It looks appetizing but it was only just okay.
The sauce is nice though. ^^

Does the photos of the food make you hungry? Because I know it made me hungry 1.30am midnight now. =.=

The birthday girl, Juin with me. It's her birthday which was why we went for dinner but ended up, she treated us the dinner.

The selca girls...always in the mood for selcas.
Oh Christmas tree...Huge Christmas tree..

The dessert..Yum yum

Some of the photos we took or rather they took. I'm always the one in front of the lens instead of behind cause I don't bring my camera when there are more than 1 camera better than mine. ^^

Basically, this is all I did during the holidays. Minus some shopping trips which I bought some CNY dresses and some dimsum breakfast I had with friends. Come to think of it...I did all this in 2 weeks, it wasn't too little either...hahaha.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New haircut.....

I cut my hair!! Or more like I trimmed it..haha. The usual hairstyle. Hehe...

No time to cut my hair anymore, so cut it now and let it grow till CNY...^^


Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Tangled Tale...

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

How many of you have heard of this sentence?

I'm a fairytale fanatic..I love reading those Happily Ever After stories. Rapunzel wasn't exactly my favourite fairytale but I've read of it.

These days, fairytales no longer means a prince saving a princess or a damsel in distress from evil and fall in love with them. Nowadays, they start by hating each other then cooperate to gain their own interest then eventually falls in love..haha.

The story started when Gothel, a evil old woman witness a drop of sunlight hit the ground and turn into a magical flower. Gothel discover that when someone sings to the flower, it has the power to heal or turn someone old like her young. She selfishly hid the flower even when the queen of the land was dying from child-birthing. Fortunately, the guards found it and the queen safely delivered a princess, Rapunzel. Gothel stole the princess when she found out she holds the power of the flower and stash her into a high tower with only windows. Knowing that cutting Rapunzel's long hair will lead to loss of power, the child was raised up as a daughter and advise to never leave the tower because evil people might steal her powers.

(OMG...this synopsis is real long) With the loss of the princess, the King and Queen float thousand of lanterns into the skies every year on her birthday to pray for her safe return. Rapunzel who sees it every year as star lights wishes to see it floating up. Rapunzel having grown up was very artistic and loves painting. She's beautiful with extremely long golden hair and smart. The evil Gothel still assumes identity as her mother and tells Rapunzel that there are many evil people who will capture her for her healing abilities and forbid her from ever leaving the tower.

Meanwhile in the kingdom, Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert stole the tiara of the lost princess and was in pursue from the guards. Abandoning his accomplices, he stumbles into Rapunzel's tower and meets Rapunzel. Frightened, Rapunzel hits him with a pan knocking him unconscious. Thinking she can manipulate Flynn to helping her see the lights, she told Gothel that she knew what she wanted for her birthday, the expensive white paint a few days away from the tower. Gothel agrees thinking Rapunzel would stay. Rapunzel hid the tiara and asked Flynn for help in return she shall give him back the tiara.

Rapunzel manage to make a bargain with Flynn to take her to the lights and they undergo an adventure in their journey to the lanterns. Gothel discovered Rapunzel was missing from all the commotion and found her in the tavern called Snuggly Duckling which reminds me of Ugly Duckling. Maximus, a guard's horse relentless in his search for Flynn follows creating havoc in the tavern and causing a dam to break. In a dangerous moment, Rapunzel reveal to Flynn of her abilities and enables them to escape safely. They manage to reach the kingdom and watch the lanterns together. Gothel however with help from Flynn's accomplices tricked Rapunzel into thinking Flynn abandon her for the tiara. Heart broken, she went back to the tower with Gothel.

Flynn was sentenced to death, learning the treachery from the henchmen. Fortunately for him, the tavern regulars saved him and Maximus takes him to find Rapunzel. Meanwhile, Rapunzel discovers she is the lost princess. She confronted Gothel but was tied up by Gothel. Flynn reaches the tower and upon entering finds Rapunzel all tied up. He is stabbed by Gothel and dying. Rapunzel pleaded with Gothel that she will remain with Gothel forever as long as she allos her to save him. Flynn however cuts off Rapunzel's hair destroys the healing power and rather dies than have her trapped forever with Gothel. With the loss of the healing power, Gothel turns old and in hysteria, she trips over Rapunzel's hair and fell out of the window turning into dust before reaching the ground. Flynn tells Rapunzel he loves her and succumb to his wounds. Tearful, Rapunzel sings the magic healing songs and a single tear falls to his cheek miraculously healing him.

They return to the castle and Rapunzel got reunited with her family. In time, Flynn and Rapunzel get married, and live happily ever after as the pub thugs fulfill their individual aspirations, and Maximus becomes a respected official on the Royal Guard. The END.

Happily ever after exists in reality right? I hope so too...haha. Long review right? It's more like a long winding synopsis. I took me an hour and a half to write this. to remember what was in the movie. I love fairytales so it nice. I got a great laugh and ate popcorn until my stomach almost exploded in the cinema. It was great. Jjang!! ^__^


The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

I watch this last week. I can't remember much now. (Short term memory...haiz..)

But it was interesting. Prince Caspian...good looking as always...haha. I'm too lazy to write the review now, so I'm giving you the synopsis from some website I read from and a bit of what I can remember. Haha.

The story centers around Edmund and Lucy returning to Narnia this time with their whiny cousin Eustace (He's so annoying...I feel like hitting him.) where they meet up with Prince Caspian, now King Caspian, on board the Narnia ship the Dawn Treader. I like how they enter the world. Very creatively every single time. The painting of Dawn Treader, the vessel at sea started to flow out into Lucy's room and slowly fill the room with water to flood everything. Then poof...when they emerge from the water, they are at Narnian world. ^^

With years of peace enjoyed in Narnia, they are unsure why they are there but soon find themselves on an adventure to battle a mysterious force that threatened Narnia where they face slavers, dragons, temptation, serpents, and learn to become greater than they ever thought they could be. Lucy learns that being herself is what matters most. Edward learns to overcome his fears and Eustace learns to stop being mean and make friends.

The movie has funny moments and also the moments that make your eyes misty. I think through this movie, we all have a lesson to learn from. Don't be greedy for money (gold) or you'll turn into a gold statue or a dragon. Learn to face for fears and just be yourself.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Avenue & Prangin

The skies were really blue that day and the white cotton clouds looks just like cotton candy. ^^
The view from the 8th floor.

Took a trip down to 1st Avenue mall and Prangin Mall last week. I took the bus instead of driving and I guess taking a bus down was not a right choice. I think driving would have save more time and money since taking the bus cost me RM4 to and fro.

The selcas we took at 1st Avenue. The 1st one was in the toilet..haha. The 2nd one at Parksons. ^^

Had steamboat for lunch (Yummy..) and then I went shopping for clothes and shoes. I found a pair of wedges which I thought look nice on me. Albeit it's price, I bought it. RM64...there goes my savings. Walked down to 1st Avenue which looks really nice but with not much stores open, I don't think it's any fun. I was hoping the Cotton On store would be open by then but sadly no.

Apparently Redbox is having a RM1 karaoke session which explains the queue.

The mall is like 8 storeys high. With little shops opening, it was pretty bare and cold but it does look classy with the design and all. The view at the last floor was pretty nice although there nothing much around to look upon besides all those old buildings. But we did get a view of the sea. There's actually a platform where you can walk out and look at the sights. Pretty cool. Before we went back, bought RotiBoy Mexican Bun to eat. Yum was still warm and so crispy. It's really nice when it is still warm and fresh from the oven.

RotiBoy...looking at it makes me hungry.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Kick out those Monday Blues...

And join us for a day of crazy Karaoke. I love karaoke sessions. We can always have lots of fun singing off-key or screaming. Happy days singing...hehe. The fun thing about karaoke rooms are no one but your friends can hear you sing. Even if you sing off-key, no one cares. We had fun singing Christmas songs and jumping all around. Nice~~

My lunch at fillet with sweet and sour sauce. Fish was full of flour..haha
Roasted chicken (what the others took for lunch) It was cold and hard. I think my fish was a better choice...haha

After that, a round of shopping. You know how I can't resist buying books. This time not buying would be too wasted. 3 in 1 of Cecilia Ahern's books for only RM59.90. How worth it is it? There's even a 20% discount for Popular Club Members (me lo..who else.?) So it's only RM 47.90. Books...My Christmas gift to myself. ^^

3 awesome books. I read P.S. I Love You which I don't mind reading again. There's Where The Rainbow Ends and The Gift, both that I haven't read. Look forward to reading them. I think the only other book I read of Cecelia Ahern was If You Could See Me Now. Her books are pretty good...very meaningful.

As most of you all know, I'm a big fan of romance novels. Never being able to resist them. Fiction novels are also a weakness of mine. Nicholas Spark's novels are pretty good too. So are Nora Roberts' books. I love her books. If only books aren't that expensive. I wish books are cheap cheap cheap. Like as cheap as sweets. Hehe..

Roti Kahwin?

Have a sudden urge to eat kaya and butter toast after watching it on a food travel show on tv.

Apparently it has a very interesting history.

Hainan coffee shops sold this roti famously known as Roti Kahwin because of the combination of kaya and butter which represents the west(butter) and the east(kaya).

It's actually a favourite of mine. :)

Anyone up for roti kahwin tomorrow?


Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm home.

Gosh, it was tiring to drive back. I do enjoy driving back but I really like it better if I can sing out loud in my car with no one with me while driving.

Sadly, there was a passenger with me so I couldn't sing out loud thus the boredom and tiredness. Not to mention the jam at Gelugor. Tired and fall down into bed as soon as I reach home.

So, now...Party Time!!!


Friday, December 03, 2010

The night before my final paper.

I have little confidence left. I'm scared to my wits.

I hope for courage, strength and memorising ability.

Gotta have faith.

*Fingers crossed*

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Finally...1 more left.

After days of struggle and tension, the exams are finally coming to an end soon. In two more days, I'll be free from this examination blues. Holiday next...hoot hoot!!!

The hectic exam schedule is really killing my grades but as long as it is over, I'll be happy for a moment until the results are out. I exerted much of my memorising and creative ability. (Memorise and created your own theory >.<) Yup...I did all I could and do the best I can from the things I understand and can remember from the notes.

1 more paper to go to freedom. I have confidence in this paper. (At least I think I do. ^^) Polymer Processing here I come. I'm going to try my best and give my best shot in it. Last paper for the win..