Sunday, August 29, 2010

I miss everyone

Well, I do really miss a lot of people now.

Miss my family very much. Miss home cooked food and my bed. I miss unblocked internet. I miss lazing around just watching KBS World all day.

I miss that crazy gang of friends of mine. I miss watching them do stupid stuff that makes me laugh.

I miss pasembur. I miss rojak. I miss the pasar malam takoyaki. LOL

And lastly, I just miss Penang.

4 more days till I'm home. Penang...wait for me.............


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pasar Rahmadan

Went to the Perlis Stadium Pasar Rahmadan around a week ago. There were heaps of food that you wouldn't know what to eat because there were too many choices. It was great food but not very great for my money and unfortunately not very great for my health too.

I think I fell sick a few days after eating all sorts of heaty stuff at the Pasar Rahmadan. I was too gluttonous and ate too much unhealthy food. I think that night I ate murtabak, satay, some kuih, a packet of coconut water and a piece of ayam percik. So, that the reason I got sore throat the next day and fell sick a few days later.

Next time, I won't be so greedy. Have to take care of my health to go back to Penang and eat better food. :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Touch N Go

(The brand new Touch N Go card)

Let me tell you a story about the girl who walk down the road at the highway near the Penang bridge toll. This is a girl who wanted to change the Touch n Go card for her mom because her mom said the card is more than 10 years already. The girl missed the road entrance to the office. So her friend stop near the bus stop to the office and she had to walk along the highway into the entrance of the office. It was a first for the girl because who the hell gets a chance to walk in the highway roads near Penang Bridge if there ain't no emergency.

The girl couldn't find a way in to the office through the highway. Then, she actually did something illegal and went through a gate meant only for office personnel to enter the gate to the office. The security guard saw her but he let her through fortunately. So, the card got change and nothing bad happened. Fortunately for the girl, the process was fast and quick, she didn't get arrested or anything so she was able to go back home after that and enjoy a meal of McD with her friend at McD.

End of story..hahahaha....

(The weird Canon pen-drive of Loo Wen's that I just have to take a photo of. It's headless when it is stuck into your laptop. Looks kind of geli like some headless body. ^_^)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love in Disguise 恋爱通告

Have any of you watch Lee Hom's directorial debut yet? Go watch it!! Support my Lee Hom!!!

I assume plenty of you know that I adore Lee Hom. If you don't, then you know now. He sings with his heart, charitable, with a great smile and is so handsome and yet seems so humble to me. And yes, I find myself having a penchant to listening to him speaking English. It sounds so sexy...hahahaha

The film is about superstar singer Du Minghan (Lee Hom), who disguises himself as Ah Duh or Mahamoduh (LOL...what a name), an undergraduate at a music conservatory so that he can pursue a woman he meet during an accident who plays music that is heavenly to his ears. Well he actually sees visions of himself flying or seeing butterflies when he listens to her plays the Gu Zheng. She's Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yifei), whom he has a crush on. I watched while laughing away at Ah Duh antics studying music in the school and balancing his career in music.

As much as I like Lee Hom and this movie was kind of fun and romantic to me, I find the storyline a bit predictable. I'm trying to give unbiased opinions but well this is after all only his 1st directorial debut. He'll learn more and become greater. Shall I say I can think like and read Lee Hom's mind well to be able to predict a few scenes? maybe it isn't the storyline being predictable rather me knowing Lee Hom eh? ^__^

But I can truly see the effort he has made and the way he's introducing Chinese arts and music to people. He's a serious musician and now a serious director. He want people to know more about the Chinese arts like Opera or traditional Chinese music through this movie. Also the scenes with those paparazzi, I think this is his way of saying "I don't give a sh*t about what you write of me". This movie is so much Lee Hom because he actually incorporate the idea of him dealing with paparazzi, his 'Chinked-out' music, the "gay" issue and so much of his songs. Albeit, I wanted to hear more of his songs in the movie.

I love the songs in the movie. Especially adored 你不知道的事, "All The Things You Never Knew”. It's the theme song of the movie. The lyrics were amazing. The melody is so beautiful. Listening to the song makes me feel so warm and touched. Lee Hom's lyrics is always meaningful. So going to buy his album when I have the chance to. ^___^

Friday, August 20, 2010

So envious of people sometimes, it should be a crime.

I'm happy for them at the same time envious.


I hope one day I can find the same happiness too <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Soup of the day

The soup we cooked today. I was craving for soup for quite awhile. It was pretty yummy but I think it's too sweet for a soup. The taste of apples were too much for me and I can't taste any smell of chicken. But I drank it all though..haha. I got slightly annoyed that day because of this soup. I won't say why but I think related people to this soup should know why. (I hope she doesn't see this. Maybe she doesn't even know I was even annoyed.)

I won't say I was wrong because I know I wasn't. When things don't go the way you want it to, then you get annoyed or upset, it's pretty normal. The problem with me is I hold grudges. I shall remember this soup forever because of that. LOL.


Friday, August 13, 2010

A broken window

I went home last weekend bringing Pei Mun with me. I took her to eat and to tour a bit. Then, we went shopping. I bought a book; Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Haven’t read it yet but I think it should be a great book. I shall read it and let you know. When it was time to go back to Perlis, we went to McD Drive Thru and guess what? The window wind down and refuse to wind back up. It was so frustrating and I was going to fetch a few people back to Perlis too.

(The front door without it's cover. Did you know Pei Mun and me took this off our own? We unscrew and remove it by ourselves. :D)

(The broken off part...there's suppose to be a few more turns of the metal in the inside. It broke off.)

(The new brand new part.)

End up having to delay the journey for two hours and since it is a Sunday, most repair shops don’t open. Ended up calling my dad who called for the mechanic and the mechanic came and open the repair shop to repair my window. He even had to go and find some parts for the broken parts in the car.

The spring inside the window broke. The metal was thick and strong but it actually broke. Then, the motor was low on battery and non functional. So, we ended up replacing both for RM320. Just a window can cost so much money. Though, I’m glad the window died before I was off of the Penang Island. If the window had spoiled in the middle of my journey in the highway, I think I would be so blur I wouldn’t know what to do.

And what did I learn from the event that happen is how to repair your car window...haha.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Meeting an old old friend

Met a friend that I have not seen for a very long long time. The last time I saw him was in Form 3. It's been years since I've met him since he migrated to America.

Surprisingly, I saw him today at Gurney Plaza and he can recognise me. Just chatted with him for awhile but it was nice meeting him after so long. Still as friendly as before.

When you get older, you always wonder about friends you meet during your life. The friends that had made an impact in your life or the ones that made lasting impression. Friends come and go but does friendship remains? I hope so. I hope that even if I don't always keep in contact with you people, meaning my friends....that's you *pointing at you*, I hope you can always remember that I'll always remember the happy times we had and remember me. :-)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Since I got a bit of time before heading to class. Here's a photo from Kangar, Perlis. Can you guess where this place is? Kangar have too much cats!!!

No smoking, no photography allowed and no cats allowed!!! It probably mean pets but I have to say there are too many stray cats in Perlis. They are really annoying and scary sometimes too when they approach you and insist on sharing your food.

Dear cats, please stop staring at me when I eat. I won't give you any crumbs because I know it will make you follow me and I'm pretty much very geli with the fact that you just have to slither around my legs. I get so geli by that and it also means I'm kind of afraid of you. So please don't come near me. (Like you would understand me =.=)

Well here's a fishy for you cats so that you won't bother me anymore. Consider it a bribe to the cats. Meow~~

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fany, Fany Tiffany...Happy birthday!!

Happy 21st birthday!!!

May you have a great lovely birthday this year, Tiffany.

I just love listening to your singing and the way you speak's so cute~

I wish you all the success in your career and your life.

May you always remain cheerful and bright. ^___^