Friday, August 13, 2010

A broken window

I went home last weekend bringing Pei Mun with me. I took her to eat and to tour a bit. Then, we went shopping. I bought a book; Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Haven’t read it yet but I think it should be a great book. I shall read it and let you know. When it was time to go back to Perlis, we went to McD Drive Thru and guess what? The window wind down and refuse to wind back up. It was so frustrating and I was going to fetch a few people back to Perlis too.

(The front door without it's cover. Did you know Pei Mun and me took this off our own? We unscrew and remove it by ourselves. :D)

(The broken off part...there's suppose to be a few more turns of the metal in the inside. It broke off.)

(The new brand new part.)

End up having to delay the journey for two hours and since it is a Sunday, most repair shops don’t open. Ended up calling my dad who called for the mechanic and the mechanic came and open the repair shop to repair my window. He even had to go and find some parts for the broken parts in the car.

The spring inside the window broke. The metal was thick and strong but it actually broke. Then, the motor was low on battery and non functional. So, we ended up replacing both for RM320. Just a window can cost so much money. Though, I’m glad the window died before I was off of the Penang Island. If the window had spoiled in the middle of my journey in the highway, I think I would be so blur I wouldn’t know what to do.

And what did I learn from the event that happen is how to repair your car window...haha.

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