Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back home

Yo everyone...

I'm home. Flew from Singapore yesterday evening.

6 days in Singapore passed by so quickly. I have so many things I didn't do there.

Well, there's always next time.

Too lazy to update. I'll try to update on my trip soon.

Lot's of food to comment about. :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello from Singapore..Day 1

My plane to Singapore...

My ticket

Hello all....

I'm in Singapore now.

My flight was uneventful. But I saw a rainbow from up above the clouds though. Nice~

Even if it was uneventful, I felt like I was like a kampung girl's 1st time on a flight =.=

Well, can be said to be my 1st right? I can't even remember the 1st. I was like excited about everything and trying not to show the excitement on my face. Hehe..

Got a window seat, quite near the wings.

Flying was fun. I was like Whee all the time but well, it's only an hour trip so I fell asleep for like 10 minutes and we almost reach already. Hahaha...but I have to say I got a bit dizzy up there. Must be the sinus problem I'm having or I have motion sickness. Either one.

All the peeps in the cabin...

Planning on going for Universal Studio Singapore tomorrow. Apparently USS tickets are sold out online so we are giving it a try at the counter. Cross our fingers that there are tickets for us.

2 tickets for 2 little girls craving for some adrenaline rides. ^^

That's all for now, peeps.

Leaving on a jetplane

I'm at the airport now. Waiting for my flight to Singapore...Wheeee........

The flight is in around 1 & 1/2 hours. I've just started waiting but I'm so bored right now.

My first international flight and I'm flying just to the country below Malaysia on the map.

It's only my 2nd time flying. I don't even remember the 1st. Let's hope I don't get sick on such a short flight.

Some people go to Australia or Europe or China or Japan. Me? I go to Singapore.

You see, I've gone out of Malaysia twice and only to our neighbouring countries. Thailand and Singapore.

When can I fly to somewhere further like Australia or Korea?

Let's hope soon....

I'm leaving on a jetplane.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edoichi Japanese Cuisine

Went to a Japanese restaurant last Saturday. The atmosphere of the restaurant was really nice. Best of dating couples to visit. There's this romantic atmosphere and low lighting environment. The food was really nice. It's a tad bit expensive for me but still affordable. The service was pretty good. I think their food was fresh and taste better than some Japanese restaurant I went to.

(Una Cheese Maki...this is superb...love the cream cheese in the middle of the sushi.)

(The Salmon Temaki....overflowing with fresh salmon..this is also pretty delicious)

(Nameko Fried Rice....mushroom fried rice..not too oil and just nice.)

(Chawanmushi...the chawanmushi is really delicious. Notice the large prawn on top.It is soft and melts in your mouth.)(Kimuchi Ramen...this was just okay. I don't really like the smell of kimchi that much so I didn't really enjoy it.)

There's another dish we ordered called Ko Ebi Karaage which is a bowl of soft shell prawns deep fried till it becomes crispy. It taste really good and was very crunchy. A meal completed with green tea. Nice~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slacking off

Have nothing to post lately because all I do this past week is slacking at home. =.=
Becoming fatter and fatter. Well, let people say what they can say about my weight. I welcome all criticism and I'll see what I can do about losing those extra weight. I'm trying ok?

Meanwhile, let's have a look at food. This was like 1 month ago. Since I didn't update on it, so I've decide to post a few pictures of it. Went to Ingolf again. It's a German restaurant.

The portions are big and the food is mouth watering. I love the food there even though I only went there twice. If you order a salad then expect a big bowl of salad. Large portions and for those who eat very little, share so that you can finish.

I almost forgot it's non-halal. Ingolf is like a restaurant cum bar. There lots of people drinking beer and lot's of foreigners (old uncles and aunties who probably make M'sia their 2nd home already) and it feels almost festive all the time when you go to the restaurant because it is always packed.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dinner at Tao

Some of the food we ordered. I was too caught up in eating I didn't take them all.

My first time at Autocity and Tao. Yup...I've never been to Autocity till now. I guess it's just a place with lots of shop lots for dining an entertainment? That's from my observation on Monday.

Tao was nice. Albeit the food was in very small portions, I have quite a lot. Not everything was nice but I like the sushi and sashimi the best. I think we sat there from 6.30pm to 10.00pm chatting and eating. It was Mei Ling's birthday that day and well there were like 3 people celebrating their birthday at Tao that day. A day for birthdays it seems.

I wish I could eat some more that day because if I pay RM55 then I want to get double the worth of food in a buffet. Hahaha...that's me, the kiam siap po. (Stingy as always >.<) Of course I'm also a glutton if I see nice food then I won't stop eating. Then, I will grow chubbier. Haiz...

Overall, I had a great time laughing and eating, even if I overate and felt so full that I couldn't sleep that night. LOL

I think the table was just full of empty plates even though the waiters keep removing them.

Happy birthday, Mei Ling!!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Went out yesterday to watch Prince of Persia. I love the movie. I have wanted to watch it since I saw the poster. Hahaha....it can only be because
  1. I love the title (It just attracts me. I don't know why. ^_^)
  2. I like Jake Gyllenhaal since I saw him in The Day After Tomorrow and because he is really cute. ^__^ (He looks really hawt in the movie...LOL)
  3. Gemma Arterton I have to say have this exotic looks that I think is really unique and I like her from the Clash of the Titans.
  4. I heard that it is from a video game and I love fantasy and adventure movies. Don't you?
  5. The poster looks bloody amazing.


After watching the movie, I like it even more. Great chemistry between the two leads and they look beautiful together. They make a handsome couple. ^__^ I love the scenery in this movie. The deserts, mountains and the city were just too picturesque. It almost feel like I'm really in olden Persia.

It all started when a boy who lived in the streets was adopted by the king and becomes Prince Dastan. The prince grew up and together with his brothers leading the Persian army to attack the holy city of Alamut under assumption that they were selling weapons to Persian enemies. Dastan managed to win the fight without having too much casualties and obtain a dagger, the mystical Dagger of Time which he has no idea of its power. The city was invaded and its princess, Princess Tamina was captured. She was then offered as a wife for Prince Tus, Dastan's brother. The Persian celebrate the victory but Dastan was fooled into giving a gift to his father, the King who then died from poison of the gift.

Dastan was then hunted accused of the murder of his father. He together with Princess Tamina, who seized the opportunity to escape and get the dagger back. They managed to escaped and learning from the princess the true motives of the invasion of Alamut, they embark on a journey where Dastan sets to prove his innocence and the Princess to safeguard the dagger which can control time when it is filled with the sands of time. The sands of time is actually sand in a huge sand-glass which has the power to turn back time but if unleashed and uncontrolled can destroy the world.


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Let it rain....

So loving the rain and the wind right now.

It feels so nice and I can feel the drops of rain coming in through my window. Hehe.

Loving every moment of it.

Feel like wanting to dance in the rain.

Wouldn't that be awesome ?!!!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Contact lenses

Guess what? My Freshlook Illuminate 3 days trial lenses are finally here. Got to know about the free trial lenses through a friend's blog.

I actually forgot about them until I received them today. Hehehe..^0^

But they are here. Yeah!! So happy. ^^ You can get your own pair here. While stock lasts though. So better go and register quick.

There's 3 pairs of one day contact lenses and a voucher for each person if you participate. These contact lenses apparently will make you eyes look bolder, fresher and bigger. Hahaha. As if I need bigger eyes but well....since it's free why not?

Can you see it???

I don't know if this is clear enough or what. Can you see the drawing on the bus? Amazing how the dusty bus has a picture of a flying dragon and it's not badly drawn.

People, you can try it on your car too. If you collect enough dust and dirt on your vehicle, you might even create a masterpiece like Van Gogh or Da Vinci.

If anyone can't see the drawing, blame it on my poor photo taking skills and my phone's camera. It's only 2.0 mega pixel after all. So unless someone get me the I phone or Blackberry, I'm sticking to my tough and reliable Sony Ericsson. ^^