Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Went out yesterday to watch Prince of Persia. I love the movie. I have wanted to watch it since I saw the poster. can only be because
  1. I love the title (It just attracts me. I don't know why. ^_^)
  2. I like Jake Gyllenhaal since I saw him in The Day After Tomorrow and because he is really cute. ^__^ (He looks really hawt in the movie...LOL)
  3. Gemma Arterton I have to say have this exotic looks that I think is really unique and I like her from the Clash of the Titans.
  4. I heard that it is from a video game and I love fantasy and adventure movies. Don't you?
  5. The poster looks bloody amazing.


After watching the movie, I like it even more. Great chemistry between the two leads and they look beautiful together. They make a handsome couple. ^__^ I love the scenery in this movie. The deserts, mountains and the city were just too picturesque. It almost feel like I'm really in olden Persia.

It all started when a boy who lived in the streets was adopted by the king and becomes Prince Dastan. The prince grew up and together with his brothers leading the Persian army to attack the holy city of Alamut under assumption that they were selling weapons to Persian enemies. Dastan managed to win the fight without having too much casualties and obtain a dagger, the mystical Dagger of Time which he has no idea of its power. The city was invaded and its princess, Princess Tamina was captured. She was then offered as a wife for Prince Tus, Dastan's brother. The Persian celebrate the victory but Dastan was fooled into giving a gift to his father, the King who then died from poison of the gift.

Dastan was then hunted accused of the murder of his father. He together with Princess Tamina, who seized the opportunity to escape and get the dagger back. They managed to escaped and learning from the princess the true motives of the invasion of Alamut, they embark on a journey where Dastan sets to prove his innocence and the Princess to safeguard the dagger which can control time when it is filled with the sands of time. The sands of time is actually sand in a huge sand-glass which has the power to turn back time but if unleashed and uncontrolled can destroy the world.


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