Sunday, October 31, 2010

Late..I know

Remember how I said that I was going to update soon. was supposed to be like last Tuesday or Wednesday but unfortunately I fell sick.

Like very sick. Vomited like 4 times in a day and was feeling so cold. Hate that feeling very very much. I hate being sick and not being able to do anything.

Luckily after a few days of sleeping, eating meds and not feeling well enough to eat anything but oats, I'm feeling okay. Thanks to Pei Mun and Siew Yin for taking care of me when I was sick. Making me porridge and asking me to eat and all...

I'll get even better in a few more days since I'm home and can enjoy a little stress-free days at home before facing the final exams.

Shall update on what I did on Monday when I feel like it :)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Really Ben 10 today...

Today was really idiotic,foolish, silly and stupid.

Three of us took the wrong bus to class. Instead of to Dragon, we went to Kg Wai. Should have just got down the bus when it turn into the junction to Kg Wai but no, we took the bus all the way there. Like so free go tour...=.=

I'm going to blame it on the girl at the front seat who when we asked said the bus was going to Dragon. How irritating...

But partly our fault for not confirming with the bus driver.

So blur this morning...and really Ben 10....

I already know something was wrong when I got up the bus because there's no one we know. Should have trust my own instincts and got down from the bus.

Luckily Pei Key came to the rescue...drove from Wang Ulu to Kg Wai and fetch us to class.

Thank you so much Pei Key!! *Hugs and kisses*

If it wasn't for the quiz this morning, I think I'll just have ponteng the class. =.=

P.S. Ben 10= stupid/idiotic or rather pern tan in hokkien. Ben 10 is actually a cartoon character my lil cousin likes to watch. ^^



Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm either too busy or too lazy to update these days.

Anyway, my life is a bit dull at the moment with homework and assignments long due.

But there's something still in the process of planning and praticising. Shall not be revealed yet.

That would be next week.

It means I shall update soon.

Meaning next week!!! Haha...really. I'll try updating ASAP.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Saeng Il Chuka Hamnida!! think I forgot about your birthday until I read about it in Suju Wordpress. =.=

Mianhae....but anyway

Happy birthday, Dong Hae oppa!!!!

The cutest fish in the east sea.

May you always stay happy and cheerful!!

And always stay healthy....


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Those were the days....

It's funny how I like to tell stories about my high school life. How I like to reminisce and remember about how much life in school really means to me. It's weird that when I talk about primary and secondary school, I can never stop talking about it. I don't have much memories left of school because I'm really forgetful =.= Haha...but from what I still remember, I had a great time in school with my friends.

I keep telling people I know in uni about it and even I feel a bit weird how I keep reminiscing a bout my school life in Penang.

It's silly how I keep wanting to live in the past and how I miss it very very much. I think I really do like talking and thinking about those days in school. That's a part of my life that has gone by and shall really be missed.

(Can you spot me in the photo? The one with the 'yeng' pose...haha)

Those were the days~~~ way back then....


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The flowing fluid.....

I effing HATE Fluid Mechanics!!!!!!!

The equations and the calculations are so complicate to my brain.

I'm always so frustrated whenever I have to solve the questions.

I'm preparing to get a grade below B for this subject.

Lecturers say that you have to like a subject to score in it.

Then I better get myself prepared to fail for this.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 101010 craze...

My roomie and I decided we were going to make 101010 memorable with some wacky photos.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

How I dislike it when people act like they don’t know something when the truth is, they know. I’m referring to how some people pretend they don’t have a certain skill in something when they probably learn it before or done it before. Okay, maybe you are a natural and you got talent for it. But I don’t believe lo…. (Terms and conditions applied to certain people only…Not all :p)

But oh well, I’m just being a hypocrite here. Sometimes I act like I don’t know something either. (It’s because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of people teaching me or I’m not sure whether I’m right doing it) =.= Or I think I don’t really get it but I actually do but I just don’t realise that I do…haha. That really makes my friends want to knock my head. ^^

Just that sometimes, it’s really obvious how you really know how to do something but you pretend you don’t. And you still insist you don’t. Even though it is rather obvious that you excel in it you still say you just learn it and got lucky. If you want to fake it, please fake it better.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


(The ring...the small one. Have to stay inside and not fall out.)

(Lawan Negeri...basically it's like tarik tali just that they use hands instead of rope. )

The title sounds weird because it's an acronym for dunno what Festival Kebudayaan Antara Pusat Pengajian.

I finally joined something in UniMAP besides that MidAutumn fest and CNY fest. I woke up like 8am this morning just to compete in traditional Malay games in the rain. I joined Laga Ayam which is like pushing an opponent out of the ring while standing with one leg and lost badly. I was out in the 1st round. pushed out by someone fatter and stronger than me.

Then, wandered around looking at the games and got pulled into joining Tating Lawi which is actually kicking the shuttlecock for as many times as you can without dropping it to the ground. With absolutely no skills in the game, 3 of us (a group) actually got 3rd. Not bad for a beginner. Haha even though there's only like 5 groups. Hehe.

Had real fun playing the games which totally reminds me of primary school where I used to play Getah and Batu Seremban with my friends. Miss those times so much. I got wet in the rain and walk without my shoes on in the muddy field. Felt so nice wriggling my toes in the mud. (Foot spa...haha)(Only one hamper is actually won by my group. The other is for the Galah Panjang competition)

(My prize and isn't the doll very rockish? Hehe)

Nice time playing even though I was starving by the time the games ended. Treated myself to Secret Recipe at tea time!! It was fun but damn tiring.

P.S Galah Panjang is played by 4 people vs 4 people. Basically 4 of them have to block the other group to cross to the back and return back to the starting line. It's really easy. I played it before when I was a kid. I think we call it Toi back then.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Envy is not something I should have

Sometimes when I think about how I envy people for stuff they have or the places they gone too, I feel guilty for thinking that way.

It makes me feel like I'm not thankful enough for all the things I have in life.

I'm living a better life than others where in some places they don't have an education, don't have a home, don't have food and water and don't have a family. I have all that.

Instead of being grateful for the things I have, I'm always thinking of how nice it will be if I'm rich or if I own this and that. I committed more than one of the seven deadly sins; envy and greed.

Being materialistic is really bad because all I ever think of now is earning more money. But in the world now, you can't help but figure out that even though money is not everything, it's not nothing either.


Friday, October 01, 2010

Had pizza and cheesecake ^^

I had pizza for my birthday at the newly renovated Pizza Hut at Kangar.

I always says their service sucks but well it kinda got better. The place looks better too. :)

Thank you to my coursemates who gave me a treat.

(My favourite Hawaiian Chicken pizza.)

(This I forgot the name...LOL)

AND also Pingu treat me to cheesecake before I left Penang after the Raya break that day. Banana cheesecake...haha. Not much banana taste but it was quite yummy. I love cheesecake!!