Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Birthday wish to you..

Happy birthday to my beloved kiddies, Hui Ping and Siaw Ping!!

Saeng Il Chukahamnida!!

You share the same birthday on this day every single year.

I hope both of you will always remain cheerful, happy and healthy wherever you both are.

Take care of yourself, both of you and have a great great birthday!!

And to my dad who also share your birthday just that he is born like 35 years earlier...haha. Happy birthday, Daddy!!

I'm sorry I won't be home to celebrate with you. You'll probably not see this but


P.S. SP, apparently I don't have a recent photo of you and me alone. Remind me next time you come back or I go Singapore to take a photo with you. Hahaha...

Monday, September 27, 2010

"You don't step into love, you fall head over heels"

Quoted from the movie Valentine's Day.

Love romance novels and movies so so much. ^__^

Now I'm interested into a new movie and a new book. The movie titled Eat Pray Love which is adapted from the novel Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert stars one of my favourite actress, Julia Roberts. I know this book is the #1 new york times best seller. I got pretty intrigued by the title and how this is truly based on a true story of the author. I think I might learn something from the book. I heard the author cried watching the movie because it was exactly what she had experienced. So the movie is probably very nice too.

Shall buy the book when I get my ass back to Penang and have the money to buy it. I hope they have a discount....haha... ^__^


Friday, September 24, 2010

Be a thrift or a spendthrift?

Some people are really either very thrifty or very spendthrift.

Being thrifty is a good thing but sometimes when you get really frugal almost to the point of Mr. Scrooge, don't you think it's time you learn to enjoy life a bit more?

Those spendthrift on the other hand, should learn to spend moderately. Buying things compulsively sometimes does contribute to being a wastrel. Of course, if you're rich and have nothing to spend on, then go ahead.

I have friends that are either too thrifty or too spendthrift? Am I categorized into one of the categories? I think for different people, they would cast me into different categories. If it's up to me, then I'll say I'm a spendthrift? I don't spend overly much but when I do, I do use quite an amount of money for something I like. But I spend when I can afford to and not use too much money.

So, the moral of the whole thing is to spend wisely. Being too thrifty only makes life much duller for you so spend a bit more on stuff you like or do something you like that doesn't involve much money. Those spending too much can always budget their money unless you actually prefer continue spending.

(Of course if you can print legal bank notes, then you don't have to worry much. Or if you have a trust fund. Or a large inheritance.)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy birthday to me!!

Dedicating a post to myself.

I guess I'm crazy but I'm wishing myself a Happy Birthday.

May I have a happy, healthy and lovely life!!! ^____^

Also everyone to be happy and healthy and world peace everyone ^_^v

Happy Birthday to ME !!!

I'm 22 this year...Yikes, I'm getting old...

May I be 22 forever.....I don't want to grow up!! ^__^


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rainy Days

It just has to rain after you wash your car right?

Today wasn't really a good day for car wash.

The sky was cloudy and I have guess it would rain.

But I still went for a car wash.

It rain while the car was being wash. Haiz...

Proven the theory that it always rain after a car is washed.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Step Up 3

I went to watch Step Up 3 this afternoon. Unfortunately there was no 3D movie for us here in Penang to watch. The movie was quite okay. The dances moves were awesome but the plot was just okay for me. The 1st and 2nd movie, they have a much solid plot but Step 3 has great dancers and very nice dance moves and choreography. There was a scene in the movie that I really like. The one where they dance in the fountain with water. That was really fantastic.

Basically the movie is about dancing and how dancing influence people's life. The meaning of dance to some people and the beauty of dance.

"People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move, can make you believe like there's something more. One move, can set a whole generation free. "

I saw a few dancers I know like Joshua and Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance. They are really awesome dancers. I read from the cast that there's also Katee, Legacy, Ashlee and the others. I didn't notice Katee :( I like her too.

If you like dancing or watching people dance then you'll like Step Up 3. The movie make you want to stand up and dance along. I know I wanted to. The dance moves were Wow...the robotic moves were amazing and the popping, breaking and locking was jjang!!

One of the quotes in the movies -->> "I was born from a boom box."

Moose (Adam G. Sevani) has some really cool moves. Love his dance a lot.


Somewhere over the rainbow

I saw a rainbow this morning. I would have missed it if I didn't wake up early this morning and went by Green Lane.

There's always a rainbow after the rain if there's sunshine. It means there's always hope after despair. :-)

Gotta have faith everyone. Just like I got to have faith in myself.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

New haircut

Happy Malaysia Day everyone!!!

On this new (recently enacted as public hols) holiday, I got a new haircut. I think I haven't had straight fringe since primary school. Thought of getting a new style. If I don't like it, I can always sweep it to the sides ^__^

My brother says I look fatter with this haircut. He's always saying I look fat so I'm ignoring him. Well, I am fat so can't deny that but stop saying it all the time. My parents and him are always saying that. I'm so sick of hearing it actually. I get it, I'm fat, obese, chubby, overweight, plump and stout.

It seems like they never compliment me on anything. I'm always not good enough in this and that. Haiz...but what the heck, I'm eating whatever I want to eat moderately and I'll try to lose weight okay? I know it is not healthy so I'll lose the pounds.

(The new haircut!! But it looks like nothing changed right? I do look a bit fat though. =.=)

(Oh ya btw my cousin said she'll give me RM500 to lose 10kg...=.=)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's child

When I always say I love the month of September, I kid you not.

But somehow, September is always turns out to be a month of woes for me.

Cause things go wrong and I get moody in September.

Wednesday's child is full of woes...shall I say it's because of this poem that I'm in such a moody and depressed state?

I'm born on a Wednesday so to speak!!!

Wake me up when September ends please....

(Got emo while surfing the net...please just ignore the depressed mood..I think it's due to not enough sleep. Should go to bed as soon as possible.)

I'll get better soon after I sulk for awhile ._.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why criticisms hurt so much. I know sometimes people criticizes to make you improve but when expectations run high and you don't deliver, you'll get hurt by it.

Positive criticisms are always welcome but when too much negative criticisms are given, .........

I may not be as great as others and I'm always comparing myself to everyone better. I wish you could give me leeway like you give others and I wish I could forgive myself for not doing better either.

I don't expect much in life seriously. Like I always said, I don't want to be super rich or famous. I just want a stable job where I can do well and enjoy, get paid well enough and live without worries. At least for now I think that way....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Balik Pulau Pasar Ramadhan

I thought only Perlis have big Pasar Ramadhan to go to. It turns out Penang has it too. Went to the Pasar with my family and bought back some food to eat. The food is not bad but the nasi kerabu wasn't nice. I prefer the Perlis one. Love the kuih-muih though. They are always so different in colours that you're always tempted to buy them. But the food is more expensive than Perlis...hmmph!! Everything in Penang is pricey especially the houses. Why can't things be cheaper on the island?


Monday, September 06, 2010

Mac and Cheese

Yum yum...cooked a bowl of mac and cheese for myself. <3 it!!


Saturday, September 04, 2010

I'm home~~

Will update soon.

Back for two days already and it feels so good to be home.

It seems the month of August just flew by.

My favourite month is here!!

Already starting to have fun. Can't wait for more ^___^

September rocks!!!