Friday, September 24, 2010

Be a thrift or a spendthrift?

Some people are really either very thrifty or very spendthrift.

Being thrifty is a good thing but sometimes when you get really frugal almost to the point of Mr. Scrooge, don't you think it's time you learn to enjoy life a bit more?

Those spendthrift on the other hand, should learn to spend moderately. Buying things compulsively sometimes does contribute to being a wastrel. Of course, if you're rich and have nothing to spend on, then go ahead.

I have friends that are either too thrifty or too spendthrift? Am I categorized into one of the categories? I think for different people, they would cast me into different categories. If it's up to me, then I'll say I'm a spendthrift? I don't spend overly much but when I do, I do use quite an amount of money for something I like. But I spend when I can afford to and not use too much money.

So, the moral of the whole thing is to spend wisely. Being too thrifty only makes life much duller for you so spend a bit more on stuff you like or do something you like that doesn't involve much money. Those spending too much can always budget their money unless you actually prefer continue spending.

(Of course if you can print legal bank notes, then you don't have to worry much. Or if you have a trust fund. Or a large inheritance.)


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