Monday, September 27, 2010

"You don't step into love, you fall head over heels"

Quoted from the movie Valentine's Day.

Love romance novels and movies so so much. ^__^

Now I'm interested into a new movie and a new book. The movie titled Eat Pray Love which is adapted from the novel Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert stars one of my favourite actress, Julia Roberts. I know this book is the #1 new york times best seller. I got pretty intrigued by the title and how this is truly based on a true story of the author. I think I might learn something from the book. I heard the author cried watching the movie because it was exactly what she had experienced. So the movie is probably very nice too.

Shall buy the book when I get my ass back to Penang and have the money to buy it. I hope they have a discount....haha... ^__^


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