Saturday, August 30, 2008

PTPTN Craze....

(The queue....)

(See the time....I only manage to get things done at 9pm)

This happened weeks ago....on 15th August 2008. The PTPTN officers came to my uni to collect the PTPTN forms. It was on a Friday and it being the day before the semester breaks starts worsen the whole situation. Everyone was anxious to get this PTPTN stuff done and go home. There was like almost 1000 UniMAP students passing up the form....Of course everyone wants to pass up their form as this means we will get our student loan from the government and have money to spend. (By the way, PTPTN means Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or National Education Loan scheme) The PTPTN officers had to give up numbers just to keep us in order. The collection started at 9a.m. but I had a class till 11a.m. so I went there around 11.30. By then, the numbers were already given all was only like 300 something numbers so we had to wait for the next 300. There were still like super many people there. I had to wait till 6 something for the next numbers. Can you imagine sitting under a tent built for this occasion under the bloody hot hot sun. I went for lunch sat around in my friend's house in Kampung Wai (Loo Wen's house) and went back to sit in the tent went she leave for Penang. She got to go home like around 4p.m. and me still stuck there waiting for the PTPTN thingy.

It was finally around 5 something. The numbers were soon to be out.....everyone was like anxiously waiting for the numbers when suddenly........SNAP!!! Students were rushing in front, pushing around and pushing. The officers were shocked and very angry at our behaviour. They almost didn't want to give the numbers out. No one wants to give way including me of course....I mean who would if you have already like spend hours waiting for this thing to be done and then ask to leave because you didn't get a bloody number. The officers finally announced that today they will attend to the students living in Wang Ulu first which was where I live. There was a huge uproar among the students living in Kampung Wai...the officer said we live further away and tomorrow there won't be much buses for us to ride as the convocation is tomorrow and the buses will be busy fetching students to convo which was reasonable enough. Some student even tried to pretend they are living in Wang Ulu just to get a number. Can I blame them??? After all, I myself think it is not fair for those who were earlier than me and didn't get a number. Do you think it was fair?? The world isn't fair after all....:-P

Even after all the announcement of students from Wang Ulu getting to go first, there were still a bit of pushing around but I manage to stand like really in front of the queue. Some students went to say that they have already bought tickets back this night and if they didn't get a number how are they going back? The way they said it makes the officers really mad. The officers scolded them but he eventually gave them the numbers first even before mine. I was at the front okay....My opinion is you already know you're doing this PTPTN loan stuff so don't buy today's ticket. I myself bought the tickets to go home the next day because I know this will take time. I understand why the officers gave them the numbers though. The tickets do cost a lot of money and these officers are not inhuman after all, they understand. They were also working hard to get this done. They want to go home too.

It was like 8 something at night when I FINALLY get the PTPTN loan done. I waited and waited and eventually it was my turn and everything turn out well. Okay maybe the journey towards getting a loan there wasn't well. Do you know something.....I found out I lost a piece of the PTPTN paper and I couldn't find a place to print a new one....I freaked out really...after waiting for so long I have to lose a bloody piece of paper. Luckily with help from my friend's cousin and his friends, I manage to get everything done. That took like 2 hours and that was in between the time before they call out the numbers. I didn't even had dinner that day because I was so caught up with the whole thing. It was suffering if you must know. When everything was finally finish I had to let out a long long sighhhhhh......such red tape situation (Hui Ping you know what I mean right...haha)

I can't believe how human beings can change when the situation gets to that point. Eventually, I think you'll realise everyone is selfish in a way....we want to get what is best for us and will stop at nothing to get this things done. Maybe not everyone will do that but sometimes you don't realise that you are acting selfishly and that's where your friends and family come in, to help you bcome more humane and behave as morally as possible. Without them, I guess everyone wouldn't have emotion and will only listen to your brain and not the heart. Sometimes, listen to your heart as it will show you what is really right and what is really wrong.....

I'm getting philosphical here so I'm going to lighten the mood by saying...I GOT IT!!!! I got the loan and now I finally have money to spend on my education and of course have some fun....haha
Guten Tag everyone and hope I will be back to see you Kiddies soon....

Friday, August 22, 2008

How I spend my holidays in Penang.

(Elora, Mei Ling and Hui Ping)
(Jolyn and Me)

One week.....7 days.....168 hours....Well it is actually a bit more than that...
Do you know what I did all that time....I spend it sleeping, eating, shopping, watching TV, playing computer games and surfing the net....All of the things I did wasn't at all benefiting to my studies. I didn't even revise or do my assignments. I even have a test after the holidays...don't know when though the teacher didn't say when. I feel guilty but I don't have regrets....can you blame me???? It's been so long since I have a chance to have such a break.....I had fun this week....I felt it has passed by too fast.....
(Juin's laptop...nice right)
(Scruffy.....Ju's cute dog)
(He doesn't want me to take a nice pic)
(A candid shot)
Well, I spend most of the time watching Olympics was fun....I really admire those athletes doing their best to win. It was a pretty exciting OlympicsThen the rest of the time is divide to sleeping, eating and shopping. I think in this past week, I went to Gurney twice, Queensbay twice. Mostly is I went to eat. Watched two movies; The Mummy and 21. I ate lots of food. I went to Sakae Sushi, 1901, Secret Recipe, Dave's Deli, Tai Tong Dim Sum, and Mc D. Not to mention homecooking....I miss was yummy.....I wish I could drink soup everyday in Perlis...I spend so much time doing nothing, I wish I did more stuff....
(Yummy sushi)

(Stacks of plates of sushi we ate)
(I didn't finish this...I was too full)

Still, considering the amount of food I have eaten, that was a lot of stuff. From popcorn to pasembur to cheesecake to sushi to roasted chicken to french fries to radish soup to Singapore bihun to dim sum to burgers and hotdogs to mashed potatoes to char hor fun. I ate it all......Yes, my stomach can hold all the food. It was satisfyingly delicious. I shall miss Penang when I go back to Perlis. I'm bringing so much stuff home from Penang, I don't know if all of it will fit in my bags or will I be able to carry them back. still the BEST to hometown, my beloved island and forever my home....PENANG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Hehehehehehe......
(Expresso cheesecake)
(Dave's Deli)
Kind of sad that Elora has left for India though...Soon when she comes back, she will probably be Dr Elora Ong....haha....some friends from Unimap came to sorry I didn't go out with you because Kiddies are important....they are 2nd only after my family...hehe

Hopefully the next break I will get to meet more of the kiddies.....thanks again for the pressie.
PS This isn't actually a long blog...Just have more photos that's all...

My Early Birthday Pressie From The Kiddies

(The pressie)
Thank you to all the kiddies for my birthday pressie from Esprit....I like it very much..... It is very expensive though......I am a bit paiseh because it is quite expensive but still thank you so much.....I really appreciate your effort of finding me a pressie that I love....It is really a nice handbag that you know I can put my water bottle in and still put in my know me right, I put a lot of stuff in my handbag....hahaha...Thanks again......Arigato and danke Kiddies!!!!!!!
PS: To Hui Ting and Siaw Ping, this is the pressie they choose for me on behalf of all of the kiddies...haha...I know you guys haven't seen it so here it is....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip To Gua Kelam, Perlis and Padang Besar

Hey...this time because I'm too obsessed with watching the Olympics, I'm cutting this short. Haha.....Hopefully it will be short as you know I tend to over elaborate. Did you know, Usain Bolt just broke the World record in 200 metres running in 19.30 seconds...can you believe fast. That day he even broke the World record for 100 metres in 9.69 seconds. He is now the world's fastest man. So keng!!!!

Okay back to first trip to gua Kelam.....
To cut things was boring....nothing like Gua Tempurung which was more fun. I took pictures though. More suitable for families going for picnics. At least I went in for free. I went for a treasure hunt which was again boring. I don't want to say anymore as I only have one word for it....Boring....hahaha. Taking pictures using my camera was more fun than the treasure hunt.

(Michelle and Pei Mun)

(Pei Mun and Siew Yin)

(Everyone else)

(In the gua)

(Hampers which I didn't even get any)
(Me at the entrance of Gua Kelam)
Well on the other hand after going to Gua Kelam, I finally had a chance to go to Padang Besar. Bought lots of junk food. There was dodol....(very yummy)....dried satay fish.....some jeruk and kerepek pisang (banana crisps). It was so delicious.....too bad I finish all of it or I'll let you try some. Maybe next time when I go then I will buy some more for you guys....sorry at that time I didn't have much money....
(The market)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympics 080808

This must be the event almost all of the world is watching right now. The 2008 Olympics in China in the Bird's Nest stadium. I'm watching it right now. Such an amazing opening ceremony by People's Republic of China. What a display. This is such a historical moment in the making. A must-watch for everyone. The fireworks were amazing....obviously as China is the one who created fireworks. The amount of volunteers and performers are amazingly huge. Thousands of people are involved in the creation of one of the most amazing Olympic ceromony. Lights and colours all around the stadium....the start was amazing with hundreds maybe thousands playing drums called fo. It was a sight to see. And a historical journey begins.....from the creation of paper to printing blocks to the Great Wall of China......this historical journey was made so interesting with the creativity of China making use of lights and clours and sounds......everything is cannot be describe with only words. Singing, instruments and music, dances, martial arts, costumes, different ethnics and cultures....all in the Plympics. the spirit of Olympics is really to unite all and I think it's an amazing event to unite all 204 countries in one Olympics. Live on tv. Right now is still the procession of countries into the stadium according to the chinese calligraphy....204 countries parading in.....I can't wait for the torch lighting....must be fantastic and wonderful.....Here comes the host country China....a round of applause and cheers to them.....Such a response from the audience and everyone is so excited over what China have next up.....

Together with the China's delegation is a little boy who save two lives in the Wen Chuan's earthquake. Isn't that amazing??? The little boy looks really small....but very cute...Everyone looks so great and happy. Okay maybe some people look bored after waiting for so long...haha. 204 took awhile....okay it took so long....Finally the opening speech and torch lighting....

OMG the torch lighting is so unbelievable....flag was hold by past atheletes who have made achievement in sports and running the torch up are atheletes from different sports and ages.....combining the old and the young...the old man who took the torch up is Lee Ning who is a great gymnast and very famous....he flew around the stadium and lit the torch high up......the past and the future all combined together. Such a great event and such an ending....the firework display was just simply fantastic. So beautiful, so blaring, so loud, so super-duper........and so how much this fireworks cost and how unenvironmental-friendly....hahaha....

(Credits: for the photos)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Program Bakti Siswa Perdana (Homestay in Kg. Panggas Besar)

(Another group photo)
(Group photo)
Last weekend on the 25-27 July 2008, I went to a 7 Pillars programme which is actually 7 activities made complusory by the university for us to attend. The 1st one was the BTN camp and this programme is the second one. Guess what this programme is all about??
(Me, My foster parents and Nadia)

This programme is called Program Bakti Siswa Perdana in BM or Program Anak Angkat which is Community Service cum Homestay with foster parents. It is actually some sort like a homestay programme as we are put into village homes for 3 days. I went to Kampung Panggas Besar for this programme. The 1st thing that I saw when I stepped out of the bus is paddy field. My first thought was....'Great....I'll be bitten by insects and live in old wooden house and probably ask to get down to the paddy field.' But it was not at all like that. Hahaha...I underestimate kampung turns out I stayed in a quite nice house....I admit it is a bit old and flawed but they have television, washing machine like us town people and even it wasn't at all as ulu as I thought it was...haha I didn't even stepped into the paddy field or get bitten by mosquitoes. I was put into a house with a Malay girl called Nadia from Kelantan. Most houses took in 2 of us and some richer villagers housed in 4 students from our uni. One of my friend lived in a really nice house newly build and she stayed with another girl in a bedroom with television. Very lucky...Loo Wen is also very lucky as she went to Padang Besar for this programme. She was even more lucky as she get to stay in Chinese house. Not that mine was bad. Mine are very nice old folks with there old mom. Their kids have grown up and don't live with them anymore.
(The house)

( The food I ate...or tried too)
I frankly felt I gained weight after coming back from this programme. My foster parents which I called Pak Long and Mak Long and grandma which I called Tuk keeping asking us to eat and eat and eat. I ate lots of things in those 3 days. The food I ate the most all the time I was there was cempedak goreng (fried jackfruit). Mak Long really knows how to fry was super yummy!!! I also ate rambutan and durian. Ate all kinds of malay food that she bought or cooked. I think they are afraid we haven't have enough to eat and bought more food just for us. They were really nice people. Living in the house felt like living in Tanjung Bungah when I was little. My house looked a bit like that when I was small. I got a bedroom with Nadia too and we have our own bathroom...haha. It wasn't like our new kind of bathroom with tiles or good lighting but the old one with cemented floor and light bulb light. It was okay. As long as it was not dirty or open air, I'm okay with it. Some of my friends have open air toilet where the toilet is actually just 4 sides covered and without a roof. One of my friends even said she can see cars passing by the road while taking a bath. Scary....
(Tuk and me) (Tuk frying cempedak)
The uni together with the villagers organised several activities for us in the kampung to do. One of it was fishing!!! My first time fishing.....ended with no fish caught. I was unlucky. The fishes fooled me not once but thrice. They ate the worms I put as bait yet I didn't caught any fishes. All the fishes got away....I had fun fishing for nothing but it was tiring to hold a traditional fishing pole made from bamboo and just a strand of string with a hook.

(Gone fishing...failed though)

That was the first day. The second day, we woke up early to do some gotong royong (clean-up) for the village. I din do much...hahaha....I plucked unwanted plants from the soil and raised the flag. I was a little lazy and so were most of the girls as we were just standing there letting the boys do most of the work. After that we had a netball and football competition. Of course I wouldn't miss a chance to play so I volunteered to play netball. The netball match was in a primary school nearby so you have to either walk, ride a motorcycle, go by car or cycle there. Waking would take more than 15 minutes. I longed to ride a bicycle for so long so I took this chance to ride around the kampung and ride to the school. I went around the kampung to explore and breath in some clean air. I rode to the school too. It was tiring as the road out of the kampung to the main road is quite a distance and I even ride to the school but it was really fun. Hahaha....I'm such a kid....I rode a bicycle meant for kids as there was only the bicycle in the house. Some of the kampung children were laughing at me as I sat on a small bike while they rode on a bigger bicycle than me even if there were younger than me. Sadly, I don't know how to ride a motorcycle or I could ride that out as Pak Long has a motorcycle. We played netball against aunties and younger kids. I think you can imagine the situation. We lost 13-3 to aunties and little kids. So embarassing. At least I got a t-shirt and a box of herbal soap as consolation. At night we had a malam kebudayaan where we listen to dikir barat from the villagers and we did the chicken dance in front of everyone. The Vice Cancellor came to our village. I must say that our school of material engineering is very lucky as we get to see the VC a lot of times already. UniMAP's VC is a very hands-on person and he would attend many functions and he is very friendly.
(The kiddie bicycle I rode)

(The Unimap Kg Panggas Besar Netball Team who lost to aunties and kids)
Staying in a kampung was fun and we didn't have any worries about our studies. I think most Chinese enjoyed it too even if it was a bit ulu for some of them. The last day, we had a UPSR workshop held by UniMAP to the Standard 5 and 6 students of Sek. Kebangsaan Panggas Besar. The teachers who came and taught are students from the Masters programme in UniMAP and we went to help out in guiding the children on doing maths and English. I helped a Thai girl named Nirawan. I felt we had more fun than the small students. We were laughing and kidding around more than the kids. Staying in the kampung was fun. I really enjoyed my stay there. Thank you to Pak Long, Mak Long and Tuk for providing me a place to stay and lots of food to eat. They even gave me some pressie and money which I felt really touched that they were so nice to people they known only for 3 days. These are the values we should teach to children these be kind, helpful and generous to that's all from me this time
(The house my friend stayed in)
UniMAP really have a lot of programme. Sometimes it is good as we can learn a lot from this programmes. But sometimes when it clashes with the time i want to go back to Penang the it is really bad. I'm probably back for PC fair...and of course the August holidays. I can't wait to see all of you guys. Haha....miss you guys and see ya.
I'll update soon hopefully......tata
(from left: Nadia, Mai, Siew Yin and Me)