Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to school...

I am back at school....my alma mater...went back just for fun...took few crazy photos for memory sake...and I just knew it that no teacher will know where UniMAP is. Pn Thoo was asking UniMAP? Where is it? See, no teacher know it....too ulu for them...

There are new stuff at school....new teachers we don't know of and new little juniors in their uniforms...I kinda miss wearing a school uniform...Now the school has a little fountain near the guard house and a cafe like building. New grafitti on walls...and students looking at us as if we were idiots when we were taking photos...LOL

Photos for all to see...the old whale and the new building behind the whalie...

(The world map...and us)

(Quadrangle field)

(Looking happy with the banner...haha)

(The hall...or part of it)

(The whalie and us...)

(Laman Koperasi)

(Laman Ilmu)

(The new building...a cafe @ co-op)
(Warning after someone actually fell from the building block)
And after that, RedBox again.......we can never have enough of RedBox karaoke...lots of songs to sing....

(Photos courtesy of Li Ling and Hui Ping...I took these from their facebook photos..)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Reunion Party...

The crazy girls of SGGS are back together creating a lot of wacko-ness. We had a crazy reunion party at Hui Ting's auntie's house's poolside...haha. We brought food together to eat and play. It was realy crazeeee. But it was really fun and everybody was just talking and talking non-stop about university and how we prefer secondary school to uni. I was really enjoying myself there and I was laughing like crazy all the time that time. Makes me miss it so so much with all the friends I have.

Pictures paint a thousand words so do photos, they tell a thousand things.... If you see these photos you will understand how fun it was.......and how wacko we really are...maybe some of us definitely not me....hehe

(Group shots)

(We were playing in the pool..even played ice-man...haha)
(And Mei Ling serenade us with her guitar...)

(The models at work here...)

(Crazy pool shots...)

(Drinking pool water...not really...)

(Obsene shot...guess who?? Just so you know that's not me...)
(Another very obscene shot...you know who you are...)
(Fake shocked faces...)

(Group photos...so many people)
(From left according to nearest to left and so on: Yu Jean, Sue,Jo, Li Ling, Wen Shan, Phei Chuin, Hui Ping, Mei Ling, Hui Ting, Me, Shymala, Loo Wen, Swee Yen and Fiona...)

I hope we have a gathering again soon because it was really wonderful to see all and I hope more people will be there...lot's of missing faces as there were a few not there...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Redbox mania...

(Me singing....I looked fat T.T)

(Cute ma?? Me and Hui Ping...)
(In the Green room in RedBox..)
I went to Redbox twice in a week. Blame it all on my obsession with singing. I sing when I drive. (I hope no one thinks I'm crazy when they see me in my car) I sing in the shower. I sing when I'm feeling down. I sing when I'm happy and dance around. I sing when I am listening to music. (My housemates in Perlis would probably thinks I'm annoying by now) I sing all the time just because I like it!!.

RedBox gives me a chance to go crazy with my friends with no one actually complaining that I sing the song out of tune or that I have mistaken the lyrics. Okay maybe sometimes my friends do say I sang out of tune or I sang the chinese words all wrong. Oh well, that's because I don't read Chinese well. Blame it on me not learning it well.

Twice a week in RedBox was fun. They have lunch there so it's 2 in 1. Satisfy my need to sing and eat at the same time...hehe. Oh and also the chance to go crazy with all my friends. Talking about craziness lead me to our crazy antics at my favourite fast food hangout....McD!!!

(Some stalker took this of me reading in MPH...hehe stalker you know who you are...haha)

We took a few crazy photos there and here they are.
(Me pretending to be a ghost while Li Ling act scared...)

(Jo, Hui Ping, Loo Wen and Me)

(Beware of ghosts....)

(Loo Wen, me and Li Ling)

(Jolyn, Hui Ping, Loo Wen, Li Ling and Me)


Haven't been updating for awhile. Blame it on the laziness part. Besides, I haven't have anything worth blogging of. Came back from the place of ulu-ness, Wang Ulu, Perlis on the 1st of May. Mommy came and fetch me which was great because i didn't have to take a bus home which I hate as I have to travel from Butterworth to Penang Island by ferry before finally stepping on the little island of mine. Then I didn't do anything for a week...haha.
Basically I can't even remember what I did. I was probably sleeping or surfing the net most of the time. Oh and also eating. I remember I keep eating because Penang food is so yummy..I didn't know how much I miss the food until I came home. Then I had to go back for 2 days to Wang Ulu. This time I took a bus back to the Ulu-ness. Just to attend a seminar on InDex...was alright considering I did learn something from the seminar. UniMAP though should really consider where they get those lunches for the students from. The food really suck...it was so disgusting I almost vomited. I end up throwing half of it away and went to KFC for some mashed potato.
I left Perlis as soon as the InDex ended. I took a bus home and when I reached Butterworth it was already at night around 8. Penang island seriously looked like Hong Kong island at night from the Butterworth side. It was really a beautiful scenery. Makes me appreciate living here more..
Now I'm still at home...doing nothing. My mom thinks I should get my butt up and go find a job (She didn't exactly say to get my butt up but she is thinking something of that sort) I love lazying around...wondering whether I should spend the whole holiday like that?? Hahaha...nah..I should go travelling...hehe or get a part time job.