Sunday, May 17, 2009


Haven't been updating for awhile. Blame it on the laziness part. Besides, I haven't have anything worth blogging of. Came back from the place of ulu-ness, Wang Ulu, Perlis on the 1st of May. Mommy came and fetch me which was great because i didn't have to take a bus home which I hate as I have to travel from Butterworth to Penang Island by ferry before finally stepping on the little island of mine. Then I didn't do anything for a week...haha.
Basically I can't even remember what I did. I was probably sleeping or surfing the net most of the time. Oh and also eating. I remember I keep eating because Penang food is so yummy..I didn't know how much I miss the food until I came home. Then I had to go back for 2 days to Wang Ulu. This time I took a bus back to the Ulu-ness. Just to attend a seminar on InDex...was alright considering I did learn something from the seminar. UniMAP though should really consider where they get those lunches for the students from. The food really was so disgusting I almost vomited. I end up throwing half of it away and went to KFC for some mashed potato.
I left Perlis as soon as the InDex ended. I took a bus home and when I reached Butterworth it was already at night around 8. Penang island seriously looked like Hong Kong island at night from the Butterworth side. It was really a beautiful scenery. Makes me appreciate living here more..
Now I'm still at home...doing nothing. My mom thinks I should get my butt up and go find a job (She didn't exactly say to get my butt up but she is thinking something of that sort) I love lazying around...wondering whether I should spend the whole holiday like that?? Hahaha...nah..I should go travelling...hehe or get a part time job.

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