Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore, Day 4 & 5, 16 and 17 Dec 2008

We went to the Science Centre on day 4. The science centre here is much bigger than the one in KLCC. The things here are almost alike but more fun I guess. There were more things to see. The Amphitheatre was in a dome shape and although the show made me dizzy it was quite a nice movie about protecting the seas. I love going to science centres because you can really see the amazing truth about science. We took many photos again and like always we fooled around. After that we went to ChinaTown to shop for souvenirs. Because we were all too hungry, we slurp down a bowl of fishball noodles soup. There was nothing much in Chinatown and the stuff there looks almost like stuff in Msia. but I did bought some keychains as souvenir. I even bought a dress in ChinaTown for $15.

Nothing much on Day 5. No photos for now. We went to Bugis to shop. Shop till we drop is what we always do. There were a lot of people in Bugis. Even finding a place to sit in the food court in Bugis Mall was hard. I ate a really nice meal of Salmon Omelette Rice there. Then we went shopping in the Bugis Market. I saw a sun dress that I like a lot. Unfortunately it was expensive for that kind of quality material. Maybe I can find something alike in Penang market…hahaha. I had a taste of Old Chang Kee currypuff. It was really delicious even if it cost $1.20 a piece. We went back in the evening and packed. The last day here and I was filled with sadness that I have to leave Singapore. I sort of feel a bit reluctant to leave Singapore as I think it is really a nice place to be in.
And now thinking of going back to uni, I am already filling with dread. I don’t want to go back yet. Haiz….somehow I just feel I don’t belong there. I just want to get done with university life and come back. Penang is the best!! Haiz….okay back to my holidays. Overall, it was great. Albeit I spend quite a lot but I felt it was worth it as I really had a great time with the Kiddies….The Kiddies Rock!!

Singapore- Day 3 (15/12)

(We look good in sunglasses...hahaha)

(I Love You....)

(Failed attempt of jumping...)

The third day…we went to Sentosa island. Taking the bus and MRT again…this time it was a long trip. Actually every trip we took was a long trip on the transit…haha. Taking a bus to Sentosa Island for $3, we spend quite some time on the island. We went on the skyride and luge for three times. It was very fun. We took a lot of photos again…haha...we fooled around the beach for awhile and walk around the island. We even went to see a bird show at the amphitheatre…really intelligent parrots.
We took the monorail back to Vivo City where we meet up with Siaw Ping who spends her evening after work to be with us.We went to Food Republic again at Vivo City then shop around. I bought a packet of sweets there. Vivo City was like any other shopping mall in Singapore….very big and with a lot of people. We even meet up with Siaw Ping’s sister there. I bought a Baleno t-shirt for my brother. Day 3 over….My post are getting shorter....hahaha...

Shopping and Touring Singapore-Day 2 (14-12-2008)


After the tiring day yesterday, the whole bunch of us excluding Siaw Ping, slept till 1 pm. Basically what we do almost everyday in Singapore is shop, tour and play around. This day we went to Suntec City. Took lunch or was it teatime at Food Republic and had Po Lo Yao Bao (Pineapple Bun). Then shopping again…if you don’t understand us ladies than you will never understand why we keep shopping. We shop because it is fun…although I didn’t have a lot of money I still bought a few items such as a black cardigan from Cotton On which was only $10…very worth it. I tried on a few dresses which although I like I have not enough budget for it.
(Superstars In the Making...muahaha)
(See our nice clothes...very cute right)

We went to the Esplanade at night and once again took lots of photos. The scenery was really beautiful there and we have fun taking weird photos near the Merlion or as ju called it Si Lion…haha. Once again today’s dinner was bread….this time it was bread from the famous BreadTalk. 10 breads for $10. We bought home 10 breads to divide between the 5 of us. Day 2 ended earlier but was fun nonetheless….

(Do you know how many times we jump to achieve this? Way too many...)
(WonderKiddies...I want Nobody Nobody Nobody!!!)

(it's raining....oops)

(Night view of Esplanade)

P.S. I am too lazy to write a very long post so this is shorter than the 1st one. More photos

Trip to Singapore- Day 1 (13-12-2008)

(Teddybear Christmas Tree)

(Coca-cola Christmas Tree)
My first trip overseas or rather over the Tebrau straits only…Hehe. My 1st trip out of the country with the Kiddies…I was really excited over my first trip out of the country even if it is a country just below Malaysia in the map….Singapore. The journey to Singapore was tiring and uneventful I have to say. Around 10 hours of sitting in the bus till my legs and butt ache. Finally we reached the borderline of M’sia and Singapore at 5.40. Passport stamped and luggage checked and we were off. Singapore here I come!!

After reaching, we travelled by foot to the nearest MRT station. Boy was the ‘short’ journey tiring. Finally taking the MRT to Siaw Ping’s house at Tampines. Singapore’s MRT and buses are very nice…very nice albeit it is expensive (I spend around $35 in 5 days for transportation)….after taking the MRT we took a bus to Siaw Ping’s house. After a short rest and a quick shower we were off….off where?? To eat and SHOP!!!
(Recognise her from Indiana Jones?? haha)
First stop…Tampines shopping mall. Went to the food court to eat penne bolognaise…Yummy…saw a few Singaporean stars. Then we were off to Orchard road. I have to saw, I never seen so many shopping centres in one road….there were a lot of different shopping centres there and so many decorations. The Christmas decorations were amazing and very nice. I even bought a very cute t-shirt that I like a lot.

The day was very eventful as I did a lot in one day. We celebrated Ju’s birthday at home with bread and a small cake. We bought her a backpack which is really unique. Happy Birthday, Ju!! Then, we went to Clarke Quay to go clubbing at night. Clubbing at Singapore was way nicer than in Penang. We went to The Arena which has really great music and we even get to see some great moves from the guys there. There was a dancing competition for guys and some even took of their pants just to dance sexy. The drinks were nice and it only cost $22 to get in. Very worthy of my money as I have a lot and a lot of fun dancing. Clubs here are smoke-free which is really great. It might be the atmosphere around here that make me feel nice that I enjoyed my time dancing that I didn’t care that my feet hurts.
My feet was killing me by the time we were going home which is around 4 in the morning. The first time I went out till that late. We took the NightRider home and walk a short distance back. I had a lot of fun even if I was really tired and we took a lot of crazy photos and fool around. Day 1 was certainly a success!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I've got TAGGED...

Basically I only did this bcos Jo tagged me and now I have nothing to do or else I wouldn't do it...haha....

1. Do you think you're hot?
Me?? Hot??? Do you think I'm Hot?? (Blink..blink..blink) I guess not....
2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself
Too lazy sorry...but you can see some pic here in the blogs before this....Neway I don't really
have a favourite pic...
3. Do you like the picture?
If it is your favourite pic of cause you liked it...or not why is it your favourite pic?? Weird question...haha
4. When was the last time u ate pizza?
Ermm...last month I think...can't really remember..maybe we can go for pizza sometime soon?? Hehe...
5. What was the last song u listened to?
Nobody by WonderGirls....nobody nobody nobody......
6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Multitasking...reaqding my email...writing my blog...reading some fanfics and playing games...
7. What name do you prefer besides your name?
Leng lui??? Hahaha...Michelle (my english name although nobody calls me that anymore), Ming girl (my family members call me that), Ming (which is simple and nice)
8. 5 people i tagged
Hui Ping, Hui Ting, Juin, Renae and Yi Thying
9. Who is number 1?
One of my chee mui....kinda siau wan
10. Who is number 3 having a relationship with??
Good question...I don't know....
11. Say something about no.5
A friend I have known for 13 years....
12. how about number 4?
Currently studying in Universiti Teknologi Petronas...very clever....
13. who is buddy number 2?
The Big Kid...hehe...another of my chee mui and one of those to intro me to TVXQ!!!! ahaha.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's 12a.m. and here I am online writing this blog. It seems to me for this past one month I have been staying up pretty late at night till around 3 something in the morning. Then I end up waking up late at 11a.m. which all my friends just shake their heads. Sometimes to online and surf the internet and sometimes to study. Why you ask, I have to stay up at night to study. It's because of the weather here. In the afternoon I can't focus as it gets quite humid here. So I end up taking naps or playing computer games. So I study at night. Nights here are way suitable for studying. No noise except for the getting quite frequent singing from the opposite block. It's like 2a.m. in the morning and he still singing. I think the guy must be having insomnia or something. It's a pretty nice temperature to study at night in the living room and best of all no one to bother me study.

Have gone through 3 very tough papers. I have very few papers this year and some people are saying we are lucky. By the way, we even have a week break between exams. This totally ruined my mood to study. I end up playing for a few days before actually getting serious on studying. The 1st and 2nd papers were disasters. The 2nd one especially. Electrical Technology EET 103....this paper is tough to me...I thought I have already read and know how to answer the question but when I gotten inside, I was so nervous I forgot a lot of what I should do. I'm still trying to get over it. Maths..EQT 101 was as usual to me...after all my maths has always been on the passable side only....I can just predict the results...

The 3rd paper was much better....Strength of Material EBT103...the lecturers gave a few hints and tips...and guess what? the tips were exactly the questions in the paper. I can't believe my eyes when I saw it. Still, I wasn't really pro in the tip questions so I can do about 3.5 out of the 5 question I guess. So I guess should at least have a B????

My last paper...soon to come is my German Language paper. EUW118...I'm German is not good and I have only 2 days to read unlike the 1st few papers. I still don't know the grammar and there are essay writing in the exam. What to do??? It will be such a waste to not get an A for this paper as the lecturer was really nice and helpful. I cross my fingers for the paper to be easy to me.....

I miss home... I miss my family and friends...most of my friends have gone home even the ones in UniMap...another 1 is going back tomorrow..there will be only me left for another day. Luckily I still have my roommate who will only finish her exams a day after me which is the final day 22nd Nov. Then she will come visit me in Penang before going back to Sarawak....I have already pack my stuff...and I almost forget to take down my TVXQ poster. The hostel must be clean and with no belongings being left in the apartment. So still have spring cleaning to do on the hostel and stuff I haven't finish packing....

2 days more...kambateh to me...I can do it...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The So-Called Movie Marathon

Last week, on Monday 27 October 2008.....Deepavali, I didn't go to any Indian friend's house to celebrate. Instead I went for a movie marathon. It wasn't exactly a movie marathon more like a half marathon considering we only went for two movies. Since it is a holiday, tickets are a bit more expensive than usual and there are people everywhere. Queensbay Mall for one, is packed like a can of sardins. We were hungry when we reached there and there's too much people everywhere. We were searching for options besides having to eat McD (although I don't mind eating in Perlis can do that to you as there's no McD in Perlis) After eating, High School Musical 3....Troy Bolton....Gabriella Montez....and after that Butterfly Lovers starring Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Wu Chun. Here comes my review....

High School Musical 3 was high energy fun and excitement....a perfect ending for what has been and still is a big phenomenal success of Disney movies. HSM3 lives up to its expectations and although it wasn't as good as the 1st movie, it was nevertheless exciting, nice and sweet. Songs like Can I Have This Dance, A Night To Rememer, The Boys Are Back, High School Musical and etc...were really upbeat and makes you want to sing along. The choreography was really great and I feel like dancing along to the music. More places to sing and dance along for example the junkyard and the rooftop. Exciting dance numbers and great slow ballad. A must-watch for fans of High School Musical....The Spring Musical is finally shown in this movie even if it's not shown cast of students.....prom....graduation....the dilemma of Troy having to separate with Gabriella and choosing the right college for himself. Sharpay with her antics. Haiz...the teens are finally growing up....they look so different from the 1st movie....Chad is way more thin in the 1st now he's chubby and muscular. Troy, much more muscular still thin and still very idolisticly handsome (whatever that means??). Gabriella didn't change a bit..maybe just the hairstyle and the rest of them just grown up...makes me feel old. One thing about this film was focusing mostly on Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay...yes they are the lead in the movie but I wish they shown us more of Ryan, Chad or Kelsi...but well a movie an hour or more long can't possibly fit so much. East High ROCKS!!!!

Ratings: HSM1>HSM3> all and compare...

"Life is fleeting as the butterfly, beautiful yet transient. As legends has it, a pair of butterfly lovers reappears once more after having gone through three lifetimes of repeated pain and tears. "
Butterfly Lovers.....there has been a lot of versions of the Butterfly Lovers. This version I have to say wasn't the best one I seen but I can't say I didn't like it. Although BL is supposed to be some sort of a sad romantic story, I was somehow not really in the sad mood. I practically laugh my way throughout the movie due to a certain friend making jokes together with me. I can't help it especially when (I really have to say this although I kinda like him) Wu Chun is on screen. The way he acts was funny. The girl who sat to my left (who I don't know) cried I think half of the film while me and Hui Ping (yes, this is the certain friend mentioned above) were giggling away. Somehow I think if my emotions were mellowed down that day I would have balled out my eyes too. I did finally cried in the end when Wu Chun was playing dead. See, when he was alive in the film I didn't even shed a was until he died and there was only Ah Sa did I cry. LOL, I have to say his acting in the film was bad. If you are fans like I am, then I don't think you will actually mind that much as the story wasn't exactly was just differrent. I have always been interested with the story of the butterfly lovers. The idea of star-crossed lovers isreally kind of sad. This story wasn't exactly an unhappy ending as the BL were actually immortal send to earth to be punished to never have happiness together. This lifetime was their last lifetime on Earth and they are finally free to love each other again for eternity. So they were reunited after death. It gives those romantic at heart a heartful sigHHH....