Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore, Day 4 & 5, 16 and 17 Dec 2008

We went to the Science Centre on day 4. The science centre here is much bigger than the one in KLCC. The things here are almost alike but more fun I guess. There were more things to see. The Amphitheatre was in a dome shape and although the show made me dizzy it was quite a nice movie about protecting the seas. I love going to science centres because you can really see the amazing truth about science. We took many photos again and like always we fooled around. After that we went to ChinaTown to shop for souvenirs. Because we were all too hungry, we slurp down a bowl of fishball noodles soup. There was nothing much in Chinatown and the stuff there looks almost like stuff in Msia. but I did bought some keychains as souvenir. I even bought a dress in ChinaTown for $15.

Nothing much on Day 5. No photos for now. We went to Bugis to shop. Shop till we drop is what we always do. There were a lot of people in Bugis. Even finding a place to sit in the food court in Bugis Mall was hard. I ate a really nice meal of Salmon Omelette Rice there. Then we went shopping in the Bugis Market. I saw a sun dress that I like a lot. Unfortunately it was expensive for that kind of quality material. Maybe I can find something alike in Penang market…hahaha. I had a taste of Old Chang Kee currypuff. It was really delicious even if it cost $1.20 a piece. We went back in the evening and packed. The last day here and I was filled with sadness that I have to leave Singapore. I sort of feel a bit reluctant to leave Singapore as I think it is really a nice place to be in.
And now thinking of going back to uni, I am already filling with dread. I don’t want to go back yet. Haiz….somehow I just feel I don’t belong there. I just want to get done with university life and come back. Penang is the best!! Haiz….okay back to my holidays. Overall, it was great. Albeit I spend quite a lot but I felt it was worth it as I really had a great time with the Kiddies….The Kiddies Rock!!

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