Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to Singapore- Day 1 (13-12-2008)

(Teddybear Christmas Tree)

(Coca-cola Christmas Tree)
My first trip overseas or rather over the Tebrau straits only…Hehe. My 1st trip out of the country with the Kiddies…I was really excited over my first trip out of the country even if it is a country just below Malaysia in the map….Singapore. The journey to Singapore was tiring and uneventful I have to say. Around 10 hours of sitting in the bus till my legs and butt ache. Finally we reached the borderline of M’sia and Singapore at 5.40. Passport stamped and luggage checked and we were off. Singapore here I come!!

After reaching, we travelled by foot to the nearest MRT station. Boy was the ‘short’ journey tiring. Finally taking the MRT to Siaw Ping’s house at Tampines. Singapore’s MRT and buses are very nice…very nice albeit it is expensive (I spend around $35 in 5 days for transportation)….after taking the MRT we took a bus to Siaw Ping’s house. After a short rest and a quick shower we were off….off where?? To eat and SHOP!!!
(Recognise her from Indiana Jones?? haha)
First stop…Tampines shopping mall. Went to the food court to eat penne bolognaise…Yummy…saw a few Singaporean stars. Then we were off to Orchard road. I have to saw, I never seen so many shopping centres in one road….there were a lot of different shopping centres there and so many decorations. The Christmas decorations were amazing and very nice. I even bought a very cute t-shirt that I like a lot.

The day was very eventful as I did a lot in one day. We celebrated Ju’s birthday at home with bread and a small cake. We bought her a backpack which is really unique. Happy Birthday, Ju!! Then, we went to Clarke Quay to go clubbing at night. Clubbing at Singapore was way nicer than in Penang. We went to The Arena which has really great music and we even get to see some great moves from the guys there. There was a dancing competition for guys and some even took of their pants just to dance sexy. The drinks were nice and it only cost $22 to get in. Very worthy of my money as I have a lot and a lot of fun dancing. Clubs here are smoke-free which is really great. It might be the atmosphere around here that make me feel nice that I enjoyed my time dancing that I didn’t care that my feet hurts.
My feet was killing me by the time we were going home which is around 4 in the morning. The first time I went out till that late. We took the NightRider home and walk a short distance back. I had a lot of fun even if I was really tired and we took a lot of crazy photos and fool around. Day 1 was certainly a success!!

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