Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's so over-rated how some people can find fault in people when they don't see it in themselves.

I have to admit I do that all the time but sometimes it still annoys me how some people do.

I guess I'm being prejudice to certain people but things certain people say, I'll take it in a way you're insulting me or my friends or saying something bad about us.

You're obviously indirectly insulting a friend of mine and that's something I don't take lightly.

I'm not as oblivious as I seem so please don't pretend.


Cleo Star Seach Tour 2011

Too many things to post and so little time. For instance, I've finished my internship. I will try to post something up about it later. Got heaps to talk about.

But for now...drums roll~~

Before makeup and after hair styling.

After make over and the photo I chosen. ^^

Presenting the before and after photos of me after the make over at the Cleo Star Search Tour 2011 at Queensbay Mall. I think I prefer the without make look...haha. Love the curls they did for me though. Maybe I'll go curl my hair soon. ^^

The tour is still in Penang. Today they are at Gurney so go down and have fun playing model for the day. LOL. You'll get some RM130 goodies and a Cleo magazine for the RM35 makeover.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kopi Cine

Reading room. Lotsa books~~~

Kopi Cine stands for Coffee Cinema or in Mandarin- Kah Fei Tien Ying

Jane's drink- Mocha something

The shop

Chicken pie...yumm!!

Lamb sausage with cannellini beans and feta cheese. Nice~~

The sheets come together with the sausage and beans.

My drink

The yummy-delicious tiramisu

Went for tea time at Kopi Cine. Tea time at a coffee shop? Kekeke. Kopi Cine is located at Stewart Lane near Chulia Street. I've actually heard of the place but if you ask me to find it, I might not found it. It's located in little streets and if not because of Ju, I wouldn't have found there's a place at the area like this.

The atmosphere is pretty nice and there's even a reading room for those bookworms like me. We went in the afternoon so it was pretty hot and humid especially these few days. Just a simple teatime outing for us to chitchat about.

Food is great albeit a bit pricey. The tiramisu is really yummy. The drink I ordered caramel with gula melaka ice-cream drink. Yummy but really sweet. For the sweet tooth only. In the menu there's a huge assortment of wine list for those wine lovers.

There are actually crayons and white paper for you to doodle on the table as the table is covered in white paper but the table we sat in does not have it. :( If there is a next time, I'll go scribble something. Hehe.

Something new to try. The food is unique. Yum~~

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wedding bells are ringing...

Announcing that the bachelorette has become a bride. And such a pretty pretty bride. *sniff*

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Khor. ^__^

Such a lovely event and a gathering of sorts for Georgians. Everyone looks so pretty and stylish in their dresses. I'm so envious of those having great figure to be able to pull of nice dresses. Hmm...maybe I should start dieting or exercising. God knows I need it. I must admit I do feel huge among the petites that night. Or short among the un-vertically challenged peeps.

Oh well...forget about it. The night is for the newly weds and it was a party. Great buffet food. Yummy~~ Cheers to the newly weds. Have a happy marriage and life together. May your lives be filled with joys and laughter.