Friday, January 29, 2010

Boring or not it’s up to you.

Local public uni life is just so boring. Are all uni lives this boring or is it just us? Whoever who said that it’s fun? All I ever do during this uni period is wake up, go to class, lunch, class again, dinner, stay in room online & watch drama or do homework, then sleep. This sort of routine life keeps continuing every day. Isn’t it absolutely boring? Maybe it’s just me. I don’t see any other people complaining. I should be thankful for being able to get into a local uni. Still, there always heaps of things to be done and whenever I take a break a day to watch some K-drama, I’ll find myself with tons of things I haven’t finished.

While private institution is much more lenient entertainment wise, it’s because you pay for it. You pay a couple of ten thousands to enjoy that’s why it’s fun. You pay to surf unblocked internet, you pay for better food, and you pay for good accommodations. $$$$$, it all comes down to money. For people like me, resigning to this routine life is necessary. Whenever I totally can’t stand it, at least I can go home to Penang. Good thing I didn’t get places like Pahang or Terengganu. I’ll perish there. In fact, if I have gotten to a local uni at the eastern side, I wouldn’t have gone there.

I don’t know why I complain so much. Maybe it’s because this is my blog and I can rant all I want. Truthfully speaking, it is not always boring here. You meet different kind of people and have to deal with all sorts of attitude. I have met new friends who taught me to see things differently. Brand new experience for the ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ me. I like meeting people and observing them but frankly I don’t like speaking to people unless I want to. Living in uni gives you an insight to how to deal with people and learn to deal with yourself. The frog would have been stupid because it refuses to see what the world is like but like the frog, isn’t living in the well just like me living in my comfort zone and never wanting to ever leave? So I guess I’m taking a step out of the well, no? It’s because I would love to see the world and all of its differences and learn more about humanity.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Okay, here's how it goes...

Shopping is never ending...

So, today I went shopping again.

Bought a few t-shirts and a jeans skirt.

Although I didn't pay a cent.....thanks to Ju ^^

I would have loved it if I saw any shoes to buy.

Had real fun trying on clothes

If I had more money, I would have bought dresses...

All those frills and puffs are so cute...

Of course if I had more money, I would have bought way more things,


Sorry...I'm kind of a bit annoyed because there's never enough money to spend it seems...


Dear friend

If I said that it doesn't hurt then I lied.

Every time I thought my feelings have faded away,

You have to appear again.

Yet a simple hello from you cheers me up,

Even if you will always be just a friend.

You know I'll forever be happy for you,

Because I'll always remain a friend and

If you want to know,

I'll forever keep a little space for you in my heart...


Monday, January 18, 2010

You Are My Melody...

Recently as in this few days, I have been listening to DBSK’s You Are My Melody a lot. A lot as in I keep repeating it. The way their voices just synchronise with each other is just amazing. The combination of all their voices just made the song so great. The lyrics are meaningful and the melody is nice. When I first listened to the album I was more attracted to faster tunes like Mirotic or Crazy Love but now I’m more into the slower songs like Love Bye Love because I can clearly hear DBSK’s soothing voices and their strong vocals.

Here’s the translation of the song You Are My Melody that I love so much.

Closing my eyes, listening to the sounds around me
Your soul, your tiniest thoughts
I couldn’t hear them because of the static in my heart
I’m sorry, I’m sorry

The times when you shed tears is now history
Don’t worry because

You’re my melody
I’ll perform for you (on and on)
You are my song
The soundtrack in my life
I love you
You lighted up the stage of my life
(I’ll sing it again) You’re my song

I’m not willing to say ‘I’m sorry’
I’ve got lots of pride yet my heart’s empty.
When my soul runs dry
When everything falls apart
Will you come to me

The sad times will end like a song because

It’s your love your love
You told me the meaning of love (and on & on & on)
You’re my rhythm
A gift in my life
Giving me beautiful dreams
Always by my side
I’ll sing it again
You’re my song

The many sad love songs
Seem to be singing of us

Protecting me by my side during this time
You are more important than anything

Listening to the sounds around me when I close my eyes
I’m calling out to your heart now
You’re my melody
I’ll perform for you (on and on)
You are my song
The soundtrack in my life
I love you
You lighted up the stage of my life
(I’ll sing it again) You’re my song
It’s your love your love
You told me the meaning of love (and on & on & on)
You’re my rhythm
A gift in my life
Giving me beautiful dreams
Always by my side
I’ll sing it again
You’re my song

Credits to DBSKer Translated by: Sparkskey

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I heart Korea...

Some people just don’t understand why I like Korean songs do they? I think my roommate finds it weird how I only listen to Korean songs these days. I was listening to DBSK’s Love Bye Love and she says the song is weird. What is so weird about the song? It’s nice what.

What is so weird about me listening to songs in Korean? I know it’s a language that I can barely understand but why is it even deem weird? Music has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what language it is in. I love the melody of Korean songs and the way it in Korean sounds foreign yet familiar because I don’t have to understand the language to understand the feelings of the songs. There’s nothing weird in that and DBSK totally have one of the best voices way better than most Chinese singers.

I only recently in these few years actually listens to Korean songs. When I was just a kid, I grew up listen to mostly English songs and very few Chinese songs. When I was in primary school, I started to listen to more English pop songs and pretty much fell in low with pop songs, still like them. When I was in secondary school, it was more of Chinese songs and less English songs for me. I always love Japanese soundtracks which are aired on TV and those anime soundtracks since I was 9 I think. Korean songs weren’t even in my playlist till I was in Form 5. Friends introduce me to DBSK and I fell in love with Korea. I may not know the language but it’s not wrong to listen to the music that seems so meaningful to me. I listen to all sorts of music as long as it fits my mood.

So, don’t say the music I listen to is weird until you understand how music is my life and how the music inspires me every time I feel like giving up. Not that I mind people saying I’m weird. Weird=unique Hahahaha…It just means people are saying I’m…ahem…special in my very own way. Probably just mean I’m crazy individualistic. Kekeke.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I went jogging today in an effort to lose weight for CNY. I don’t think it’s going to work but will try my best anyway. I hate jogging actually. My favourite sport is swimming where I don’t have to perspire a lot. Swimming is really a great way to keep fit and stay healthy while jogging is a waste of energy plain tiring to me.

Funny how sometimes I say I don’t like sports that make me perspire but somehow when you do perspire, you feel better. I’m fine with sports like badminton or netball where you can enjoy playing but jogging is just plain torturing boring.

People always want to lose weight to look better but a smaller size doesn’t mean you will look good. Even if you are a size 10 or 12, you can still look good. To me, I just want to fit better in my dress for CNY…haha…so my effort of exercising is just to lose weight for CNY and don’t care if I gain it back to maintain a better weight without being overweight. So hwaiting and ganbatte to me!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

So Random...

I love it when people make sarcastic jokes. Why is it? Simply because I like it. Some people just don’t understand sarcasm. Some just plain hate it. But I like it.

Sarcastic people are funny. Of course there’s always a limit to sarcasm because if you are sarcastic all the time you might just offend someone.

Still, I really like sarcastic people who are actually really nice when you get to know them. Just like Hwang Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful. That annoying, sarcastic jerk actually is a big softie inside. Kekeke. This spells random all over it. Such a random post…..^____^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make it end...

Sometimes I wonder if the best way for all this wars and fights to end is to just end the world. Who knows maybe a real ending is really coming to our world in a few years. I'm always saying this to people that if the world is ending in a few years isn't that consider a good thing too?

Think about it? It is actually the best solution to end poverty, wars, crimes, violence and injustice. Everyone dies in the end...It's not like you're the only one dying because if the world's ending everyone dies with you. Why not just that right? Like maybe a flash of light envelops the whole world and everyone just perishes together at the same time. *I guess I have watched too much disaster flicks*

There are many who doesn't appreciate the value of living or lives and strive to destroy it. Yet there are always people in his world who strive to live their lives everyday with passion and be glad for it. But aren't you not feeling humans are losing their humanity? There's always some crime happening everyday. Bombing in a certain country. Murder in another. Snatch theft in another and so on. The list never ends when you read about this in newspapers or watch the news on TV.

So why not just end it all? End the world and create a new beginning which I guess would probably just have the same thing happen again as humanity is just plain ruthless when it comes to living...

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Makan Seafood....

Went to Hai Tien Seafood Restaurant today. After almost 2 years of living in Perlis and hearing about the restaurant, I finally went and eat there with Loo Wen. It seems there like a small path to walk into the restaurant and it is actually built on top of the sea like a jetty but only made of wood. Can you imagine falling down when the wooden planks break and going into the murky waters of the sea? Yucky right...

The 2 of us went for dinner there and ate till we were so full. Ordered a plate of fish, vegetables and you tiao. The fish was really yummy. Had a great meal if costly but since I hardly spend any money here, I guess it's okay. Today I guess I pretty much splurge on food. Haiz...and here I was thinking about saving money to buy clothes.

Well once in a blue moon wouldn't make much difference. I still have some money left to buy myself a pair of lovely shoes and a couple of t-shirts for Chinese New Year. Kuddos for me...

Some sort of skeleton I saw at the path in. Looks like some sort of dinosaur or maybe it's a fish or a bird? I have absolutely no idea.

Resigned fate....

After almost two weeks here, I’m finally resigned to the fact that I’m back in Uni again. After all, it’s my choice to come here. Even if I have decided I would come and study here because I didn’t want to burden my parents on my education, it’s partly my fault for having to come here as my results weren’t much of a help for me to secure a place in USM. If you ask me to name a thing I don’t like here, I could name you 10 in a minute. Still, I have to be glad that I at least gotten a place in a public university.

Remember what I said before about not being able to blog in the hostel, well I’m not in my hostel now. I’m at Loo Wen’s place which has better internet connection than mine. Isn’t that great? *envious look* Lectures are starting lately and assignments are starting to come in loads. There’s a mini project too which I really dread because I really don’t know what to do and I’m the leader of the group.

We are also having engineering skills this semester and I had my share of it this week. It was the most interesting class by far. Got my hands into electric wiring and although it was not hard, it wasn’t easy either considering the fact there’s only two people in a group or both of us were girls. Still, don’t underestimate us...haha. I think we finished early than most of the groups. It must be the good partnership between me and Pei Mun…haha. I thought it would be tougher but well there are diagrams to read so it was easier than I have expected.

Still, I’m missing home again every time I have the time to think of it. Melancholic isn’t it? I’m starting to think of myself as pathetic because those coming from Sabah or Sarawak aren’t complaining but I am. I just want to graduate faster and find a job in Penang so that I don’t have to leave home and spend time with my family again. ^_^

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Haagen Dazs

Had ice-cream with my buddies in Penang yesterday or should I say 11pm last night. We went there like 30 minutes before the shop closes. I thought it would open till 1am...The ice-cream was finished in minutes...It was delicious and thanks Ting for the treat. I just realised I never treated anyone not even once. Next time remind me to treat you guys kay? You people are always saying nevermind that you people will pay. Sometimes I feel really paiseh but thank you a lot...

The truth is, we were planning to go clubbing but no one really feel like going to a club so we went to eat ice-cream instead then we went to BED to drink. Not drink alcoholic drinks but mango juice...LOL...I didn't have any as I don't feel like it. We sat there playing cards and talking till around 2am.

Yum yum ice-cream....

It's nice to come home and chat with my buddies as I can always listen to their funny stories or gossips about people. I can say anything I want and not be afraid I will make someone angry because they all know me well. Well, I would say I could easily insulted someone with my words because I always leap before I look, I speak without thinking a lot of times. So, if I had said anything wrong to anyone, I apologise...Mianhee...Sorry....I think sometimes I speak too fast without thinking and just say the wrong thing. I'm afraid of doing that so I really don't talk much because of that.

Haiz....This weekend is coming to an end....Going back to ULU...Guess this will be my last update till I come back to Penang. The UNI blocks my posting there. So it means no place to vent my anger and sadness in Ulu...but no worries there's always some variety show to cheer me up....