Sunday, January 17, 2010

I heart Korea...

Some people just don’t understand why I like Korean songs do they? I think my roommate finds it weird how I only listen to Korean songs these days. I was listening to DBSK’s Love Bye Love and she says the song is weird. What is so weird about the song? It’s nice what.

What is so weird about me listening to songs in Korean? I know it’s a language that I can barely understand but why is it even deem weird? Music has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what language it is in. I love the melody of Korean songs and the way it in Korean sounds foreign yet familiar because I don’t have to understand the language to understand the feelings of the songs. There’s nothing weird in that and DBSK totally have one of the best voices way better than most Chinese singers.

I only recently in these few years actually listens to Korean songs. When I was just a kid, I grew up listen to mostly English songs and very few Chinese songs. When I was in primary school, I started to listen to more English pop songs and pretty much fell in low with pop songs, still like them. When I was in secondary school, it was more of Chinese songs and less English songs for me. I always love Japanese soundtracks which are aired on TV and those anime soundtracks since I was 9 I think. Korean songs weren’t even in my playlist till I was in Form 5. Friends introduce me to DBSK and I fell in love with Korea. I may not know the language but it’s not wrong to listen to the music that seems so meaningful to me. I listen to all sorts of music as long as it fits my mood.

So, don’t say the music I listen to is weird until you understand how music is my life and how the music inspires me every time I feel like giving up. Not that I mind people saying I’m weird. Weird=unique Hahahaha…It just means people are saying I’m…ahem…special in my very own way. Probably just mean I’m crazy individualistic. Kekeke.

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