Saturday, January 09, 2010

Resigned fate....

After almost two weeks here, I’m finally resigned to the fact that I’m back in Uni again. After all, it’s my choice to come here. Even if I have decided I would come and study here because I didn’t want to burden my parents on my education, it’s partly my fault for having to come here as my results weren’t much of a help for me to secure a place in USM. If you ask me to name a thing I don’t like here, I could name you 10 in a minute. Still, I have to be glad that I at least gotten a place in a public university.

Remember what I said before about not being able to blog in the hostel, well I’m not in my hostel now. I’m at Loo Wen’s place which has better internet connection than mine. Isn’t that great? *envious look* Lectures are starting lately and assignments are starting to come in loads. There’s a mini project too which I really dread because I really don’t know what to do and I’m the leader of the group.

We are also having engineering skills this semester and I had my share of it this week. It was the most interesting class by far. Got my hands into electric wiring and although it was not hard, it wasn’t easy either considering the fact there’s only two people in a group or both of us were girls. Still, don’t underestimate us...haha. I think we finished early than most of the groups. It must be the good partnership between me and Pei Mun…haha. I thought it would be tougher but well there are diagrams to read so it was easier than I have expected.

Still, I’m missing home again every time I have the time to think of it. Melancholic isn’t it? I’m starting to think of myself as pathetic because those coming from Sabah or Sarawak aren’t complaining but I am. I just want to graduate faster and find a job in Penang so that I don’t have to leave home and spend time with my family again. ^_^

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