Friday, January 29, 2010

Boring or not it’s up to you.

Local public uni life is just so boring. Are all uni lives this boring or is it just us? Whoever who said that it’s fun? All I ever do during this uni period is wake up, go to class, lunch, class again, dinner, stay in room online & watch drama or do homework, then sleep. This sort of routine life keeps continuing every day. Isn’t it absolutely boring? Maybe it’s just me. I don’t see any other people complaining. I should be thankful for being able to get into a local uni. Still, there always heaps of things to be done and whenever I take a break a day to watch some K-drama, I’ll find myself with tons of things I haven’t finished.

While private institution is much more lenient entertainment wise, it’s because you pay for it. You pay a couple of ten thousands to enjoy that’s why it’s fun. You pay to surf unblocked internet, you pay for better food, and you pay for good accommodations. $$$$$, it all comes down to money. For people like me, resigning to this routine life is necessary. Whenever I totally can’t stand it, at least I can go home to Penang. Good thing I didn’t get places like Pahang or Terengganu. I’ll perish there. In fact, if I have gotten to a local uni at the eastern side, I wouldn’t have gone there.

I don’t know why I complain so much. Maybe it’s because this is my blog and I can rant all I want. Truthfully speaking, it is not always boring here. You meet different kind of people and have to deal with all sorts of attitude. I have met new friends who taught me to see things differently. Brand new experience for the ‘katak di bawah tempurung’ me. I like meeting people and observing them but frankly I don’t like speaking to people unless I want to. Living in uni gives you an insight to how to deal with people and learn to deal with yourself. The frog would have been stupid because it refuses to see what the world is like but like the frog, isn’t living in the well just like me living in my comfort zone and never wanting to ever leave? So I guess I’m taking a step out of the well, no? It’s because I would love to see the world and all of its differences and learn more about humanity.

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