Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balik Pulau Food Trip

Had a very satisfying, fulfilling, and belly bursting food trip at Balik Pulau today. Ju took us for a road trip around Balik Pulau today. The houses were really nice but it's a bit too far from town. If not, living there would be great. Balik Pulau seems bigger than I thought, there were many houses and plenty of area in development.

We went for a round of Pasembur at the Balik Pulau New Market with a glass of Nutmeg juice. (I forgot to take a photo though. I finish eating and only realised.) Next was a round of Laksa. This time at the Balik Pulau Old Market. The distance of the two places is around 1 to 2km away. I don't eat Asam Laksa so I had the Lemak Laksa. It was really nice except for the vege. I don't like the vege but the soup was great. (I started eating only to realise I didn't take a photo. So I took one and continue eating.)

Everyone was saying how full they were after eating Pasembur and Laksa but we ended up eating a bowl of Tau Hua. Tau Hua break!!! Hehe. Tau hua with soya bean milk and brown sugar syrup..yum yum yummy!!

It seems lately all I ever posted up are my food trips. It's the only thing I do lately actually. My life is not much fun, no travel or life changing experiences but there's always food. :)))

And here's a BIG THANKS to Ju for my very early birthday gift. A unique stainless steel bangle from Bausch K. Thank you so much. I love it and I shall treasure it. ^__^


KFC Pocketful

My lunch on Friday. A KFC Pocketful Combo. With the wrap thingy, one cheesy wedges and a drink. I was so full after eating all that. The whole thing was yummy but I find it a tad bit too expensive at RM10.65. The bacon inside the wrap was weird though. It's crispy but all burnt up. There's tacos, corns, mayonnaise, a piece of chicken, bacon and some cheese sauce inside the wrap I think.

A Toasted Pocketful...Take a bit out of the unexpected~~


Friday, February 25, 2011

SS3 in Msia

The Super Junior Super Show 3 is finally going to be held in Malaysia and guess what?


This is going to be my first chance to meet Super Junior. I'm so excited yet spending all this money is making my head spin. Well, like my cousin is saying, this is once in a lifetime.

I was going to buy terrace seats so I could just sit there and take photos of them while singing along. Sadly, terrace seats tickets sell out like hotcakes. I'm going to stand in the rockpitt and cheer like a crazy fan girl. I hope I can stand for 3 hours and not get push by people.

Let's hope I'm tall enough to see them. Standing in the rockpitt is a little worrying considering I'm short. I hope I can take photos. Don't even know if it's allowed.

Can't wait to see Donghae.!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cousin's wedding

My eldest cousin from my mom's side got married. I'm second after her by the way..Haha. Well she's older by 7 years so you'll have to wait at least 7 years for me to get married. Hahaha.

It's true when people say on your wedding, you will look your best. She looks amazing. Really beautiful and her wedding photos were great. The dinner was at E&O hotel. The dinner was all vegetarian food but it was pretty nice if only a bit salty.

Here's a few shots of food and people I manage to capture. Low quality camera can't do much.

All the food is vegetarian food. I'll have to say I like the 1st dish the best. It's really nice.
Four Hot and Cold Combination
Vegetarian Szechuan SoupCrispy Vegetarian Spring Chicken
Vegetarian Salmon Fish
Braised Water Bean-curd with Broccoli and Mushroom
Vegetarian Prawns
Vegetarian Char Siew Rice
Double Boiled Sea Coconut
The souvenir. It's a pair of chopsticks. Can carry anywhere.

My family of four.

My aunts and uncles and my parents

The only photo I took with Jie and it is blurry. Arghh..

Me and Ying, my cousin


Chinese New Year Dinner

CNY 6th day dinner. Here's a photo of my parents. ^__^

I'm posting food again. It seems other than eating nice food, I really didn't do much lately. 15 days of CNY has passed by just like that. I miss being at home. I would have missed out all the fun.

Here's photos of the dinner at Starview Restaurant at New World Park. The food wasn't that nice but it okay la. My favourite would be the fake shark fin soup and the fish. The yee sang was quite nice too.

A glass of red wine. I'm not a fan of red wine, I'm more of a champagne girl. Anyway, my mom says the wine quality isn't good which explains my dislike for it. I drank every drop though.


I like the wet tissue packets, really like real angpows. Very nice~~


Friday, February 18, 2011

Singles Valentine

Valentine's Day. It doesn't mean if you're single, you will be miserable at V-day. Valentine is to celebrate love and thankfulness to everyone you love. You can celebrate V-day with your family and friends too. Besides, what's wrong with being single? Quoted from twitter "Sometimes, singles are luckier. They have only themselves to worry about. Less expense, less stress, less mess". I'll find someone that clicks with me when the time comes.

As singles who loves food, Mun and I went for a V-Day set dinner at Secret Recipe. RM50++ for two. It was a nice meal and we ate till we were extremely full.
The restaurant wasn't full when we get there but it was full when we got out. posting this makes me think of Secret Recipe cheesecake. I'm hungry now. :P

The cute photos of two cute girls. ^__^


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Shoot shoot shoot

As an anniversary for knowing each other for 10 years.
A photo shoot to commemorate our friendship.

P.S. I hope you all don't mind me putting this up. Missing Angelyn~


Kek Lok Si 2011

If you're wondering why the sudden influx of posts, it's because all of it is long overdue. besides, I'm going back to Perlis tomorrow and the line there is too unstable for me to blog. I shall blog till I'm satisfied today.

Trip to Kek Lok Si Temple yesterday. Too many people and too many cars. Too many 'canggih' cameras too. Pardon the blurry photos, I only have my old, reliable handphone camera.

The rabbit
The bronze Kuan Yin statue

The wishing tree
The Kuan Yin Goddess Pavillion
Huat ah!!!!!

Zoom till the photo got blurry. Notice the high standard DSLR cameras down there. Plenty of people carrying them walking around Kek Lok Si.