Friday, February 25, 2011

SS3 in Msia

The Super Junior Super Show 3 is finally going to be held in Malaysia and guess what?


This is going to be my first chance to meet Super Junior. I'm so excited yet spending all this money is making my head spin. Well, like my cousin is saying, this is once in a lifetime.

I was going to buy terrace seats so I could just sit there and take photos of them while singing along. Sadly, terrace seats tickets sell out like hotcakes. I'm going to stand in the rockpitt and cheer like a crazy fan girl. I hope I can stand for 3 hours and not get push by people.

Let's hope I'm tall enough to see them. Standing in the rockpitt is a little worrying considering I'm short. I hope I can take photos. Don't even know if it's allowed.

Can't wait to see Donghae.!!

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