Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Indian food and hotel stay.

Oops..I forgot to note down the name of the restaurant. It's located at the same stretch as Ingolf. It was quite nice. We had Kachumber Salad, Chettinad Filter Coffee (which to me is just like normal coffee), Tandoori Chicken Set (I ate it with cheese naan). The whole meal was fulfilling. I was hungry when I entered the restaurant and came out full.

And also, we had a hotel stay. Played Monopoly Deal and drank a bottle of vodka refresher in cranberry flavour. It taste just like cough med. Remind me not to be tricked by berry flavoured alchoholic drinks again. The view from the hotel balcony at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort. I forgot to take a view of the beach before it turn dark. :( And I didn't take a photo of the room too...Yikes..I'm so forgetful.

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