Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Kek Lok Si 2011

If you're wondering why the sudden influx of posts, it's because all of it is long overdue. besides, I'm going back to Perlis tomorrow and the line there is too unstable for me to blog. I shall blog till I'm satisfied today.

Trip to Kek Lok Si Temple yesterday. Too many people and too many cars. Too many 'canggih' cameras too. Pardon the blurry photos, I only have my old, reliable handphone camera.

The rabbit
The bronze Kuan Yin statue

The wishing tree
The Kuan Yin Goddess Pavillion
Huat ah!!!!!

Zoom till the photo got blurry. Notice the high standard DSLR cameras down there. Plenty of people carrying them walking around Kek Lok Si.

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