Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balik Pulau Food Trip

Had a very satisfying, fulfilling, and belly bursting food trip at Balik Pulau today. Ju took us for a road trip around Balik Pulau today. The houses were really nice but it's a bit too far from town. If not, living there would be great. Balik Pulau seems bigger than I thought, there were many houses and plenty of area in development.

We went for a round of Pasembur at the Balik Pulau New Market with a glass of Nutmeg juice. (I forgot to take a photo though. I finish eating and only realised.) Next was a round of Laksa. This time at the Balik Pulau Old Market. The distance of the two places is around 1 to 2km away. I don't eat Asam Laksa so I had the Lemak Laksa. It was really nice except for the vege. I don't like the vege but the soup was great. (I started eating only to realise I didn't take a photo. So I took one and continue eating.)

Everyone was saying how full they were after eating Pasembur and Laksa but we ended up eating a bowl of Tau Hua. Tau Hua break!!! Hehe. Tau hua with soya bean milk and brown sugar syrup..yum yum yummy!!

It seems lately all I ever posted up are my food trips. It's the only thing I do lately actually. My life is not much fun, no travel or life changing experiences but there's always food. :)))

And here's a BIG THANKS to Ju for my very early birthday gift. A unique stainless steel bangle from Bausch K. Thank you so much. I love it and I shall treasure it. ^__^


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