Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day I Got Quarantined

I woke up middle of the night to read an sms saying there's no class tomorrow because of H1N1. Ha....my heart filled with glee over not having to go to class and a slight worry about what's going to happen. It turns out I would wake up 6 in the morning asking my roomie whether there's class or not. No class...good so I fell right back to sleep. I woke up finally at 8 something and couldn't sleep anymore.
So I decided to online. The Internet connection was surprising good this very day, 27th of July 2009. Everyone was eager for news. People are saying there's students infected with H1N1 because of an activity the uni held a few days ago and how we are going to be quarantine for days. Announcements were made for students to go for a health talk and a temperature checkup block by block. As you know, I am sick...still am sadly. I was kind of reluctant to go down for it. What if I got quarantined?
Well, luckily I passed even with flu and cough. Basically H1N1 victims have fever and I don't fortunately. My body temperature was measured using an ear-thermometer to be at 36.8 Celsius...So I was fine. I took a mask just in case. I went home then basically what I did all day
was online...eat....sleep...online...eat...sleep. I had the longest chat conversation I ever had with Loo Wen and the-sometimes-missing Hui Ping...Since Loo Wen was also quarantined in her hostel at Kg Wai like me, we basically were chatting all day with several breaks for food, checkups and showers.
Night-time came and the place gotten miserable not because of the flu but because of the water shortage problem. Most hostels were without water supply and some students came to our house asking whether we have water. I think 4 of them came to my house for a shower...two of them were some seniors I never seen before. Imagine that...desperate enough that you have to go to some unknown house for a shower. Not long after that my house was also without water. People were annoyed and most of them resigned to the fact that the hostel's water supply is horrible.
A flash of rain came after an evening of dark clouds. Heavy rain, lightning and thunder soon followed. Due to the fact that there's no water coming out of the pipes, students bring out pails to save water from the rain. It's actually the 1st time I have seen such a spectacle...students lining pails in the rain to collect water. I joined in the fun of collect some water for shower and cleanliness purposes. I called it fun because I actually manage to save a pail of water before the water was cut off. So I don't really have to do it but I do it anyway.
(See all those pails...)
So all in all, it was an eventful day with lots of complains from students and a wave of fear throughout the hostel because of H1N1. Till now I can see students turning everytime they hear a cough in classes or busses. Classes are resumed except for those classes in Kg Wai. I heard the condition is worse there but I'm not sure. I think they have a few real H1N1 cases there. That's all from UniMAP, the day I got quarantined.
(Sounds like a report...haha)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Influenza Ming

I'm sick...Ive been sick for more than two weeks...blame it all on my ignorance to not seeing a doctor. I was being my own doctor taking some flu med I have left in the fridge. It didn't help.....well actually I got better than someone infect me with their germs again. Now it's getting worse. The whole class has people who is always coughing or down with flu. Living in Perlis whenever you get sick, it's really hard to get better. In Penang I can easily rest at home but here there are classes from 8-5 so I can't really rest.
I'm currently in the library and every single time I cough I feel so self-conscious that I am making noise in the library. Being sick really sucks. I have seen 2 doctors. I finish a whole prescription of meds...it didn't work so I went to another doctor. Now still taking the meds. I hope I get well soon...I have lots of food that I want to eat but can't because I'm sick.
I am imagining those fried cempedak...yummy...too bad I have to stop myself from indulging in it. Yet i'm indulging in something else. Surfing the net in the library. Compare to the hostel it feels heavenly here. The line in the hostel was really bad....still is really bad. I can't connect with people from other places and couldn't do anything that has anything to do with entertainment/search engines/downloads. They are all blocked by the uni's restrictions. Don't we have some rights to enjoy ourself once in awhile instead of focusing all on our studies?? All work no play makes Jack a dull boy....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back after 6 days??

I'm back to Penang after six days. Can't believe it. I was really happy to be home and brought along two friends to take them for a tour in Penang. Sadly I'm not much of a tourist guide as I'm really not an outdoor person and I usually avoid places that have heavy traffic and far from my house like town. My mom told me I failed as a tour guide because I didn't take my friends anywhere nice like Batu Ferringhi, the malls or Penang Hill.

My friends went back on Sunday but I opted to spend another day in Penang just to savour my short break. I'm so glad Monday is a holiday in Perlis. Penang don't have it unfortunately. I spend two days bringing them around but we didn't go a lot of places. Only Kek Lok Si Temple, Air Itam Dam, Gurney Drive, Esplanade and the bottom of Penang Hill. (Dear Pei Mun and Siew Yin...sorry...next time I will try better to bring you to more places)

We even went to the Bon Odori on Saturday. It was so bloody crowded and the food and stuff were super expensive. The Japanese clothes are so kawaii. I had fun though dancing along with the Japanese dancers and also the fireworks. The fireworks were really nice. It was spectacular. Unfortunately after that we have to get stuck in traffic to get out from Esplanade. I think I spend an hour in the traffic jam. I went home pretty tired. Told you I was a bad tour guide..I'm just too lazy to be one.

Have to go back Perlis later today. Thinking of going back is really depressing. It's not like Perlis is far away from Penang but I still miss Penang even when I leave. I even don't mind the polluted air here especially now that it is haze season. I still love it for all it's flaws. I'm totally a loyal person. So if I really found someone to be with I guess I will stick to them like glue. Sadly, the person haven't appear yet. LOL, I hope there will be one someday...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of loneliness, craziness and ME

Oh yup…I’m back in Perlis, back to all the ulu-ness. I have only been back for 4 days and I already miss Penang. You can only imagine how much I miss my own bed back home, the tv set, the computer and super-fast online speed, my family, the yummy Penang food, the busy traffic, the noise and pollution, the city and my buddies back in Penang. I’m sure most of my friends are feeling the same. (Those missing Penang or home raise your hand ^-^).

Yes I am lonely. Even with friends here, one cannot help back miss those back home. But I have to say I don't really have friends here. I spend most of my time in my room. I don't really know how to fit in...A brand new semester with a new beginning. The new 1st year students are in. They look almost the same age like me…except they seem to be not missing home at all??? Is it just me? To cure all my loneliness, I spend almost all my free time watching videos. Laughing makes me forget the loneliness.

Which gets us to the craziness. I AM SO CRAZY OVER ALL KOREAN STUFF RIGHT NOW!! I watch so many videos of TVXQ, SuJu, SNSD and a lot more that I think I almost finish all that I copied from my friends. (Ah Ping…I am going to rompak your video collection again the next time I go back Penang…I want more TVXQ haha) Watching all the TVXQ stuff make me more in love with them ever more. They are so cool and their voice is really great. And there’s also SuJu….I knew it. I knew if I watch their stuff I would like them too. (That’s why Ah Ting and Ping I don’t want to watch when you ask me too) Now, it’s too late to stop Korean Mania in me…I even started to like SNSD. I’m seriously turning into something crazy…Crazy fan…

I have to say I hate it here. I bear with it though. Classes are really boring and so serious here. It makes me wonder why I have chosen engineering. *I chosen it because I didn’t know what to study* Since I have made a decision, I will try my best in it. It isn’t that bad if I think of it actually since I can cope with it except maths….Maths is freaking hard before, now it’s freaking harder. I just have to hold on for another 3 years I guess. People say uni life is a time to have fun. I don’t think I’m having fun. I’ll take it as a phase in my life I have to endure. Hwaiting and Ganbatte, I can do it!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Reviews- Transformer: Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers was nice. I was pretty excited to watch it. I admit I was just a tad bit dissapointed not because it wasn't good but because I actually expected more. I think I'm someone who people 'beri betis nak paha' haha. One thing is the movie was pretty long about 2 and a half hour. So it tends to be a bit draggy.

I like the old robot..the one who holds a 'tongkat'. I wish they elaborate more on him. I think the jokes were quite funny but of course a bit dirty as well. Definitely not suitable for kids...haha. I like watching the cars as well. I wish I had one like Bumble Bee. Chervolet....I want one. Somebody buy me one for my 21st birthday please.....I don't even mind if it's one of the twin cars...nice also...haha

Overall the storyline was okay.How come no one knew that on some planet very near to earth there lives The Fallen?? Or why no one knows there is a weapon of destruction that size is inside the pyramid?? I mean someone must have use a metal detector or some x-ray device at some point to see what a pyramid is inside. So, stuff like that weakens the plot a bit and makes the storyline wavers. I still like the 1st movie more but this one was not bad....can be improved though.