Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of loneliness, craziness and ME

Oh yup…I’m back in Perlis, back to all the ulu-ness. I have only been back for 4 days and I already miss Penang. You can only imagine how much I miss my own bed back home, the tv set, the computer and super-fast online speed, my family, the yummy Penang food, the busy traffic, the noise and pollution, the city and my buddies back in Penang. I’m sure most of my friends are feeling the same. (Those missing Penang or home raise your hand ^-^).

Yes I am lonely. Even with friends here, one cannot help back miss those back home. But I have to say I don't really have friends here. I spend most of my time in my room. I don't really know how to fit in...A brand new semester with a new beginning. The new 1st year students are in. They look almost the same age like me…except they seem to be not missing home at all??? Is it just me? To cure all my loneliness, I spend almost all my free time watching videos. Laughing makes me forget the loneliness.

Which gets us to the craziness. I AM SO CRAZY OVER ALL KOREAN STUFF RIGHT NOW!! I watch so many videos of TVXQ, SuJu, SNSD and a lot more that I think I almost finish all that I copied from my friends. (Ah Ping…I am going to rompak your video collection again the next time I go back Penang…I want more TVXQ haha) Watching all the TVXQ stuff make me more in love with them ever more. They are so cool and their voice is really great. And there’s also SuJu….I knew it. I knew if I watch their stuff I would like them too. (That’s why Ah Ting and Ping I don’t want to watch when you ask me too) Now, it’s too late to stop Korean Mania in me…I even started to like SNSD. I’m seriously turning into something crazy…Crazy fan…

I have to say I hate it here. I bear with it though. Classes are really boring and so serious here. It makes me wonder why I have chosen engineering. *I chosen it because I didn’t know what to study* Since I have made a decision, I will try my best in it. It isn’t that bad if I think of it actually since I can cope with it except maths….Maths is freaking hard before, now it’s freaking harder. I just have to hold on for another 3 years I guess. People say uni life is a time to have fun. I don’t think I’m having fun. I’ll take it as a phase in my life I have to endure. Hwaiting and Ganbatte, I can do it!!!

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