Saturday, July 04, 2009

Reviews- Transformer: Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers was nice. I was pretty excited to watch it. I admit I was just a tad bit dissapointed not because it wasn't good but because I actually expected more. I think I'm someone who people 'beri betis nak paha' haha. One thing is the movie was pretty long about 2 and a half hour. So it tends to be a bit draggy.

I like the old robot..the one who holds a 'tongkat'. I wish they elaborate more on him. I think the jokes were quite funny but of course a bit dirty as well. Definitely not suitable for kids...haha. I like watching the cars as well. I wish I had one like Bumble Bee. Chervolet....I want one. Somebody buy me one for my 21st birthday please.....I don't even mind if it's one of the twin cars...nice also...haha

Overall the storyline was okay.How come no one knew that on some planet very near to earth there lives The Fallen?? Or why no one knows there is a weapon of destruction that size is inside the pyramid?? I mean someone must have use a metal detector or some x-ray device at some point to see what a pyramid is inside. So, stuff like that weakens the plot a bit and makes the storyline wavers. I still like the 1st movie more but this one was not bad....can be improved though.

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