Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Exams Over...yeah...Holidays over too...Sobz Sobz..

It's been two weeks since exams are over. I did real bad...okay maybe not that bad...I did real bad for physics but chemistry was okay...still haven't got maths and P.A yet...I wonder how I did in MUET? Did I wrote that I got into Georgian Idol's semifinal? I was saying I wouldn't make it pass the first round right? Haha..it seems I sing even better than I thought I sang...but I don't plan on continuing...definitely no since I am freaking out. After exams there was a week break. I went on a trip to KL and Genting during that week for 3 days 2 nights. The School Traffic Wardens organized a trip so I went since I'm part of the wardens too. The journey was okay...not that fun when I always go to KL-Genting but it was okay. The trip was a bit tiring since we went with a tour guide and everything is scheduled properly to ensure perfect timing. I didn't have time to shop not even for a novel...considering how much I love reading novels, it was a bit sad....nevertheless, I can buy them in Penang too just that in KL there are more choices. We reached there a bit late but first, e went on the Eye On Malaysia Ferris wheel which was really nice...the scenery was amazing at night...the lights...wow...
The next day we went to KLCC. I went up the Petronas Twin Tower for the first time in my life. The view was even more fantastic. It doesn't feel a bit scary but really fun to be so high up. We went to PetroScience which I went before a few years ago. It was fun as we get to learn a bit on Science. Later that afternoon we head up to Genting Highlands. When we were at Genting, I actually took a ride that I never have been able to go up since I was real scared. I'm kind of proud I went on it since I felt a bit apprehensive at first but it was fun. I felt like I was floating on the Space Shot. It was like there's no gravity on the ride. I'm glad I conquered my fears since it was fun. Overall the whole trip was fun just not as fun as I expected it to be. I hardly had any sleep since I can't sleep...I don't even know why...maybe I feel a bit unused to the surroundings.

I bought a few things like a pencil box, some earrings and food...hahaha...going to trips are way costly I decide to save up money again in order to be able to buy my novels...I so miss them..reading novels I mean..(I practically read all my novels at home a few times each...some even more than dozens of time...I need new ones to read) I put up a few picture of my trip...how do i look nice or not...so give some comments...hahaha

Sunday, March 04, 2007

15 days pass by so fast....CNY is coming to an end

Yesterday, I went to the temple with some of my friends. It was way crowded. Many people were swarming around praying for health and wealth...i think....(I mean isn't that what most people pray for...) It was really merry and well noisy...There were even fireworks...they were really nice but really loud.....we went to the Tua Pek Kong temple in Tanjung Bungah...I remember going there once but it was not as crowded as yesterday.....We went there to see something I never seen before....there was this ceromony which many Chinese believe is like fortune telling I think....the joss sticks were combined together and I think they will fan it till it flames up....the flames represent the economy of the year....It was interesting as I never know about this kind of things....the flames will appear after fanning.....if you believe in this, rest assure the middle and end of this year will be having a very good economical status....so maybe you can start investing now in shares or accomidities to earn more money......I have quite a fun time going out yesterday.....I even eat a bowl of dessert...yummy....CNY is ending as today is already the fifteen day which is the Chap Go Meh.....throwing oranges is today's tradition for all unmarried ladies, maybe I should try?? Hahaha....I don't really think that kind of thing will work in the society these days...or maybe they do...How would I know I never try it....I rather stay at home and enjoy the luxuries my television and computer can give...hehe

Thursday, March 01, 2007

OMG....Did I did what I think I did?!?!!!!???

Oh My God!!!!!...I can't believe I actually did something so crazy that I thought I would never do ever ever in my life......Ok it's not a very huge news or important but it is something I thought I would not have the courage to do......I actually went to the Georgian Idol audition...(it's my school's version of American Idol...though there's no judges like Paula or Simon) They have actually force almost every class to sent one representative and guess what....I got chosen...me and my blabbermouth to be singing all the time in class....It was real scary...it was not a closed audition and everyone can see you singing....I actually suck at singing although I love to sing.....It really freak me out to go up stage and actually sing, (it took me more than 20 minutes to think over my stupid decision) after all I'm a bit stage fright.... When I finally decided to go up, my heart was beating like hell......I sang Lucky by Britney Spears and I know my voice was not nice but hell, I gave it a shot...I don't want to get in the finals anyway....I might be laughed at by everyone...It is way too scary to go again.....the finals will be in front of everyone in school...so I won't do it even if I got chosen (not like they are going to chose me...I was bad...not really nice voice ok...) Now that it is over, I think it was a shot worth doing...I will probably never do things like this again (Hmm...maybe try out for Malaysian Idol....Superstar...definitely not) I have to say thanks to Hui Ping....for actually supporting and encouraging me to go up stage and sing...but a part of me wants to kill her for giving my name in the audition...(every class is compulsory to send one rep...) But well then again, I'm glad for the experience and that the experience is over. So now I can live in peace.....Phew...we won't know the results of the auditon yet but I hope I'm not chosen.....after all I'm bad in singing and stage fright can really kill me...I'll just embarass myself up there.... This week must be a week of surprise, surprises.....A few days ago, I joined the Science and Maths quiz...again I was force to join because the teacher written down my name.....I was just as freaked out for the quiz as I was to the audition...though maybe not that freaked out because the quiz was a more minor thing compare to the audition....I was really scared when they asked me the first question of the quiz...did you know what they asked..."Name the seven colours of the rainbow" I was a bit shock by the question for being a bit to simple but still quite tough...Luckily I knew the answer and got it right...there were many questions given...we join the quiz in group chosen by the teacher and guess what...I'm the team leader...teacher really think I'm good...not really right??....because I'm not. Questions given were simple question yet tough as in if you are not vast in your knowledge of science and maths then you wouldn't know.....like how much is 1 tonne in ounces or which planets are without moons or where is your funny bone.....I don't even have an idea of what the answer is....Luckily or unluckily, my team won a spot to the finals but guess what again....the finals are to be held in the hall in front of the whole school....time for another stage fright again....haizz....at least this time I have many people in my group to support me if I don't know the answer or freaked out......