Sunday, March 04, 2007

15 days pass by so fast....CNY is coming to an end

Yesterday, I went to the temple with some of my friends. It was way crowded. Many people were swarming around praying for health and wealth...i think....(I mean isn't that what most people pray for...) It was really merry and well noisy...There were even fireworks...they were really nice but really loud.....we went to the Tua Pek Kong temple in Tanjung Bungah...I remember going there once but it was not as crowded as yesterday.....We went there to see something I never seen before....there was this ceromony which many Chinese believe is like fortune telling I think....the joss sticks were combined together and I think they will fan it till it flames up....the flames represent the economy of the year....It was interesting as I never know about this kind of things....the flames will appear after fanning.....if you believe in this, rest assure the middle and end of this year will be having a very good economical maybe you can start investing now in shares or accomidities to earn more money......I have quite a fun time going out yesterday.....I even eat a bowl of dessert...yummy....CNY is ending as today is already the fifteen day which is the Chap Go Meh.....throwing oranges is today's tradition for all unmarried ladies, maybe I should try?? Hahaha....I don't really think that kind of thing will work in the society these days...or maybe they do...How would I know I never try it....I rather stay at home and enjoy the luxuries my television and computer can give...hehe

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