Sunday, July 23, 2006

Painting A Romance

The title isn't like what you think it is. It's actually about me and my classmates painting our classroom. Aftre painting it everyone proclaimed it to be such a romantic room. (It was painted rose pink and peach) It's kinda like cotton candy sweet to be in the room. It was really fun really. We had a great time painting it. Although my t-shirt was painted with colours too but still it was fun. Climbing onto tables and chairs cos we don't have ladders. It was a moment of fun and hard labour too. Hahaha...since our school have "forced" us to painted them. We decided to make it more exciting by painting it different from other classes. I should show you guys the picture someday...soon..

(Stairway to heaven..........)
(My classmates n me)

( The contrasting colours of the walls)

(The even contrasting colours of the curtain with the wall)
(Reddish pink and blue don't really go together)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

After the whole world Cup thingy, life kind of mellow down. Well besides the Zidane headbutt thing which is pratically in news everywhere. I am studying in Form 6 currently and i hate it. The teachers suck..they don't come in to classes and don't speak correct English to teach. What's the government doing? These lousy teachers shouldn't be allow to teach at all. There really are plenty of graduated new teachers out there but are they capable of teaching? My opinion, absolutely not. These teachers are not qualified i hate the education system. Something should be done to improve it. The government are not taking serious measures on how this would affect us, the future generation of adults. Now i'm sounding like an old naggy lady. But seriously what would happen to the future of Malaysia if the future generation are not educated in the right manner ? Think about it......

Monday, July 10, 2006

SobZ....France lost...

Sobz...sobz...i'm so sad France lose to Italy. I wanted them so badly too win. But still i'm proud to say i supported France even though they lose. Since the game was played at 2.ooam Malaysian time i didn't sleep a wink yesterday night. I was too anxious to see the game. Then after the game which France lost to penalty kicks 5 to 2 because of their very unuseful goalkeeper Fabien Barthez i couldn't sleep thinking of their loss. Then came the morning, i went to school feeling unsleepy at all but when i went to tuition this afternoon...haha...disaster much of a disaster actually. I just felt so damn sleepy that's all couldn't even concentrate what the teacher is talking all about. It's really too bad France lose to Italy but i still think they played with style yesterday. I have to admit Italy played the better game yesterday but Zidane was great as always. Italy played the 'beautiful game' with all those good passes. But France didn't fail to shine either. So overall, i think my World Cup experience was quite enjoyable even though my favourite team losses a throphy just a few inches away...till the next World Cup then...we will see....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Rooting for France anyone?

I'm not really pro in football but i do know a bit about the game. I know plenty of people who really love Brazil and England's football team but hey i'm rooting for France. So imagine my thrill that France actually beat Brazil in the quarter finals. (Though i think Brazil really didn't play up to their real standards that day and coud play better) Too bad for Brazil and goodies for France..haha. Then there's the semi- finals against Portugal. Hurray for France for beating Portugal. I know i'm really mean but it felt really good to see Cristiano Ronaldo in tears. I truly did not like Protugal because they simply didn't play it fair. Just look at the game with England, i personally think they sucks since they couldn't even beat a 10 men England team. Some players are really great like Luis Figo but i simply can't admire those who played to me like a cheat such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Well hey i should stop yapping bout them and concentrate on my beloved team France...hahaha. France with old experienced players like ribery, zidane and Thuram even Henry does well compare to younger teams. they may not have a good start in the World Cup but they played the game better everytime. Zinedine Zidane the captain was amazing. The techniques and moves he makes were really great. I really hope he would perform even better in the finals and beat Italy. Italy's a great team but hey i like France so of course i'm rooting for them. So cheers for France......Go France....
Blogging is the best way to express my thoughts and emotions, I this is it. My very own blog...(chang!! chang!! chang!! chang!!!) Hahaha.....