Sunday, July 23, 2006

Painting A Romance

The title isn't like what you think it is. It's actually about me and my classmates painting our classroom. Aftre painting it everyone proclaimed it to be such a romantic room. (It was painted rose pink and peach) It's kinda like cotton candy sweet to be in the room. It was really fun really. We had a great time painting it. Although my t-shirt was painted with colours too but still it was fun. Climbing onto tables and chairs cos we don't have ladders. It was a moment of fun and hard labour too. Hahaha...since our school have "forced" us to painted them. We decided to make it more exciting by painting it different from other classes. I should show you guys the picture someday...soon..

(Stairway to heaven..........)
(My classmates n me)

( The contrasting colours of the walls)

(The even contrasting colours of the curtain with the wall)
(Reddish pink and blue don't really go together)

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