Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alorr Setarrrr.............

I've been to Alor Star like thrice for 3 years I've studied in Perlis. Yes, I may have drive through Alor Star on my way to Perlis but I haven't really explore much of Alor Star. 3 times is very little for me I think, some people have already gone there for so many times since Kangar is like 50 minutes away and buses are regularly available to go to Alor Star if you want to.

Blame the laziness and money to the fact that I don't travel much. When you travel, you spend unnecessary money. I recently agreed to go down with my course-mates to Alor Star, I guess 3 weeks ago? Haven't been updating much hence the late posting.

Well, since CNY is coming and I was in the mood so I agreed to it. I spend like RM100 there I think. Please remind me again not to spend. =.= I bought a pink bag, a vest, a hairband and an eyeliner there and ate till I was very full. So, money well spend I guess. I been to malls in Alor Star but never really went around its city. Shall I make another trip to tour around?

We went to Cafe Xantana for dinner that night. My first time there. The food was pretty nice. Love the tomyam. It was hot, delicious and full of seafood. I shall go again when I have the chance to. I think this trip was good because I did had fun and it was sort of a gathering of uni friends. I rarely do go out with them because I feel awkward around them even after 3 years but I guess this was a chance to know them better. :)

Fish and Chips
Seafood Tomyam
Huge prawn inside tomyam..yum yum

Soy sauce grilled fish...don't really like it.
Ice Honey favourite ^^
The super pink bag I bought and a hairband :)

Post 333....

I would blog about my cousin sis's wedding but I haven't got enough photos to blog about it. So maybe later.
Bought a comforter set to gift to her as a wedding gift. I bought this Akemi set in the shade of light grey which I hope she liked because it costs RM210. The most expensive thing I ever bought with cash alone.

Past this month, I spend a huge amount of money which I estimated to be more than RM800. Buying this and that for CNY and spending on presents, food and miscellaneous stuff make my pockets empty.

CNY is the time where money is spend like drinking water to some people. Children receive angpows and adults withdraw cash to give angpows. While people like me, the young unmarried adults, like to dress up nicely and have to spend money on clothes, accessories and make-up. So I spend a huge amount of money this year to play dress up. I usually don't buy much but I'm especially spendthrift this year. Sobs...

Some of the make-up items I bought. I'm even thinking still of buying loose powder and dyeing my hair with Liese Hair Colour. So I'm going to spend some more. Haiz...

But wth with it all, money is made for spending right? Hahaha...I just need to save up next month for my hopefully still possible SS3 concert in KL in March. I can save money and lose weight at the same time if I don't eat. Good idea..hehe.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello hello

Here's a short post about my latest rave. Mary Stayed Out All Night OST, Hello hello by Jang Geun Suk. What I like the most about this song is how the song can make me feel happy whenever I listen to it. It gives you such a lovely feeling whenever you listen to it.

Here's the

Dapdaphan geori wireul seoseongideon naege
Seuchyeo deullineun mushimhan geu hanmadi
Hello Hello jogeum natseoreodo
Eosaekhaji anhatdeon joheun neukkim

Neoege gidaeeodo dweneungeolkka geokjeongseure
Mobshi gugyeojin jinshimeul pyeolchyeoboimyeo
Thank you Thank you
Geujeo gomabdaneun soljikhami jeonhaejigo isseo

Geuraeyo Hello Hello
Gwiyeoun naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweoyo
Geurigo Thank you Thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi No No No No
Gomabdaneun geu mal ppunijyo

Ilbureo teullineunge swibjin anha geureolsurok
Gyeondyeo naeneunge huhweman dweltenikka
I know I know
Geujeo utgoinneun bbiaeroga joheuljido molla

Ttaemudji anheunchaero ireoseol su isseulkka
Teoreo naebwado apeumeun ssahijiman
She knows She knows
Ije deoisangeun honjamaneui naeiri aniya

Geuraeyo Hello Hello
Gwiyeoun naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweoyo
Geurigo Thank you Thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi No No No No
Gomabdaneun geu mal ppunijyo

Sueopshi matdaewatdeon
Geumodeun sesangege
In sahaneun beobeul gareuchyeojun geudaejyo
Naemame neomchyeonaneun
I mellodireul
Neowa hamkke jikkyeogalgeoya

Geuraeyo Hello Hello
Gwiyeoun naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweoyo
Geurigo Thank you Thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi No No No No
Saranghandan gobaekboda
Gomabdaneun geu hanmadiro
Nae modeun mameul.. jeonhaeyo

Romanization by: B o o Y i . r A g A m U f F i N ™
Credits to her... 고마워요.. ~BooYi *

I was standing around on the narrow street
when those indifferent words grazed by me
Hello, hello
Unfamiliar but not awkward, it felt nice

Would it be okay to lean on you?
With concern, that wrinkled sincerity unfolds in front of me
Thank you, thank you
Conveying my simple, thankful honesty

That’s true
Hello, hello, my cute angel
Stay by my side always
Thank you, thank you
That’s what I want to tell you
No no no no no
Just the words thank you

It’s not easy to be deliberately wrong
because the more you do, the more you’ll regret enduring it
I know, I know
Maybe it’s better for that smiling Pierrot

Would I be able to stand up without becoming dirtied?
Though I brush myself off, the pain builds
She knows, she knows
No longer is tomorrow only mine

The world I’ve confronted so many times
You’ve taught me to greet it
My heart overflows with this melody
I’ll go on together with you

That’s true
Hello, hello, my cute angel
Stay by my side always
Thank you, thank you
That’s what I want to tell you
No no no no no
More than a love confession
The words thank you
convey all my feelings

Credits to dramabeans 감사합니다~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sushi and Shopping...

I went shopping again today...haha. I've been going to so many shopping malls lately. I am back for the weekend with Pei Mun (uni is too boring, we had to come back for some fun) and we went shopping for CNY clothes even though I already got like 6 outfits already. ^^ She has not bought any thus this trip is more for her than me.

I didn't buy any clothes though. I did buy a pair of shoes. But that's later down in my post. First, I'll like to pay tribute to Sushi King for giving me a chance to have cheap and nice sushi. Hehe.

Salmon Temaki...yum yum.

Love's crunchy with sesame seed and the salmon is great.
(Can you tell I love salmon?...haha)

This was sweet and nicer than I expected.

Cheesy Fish Roe Sushi

Koebi....fried tempura prawns

Curry chicken with cheese. ^^
Bento Set Pei Mun ate...

It's my first time at Prangin Mall's Sushi King. The service was not bad although the food came quite slow. The food at this chain store was pretty good. (It's so much better than the Sakae Sushi at Gurney...that was just not nice.) We spend around RM 5o something eating there and thanks to a borrowed Sushi King card, we get to save around Rm5. I love discounts!!!

We did went around three shopping malls shopping, Prangin Mall, Komtar, and 1st Avenue. (I'm annoyed that Cotton On hasn't open its store yet. I'm waiting for it.) I did found a pair of shoe. I saw another that I like better but that was over RM50, I'm stingy...I'll wait till I come back right before CNY to go check out if there's a sale then. Kekeke. But I did buy a pair for RM39.90. I don't know if it's a mistake but what the heck, I'll just enjoy this shopping mood of mine. ^__^

The shoe. Does it look lala to you?? Hehe...I'm suddenly thinking it does?!

And here's one of my CNY clothes that I bought. Mom bought it for me at the market. Love the colour and the empire waist that hides my belly fat. Haha. I still want to buy a pair of shorts, a pair of ballerina flats and one white dress. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm having the urge to buy a white dress. Still searching for the right one. One that doesn't show I'm fat and is affordable will be the right one. :)))))
I'll include this pineapple tarts into this post simply because I want to...haha. Grandma bought it for me from KL a month ago at Tong Kee Bakery. I love their egg-tarts and these pineapple tarts are pretty nice too. A bit sweet though. Suitable for people with sweet tooth.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dome for Dinner...

Photo time :)

My dinner- Catch of The Day. The mushroom and prawns were nice. The fish was just okay. I had a really nice drink but I forgot what it was. Some coffee with caramel fudge.

Another photo moment. ^__^

It was like a big Georgian outing at Straits Quay in Dome. Like 20 or more people came. But the ones I was close to was like only half...haha. So, it was like the table was split into 2 groups talking. I think the Dome waiters were like "OMG, a bunch of girls laughing and talking so loud and scaring our customers away." We requested quite a lot of things like increasing the tables and chairs. Getting some ice water or asking why the drinks haven't came. So, I imagine they were quite annoyed by us. But of course, the bill was of a very very big amount. I think it was around RM500. So, we really paid for the 10% service tax. I myself paid like almost RM40. I find myself going bonkers over the money I use for just one dinner.

After dinner, we took a walk then pass by to listen to the saxophone guy playing. Really cool. ^^

Went to Coffee Island for a drink after that. One glass of Honey Lemon Tea with toast. I have recently become addicted to toast. I keep ordering it whenever I see it on the menu. :)))

P.S. I was too lazy to write a long long post. Thus, the short and simple post.(It isn't that short anyway. =.=) Anyway, this happen like a week ago hence I can't remember much except talking and laughing all night. It was great to meet up with Georgians. We always have the best of times.

Random photos

The sengkuang with rojak sauce. Yummy...I miss eating this and at RM0.60, it's a perfect snack. Haha.

This is my cousin. We went off to Kamdar that day because my mom and aunts wanted to buy cloths to be tailor made into outfits for CNY.

Lastly, the Pokemon and Digimon collection. Pokemon, gotta catch them all...LOL

It's the lil cousin's collection which mostly are from my brother's and cousin brother's collection. Since they grew up, they are given to him. He is one lucky kid. I saw Pikachu...pika pika pikachu~~~

(Super random I know..all the photos don't connect to each other. it was just part of my day during the holidays...hahaha.)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Souvenirs from Korea....

My souvenir have officially been received. Hehe...still have a postcard that has not arrived in my mail though. :D

The Suju Boys In The City t-shirt I asked HP to buy for me from SPAO...Wheeeee!!!! I'm so happy. ^___^ (Even if the quality isn't that good..)

And here's something else that I requested from her.

(Sorry for being troublesome, Ping. Thanks a lot though for buying things for me. Muaks..)

The Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Set from Innisfree. I never heard of Innnisfree actually until Yoona from SNSD become a spokesperson haha. I just want to buy things celebrities promote that's all I ask HP to buy it for me. But from what I read, it's quite good for the skin. Cleanse your skin, purify your pores leaving skin smooth and healthy. Hopefully it does just that. :D I need to have smooth and fair skin. Mine is like the surface of the moon after coming to Perlis. +.+

But here's what makes me a bit skeptical of the product. Purify pores and leave skin dull-looking? I don't want my skin to be dull-looking...LOL. Hopefully it's a typo and not really the function of the product. I want my skin to look radiant looking. Kekeke.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!!

May everyone have a wonderful, fantastic and amazing year this year.

May 2011 bring joy, happiness, peace, love and laughter to everyone all over the world.

My wish is for everyone to be healthy and happy. Those still studying to do well in their studies. Those working to have a great career. And also may my exam results get better and better.
(If possible please give me a 4.0GPA ^^)

Happieee New Year 2011 everybody!!!