Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alorr Setarrrr.............

I've been to Alor Star like thrice for 3 years I've studied in Perlis. Yes, I may have drive through Alor Star on my way to Perlis but I haven't really explore much of Alor Star. 3 times is very little for me I think, some people have already gone there for so many times since Kangar is like 50 minutes away and buses are regularly available to go to Alor Star if you want to.

Blame the laziness and money to the fact that I don't travel much. When you travel, you spend unnecessary money. I recently agreed to go down with my course-mates to Alor Star, I guess 3 weeks ago? Haven't been updating much hence the late posting.

Well, since CNY is coming and I was in the mood so I agreed to it. I spend like RM100 there I think. Please remind me again not to spend. =.= I bought a pink bag, a vest, a hairband and an eyeliner there and ate till I was very full. So, money well spend I guess. I been to malls in Alor Star but never really went around its city. Shall I make another trip to tour around?

We went to Cafe Xantana for dinner that night. My first time there. The food was pretty nice. Love the tomyam. It was hot, delicious and full of seafood. I shall go again when I have the chance to. I think this trip was good because I did had fun and it was sort of a gathering of uni friends. I rarely do go out with them because I feel awkward around them even after 3 years but I guess this was a chance to know them better. :)

Fish and Chips
Seafood Tomyam
Huge prawn inside tomyam..yum yum

Soy sauce grilled fish...don't really like it.
Ice Honey favourite ^^
The super pink bag I bought and a hairband :)

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