Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Souvenirs from Korea....

My souvenir have officially been received. Hehe...still have a postcard that has not arrived in my mail though. :D

The Suju Boys In The City t-shirt I asked HP to buy for me from SPAO...Wheeeee!!!! I'm so happy. ^___^ (Even if the quality isn't that good..)

And here's something else that I requested from her.

(Sorry for being troublesome, Ping. Thanks a lot though for buying things for me. Muaks..)

The Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Set from Innisfree. I never heard of Innnisfree actually until Yoona from SNSD become a spokesperson haha. I just want to buy things celebrities promote that's all I ask HP to buy it for me. But from what I read, it's quite good for the skin. Cleanse your skin, purify your pores leaving skin smooth and healthy. Hopefully it does just that. :D I need to have smooth and fair skin. Mine is like the surface of the moon after coming to Perlis. +.+

But here's what makes me a bit skeptical of the product. Purify pores and leave skin dull-looking? I don't want my skin to be dull-looking...LOL. Hopefully it's a typo and not really the function of the product. I want my skin to look radiant looking. Kekeke.

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