Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random photos

The sengkuang with rojak sauce. Yummy...I miss eating this and at RM0.60, it's a perfect snack. Haha.

This is my cousin. We went off to Kamdar that day because my mom and aunts wanted to buy cloths to be tailor made into outfits for CNY.

Lastly, the Pokemon and Digimon collection. Pokemon, gotta catch them all...LOL

It's the lil cousin's collection which mostly are from my brother's and cousin brother's collection. Since they grew up, they are given to him. He is one lucky kid. I saw Pikachu...pika pika pikachu~~~

(Super random I know..all the photos don't connect to each other. it was just part of my day during the holidays...hahaha.)

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