Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exam season

This semester I'm having exams later than other people in local government uni. I actually have a 3 week break before exams. You'll say "Hmm..plenty of time to revise" right? Sadly, it wasn't the case for me as I only started studying on Thursday.

Well, almost everyone of my friends has finished exams except me by my first paper which make me even more mood-less to do revisions for exams. Haiz.....shall do my best though.

Next Thursday is my first paper. It's the one I dread the most. Fluid Mechanics. I really hope studying and revising now would still be enough. Cross my fingers.

Wish me lots and lots of luck. I'll study hard this whole week. I believe if there's a will, there's always a way. ^__^

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another random day

I went window shopping alone again today. Hehehe. This time to Gurney Plaza. (It's a better place to window shop in my opinion rather than QB.) Walked around looking at clothes and saw a skirt I like but it's 2 for RM60 which I think is not worth it as the quality is not that good.

The great news is I finally bought Lee Hom's album. Yay to me!! I've been wanting to buy it for weeks now. The 18 Martial Arts CD+DVD for only RM49.00. It comes with a small photo-book which is very nice for me to go gaga over Lee Hom's face. Hahaha.

I had lunch/afternoon tea at Pasta Mania before I go back home. I miss lasagna so much that I ordered a plate to eat. LOVE PASTA!!! Though Pasta Mania's pasta is just okay for me. It not tasty enough and not enough cheese for me but it is cheap. Ate a plate for only RM10.50 because it's student price at 30% discount from 3-6pm. ^^

The lasagna...I took a bite as I was too hungry...haha

Herbal soup for dinner. My dad cooked this. Yum yum yummy. ^^

Lastly, here's a photo of the new McChicken Supreme.
It was nice but I can't really taste the chicken slice though. So, I still prefer Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Hehe.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tandoori and ice-cream...yum yum

The tandoori chicken and cheese naan set at Kapitan. It was yummy although a bit oily. (Very oily actually =.=) The chicken was really nice. It smells very delicious and taste very good. The sauces were very nice too. Didn;t really like the curry but the mint sauce and that black sauce was pretty tasty.

After that, a round at Baskin Robbins. I cannot tell you the last time I went to Baskin because I can't even remember the last time I went. It was that long ago. I taste a few flavours including Cotton Candy which was really memorable because it taste exactly like the real cotton candy. Very very sweet. I chose a Caramel Turtle and Chocolate Fudge ice-cream. Why is it called Caramel Turtle? It's because there bits if chocolate turtle with caramel fillings inside the caramel ice-cream. It's so cute...haha. Then the chocolate fudge was very very chocolate. It was yummy although a bit too sweet.

I miss the time we go out together. Listening to everyone talk and all. It just seems like we were chatting for just awhile and it was midnight already. I wish we have more time to spend together with everyone. Everyone is in different places and separate ways with friendship binding us together.

Lately, I feel that I have some kind of gap with my friends and family. I'm getting a little too detached to my family until I find myself wondering why I feel that way. Friends too. I think it's probably my fault for not keeping in contact with you all often. I think I'm someone who always hold people at arm's length and it's kind of hard to get close to me. I'm getting too aloof. I'm thinking of how everyone's doing but never really asking how you all are. (Really hope everyone is happy and healthy.)

No man is an island....and I need not be one.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Something random for today.

I went window shopping alone. I decided to go shopping alone yesterday night before I went to bed. So, I took a trip all the way down to QB this morning.

Bumped into a friend from uni who probably thought I was crazy and pathetic to go shopping alone. (I think the same way too but who cares right?) Usually it would be fun for me to go explore and try out clothes that I don't think will look nice on me but I wanna try anyway because there's only me. No one to see how fat or miserable or weird I look in the outfit. Unfortunately, today I wasn't in a mood for trying out clothes. Besides, I wouldn't resist the temptation to buy some if I went in clothing stores.

So, I turn into Borders. It's cold in there and I love the books there. It's just that books there don't have discount. I remember books use to be cheap. What happened? =.= I would have loved to binge on food like Kenny Rogers or walk in to Sushi King and eat sushi but I'm a little tight on money. I bought some sushi from Jusco and enjoy them just the same. Wander around into cosmetic and facial shops where the sales girls look at me like I'm some kind of idiot. (Must be the no make-up and blur face which frighten them.)

Then, munching on a piece of pretzel, I decided to just leave after buying sushi, a book, some cream cheese and bread (Couldn't resist the temptation of books. They are a bigger threat compare to clothes and shoes. The cheese is for the cheesecake that I'm going to make and the bread my breakfast for tomorrow. ^^) I could have stayed longer but it would mean me spending more cash which I'm trying to avoid. It was so boring to be at home all the time and it was just a trip to get some air, walk and eat. Haha..

End of story...

P.S. Let me show you my biggest indulgence. This is what usually depletes my pocket money. Heaps and heaps of fiction novels. I lost count of how many I bought.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

HELP...studying needed

These few days, I've been really really lazy.

Sleeping till 12-1pm everyday :S

I'm trying to start studying but apparently my brain is still in sleep mode and play mode.


I'm trying to wake up earlier but I can't even bring myself to get up from the cozy bed.

I'm in need of serious help to kick my butt and go study. :(((


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Retro Night 2010

Here's a post that is long overdue because I was either sick or too lazy past week.

The Material school had their annual dinner last week and we decided we were going to perform a dance. Sounds crazy to you? To me well yes. Performing in front of the lecturers and the seniors and juniors was scary when I think of it but when I got on stage, well everyone was busy eating, not much people pay attention to us. So it was fun because there's no pressure...haha because no one really paid much attention to me.

I think we practice for 4 days only and got up stage dancing a retro dance to Elvis Presley's JailHouse Rock and some Malay song I never heard of. I got to dressed up really retro and 70's which I have to say suits me...hehe. (Complimenting myself ^_^) The 5 minutes went by really fast and I really enjoyed it. I wish it was longer because it was really fun and nice.

The night was fun. Taking pictures with almost everyone you know, dress up really funky and cute and look like a different person with make-up on. Hehe. I think I really enjoyed myself and it was nice minus the food I didn't get to eat.

( you know M'sian really selfish when it comes to food...we came down late after the dance and there was nothing much left plus apparently there were more people that came than the food provided...shitty right?)

Of course, the morning after that sucks really bad too because I got real sick. I'm just trying to forget that....never again.

So here's a few photos of the night.

P.S. I look nice right? At least I think so..haha. ^___^