Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another random day

I went window shopping alone again today. Hehehe. This time to Gurney Plaza. (It's a better place to window shop in my opinion rather than QB.) Walked around looking at clothes and saw a skirt I like but it's 2 for RM60 which I think is not worth it as the quality is not that good.

The great news is I finally bought Lee Hom's album. Yay to me!! I've been wanting to buy it for weeks now. The 18 Martial Arts CD+DVD for only RM49.00. It comes with a small photo-book which is very nice for me to go gaga over Lee Hom's face. Hahaha.

I had lunch/afternoon tea at Pasta Mania before I go back home. I miss lasagna so much that I ordered a plate to eat. LOVE PASTA!!! Though Pasta Mania's pasta is just okay for me. It not tasty enough and not enough cheese for me but it is cheap. Ate a plate for only RM10.50 because it's student price at 30% discount from 3-6pm. ^^

The lasagna...I took a bite as I was too hungry...haha

Herbal soup for dinner. My dad cooked this. Yum yum yummy. ^^

Lastly, here's a photo of the new McChicken Supreme.
It was nice but I can't really taste the chicken slice though. So, I still prefer Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Hehe.


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