Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Something random for today.

I went window shopping alone. I decided to go shopping alone yesterday night before I went to bed. So, I took a trip all the way down to QB this morning.

Bumped into a friend from uni who probably thought I was crazy and pathetic to go shopping alone. (I think the same way too but who cares right?) Usually it would be fun for me to go explore and try out clothes that I don't think will look nice on me but I wanna try anyway because there's only me. No one to see how fat or miserable or weird I look in the outfit. Unfortunately, today I wasn't in a mood for trying out clothes. Besides, I wouldn't resist the temptation to buy some if I went in clothing stores.

So, I turn into Borders. It's cold in there and I love the books there. It's just that books there don't have discount. I remember books use to be cheap. What happened? =.= I would have loved to binge on food like Kenny Rogers or walk in to Sushi King and eat sushi but I'm a little tight on money. I bought some sushi from Jusco and enjoy them just the same. Wander around into cosmetic and facial shops where the sales girls look at me like I'm some kind of idiot. (Must be the no make-up and blur face which frighten them.)

Then, munching on a piece of pretzel, I decided to just leave after buying sushi, a book, some cream cheese and bread (Couldn't resist the temptation of books. They are a bigger threat compare to clothes and shoes. The cheese is for the cheesecake that I'm going to make and the bread my breakfast for tomorrow. ^^) I could have stayed longer but it would mean me spending more cash which I'm trying to avoid. It was so boring to be at home all the time and it was just a trip to get some air, walk and eat. Haha..

End of story...

P.S. Let me show you my biggest indulgence. This is what usually depletes my pocket money. Heaps and heaps of fiction novels. I lost count of how many I bought.


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jason said...

OMG!!!!!! that's a lot of books u have there!!!!!!! it look so colourful to me..!! can i buy al ur treasure frm u wit half price..? :P haha! It's okay to shops alone gal.. does it sounds pathetic too if i told u some1 went cinema alone..? :P haha! do wat u wish to, dun regret anythin u've done cause in the end it makes u who u are..