Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Retro Night 2010

Here's a post that is long overdue because I was either sick or too lazy past week.

The Material school had their annual dinner last week and we decided we were going to perform a dance. Sounds crazy to you? To me well yes. Performing in front of the lecturers and the seniors and juniors was scary when I think of it but when I got on stage, well everyone was busy eating, not much people pay attention to us. So it was fun because there's no pressure...haha because no one really paid much attention to me.

I think we practice for 4 days only and got up stage dancing a retro dance to Elvis Presley's JailHouse Rock and some Malay song I never heard of. I got to dressed up really retro and 70's which I have to say suits me...hehe. (Complimenting myself ^_^) The 5 minutes went by really fast and I really enjoyed it. I wish it was longer because it was really fun and nice.

The night was fun. Taking pictures with almost everyone you know, dress up really funky and cute and look like a different person with make-up on. Hehe. I think I really enjoyed myself and it was nice minus the food I didn't get to eat.

( you know M'sian really selfish when it comes to food...we came down late after the dance and there was nothing much left plus apparently there were more people that came than the food provided...shitty right?)

Of course, the morning after that sucks really bad too because I got real sick. I'm just trying to forget that....never again.

So here's a few photos of the night.

P.S. I look nice right? At least I think so..haha. ^___^


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LiLing said...

You look very very pretty! :D Love how you put your clothes together! :D