Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pensive night...

A new year, a new beginning, a new journey.

It's March already. How time flies and gone by. Graduation was like 6 months ago. Seems the moment of elation of graduating has pass by to be filled with worries for the future.

Feeling positive tonight. I wonder why? I just feel that way.
I've been feeling sad and happy on and off that I am beginning to feel I suffer from bi-polar disease. =.=

The new job is fine. It might be great for a lot of people. Good pay, good benefits and stable job. I just feel 'fine' fine. I am very thankful for the job offer and the confidence of the manager in me handling the work. I'm however less enthusiastic of the job scope. I imagine I can do this for a certain period of time but not for my entire life. I know what I am capable of and I'm definitely not stupid. Still I'm not satisfied with this kind of living. I keep asking myself am I just taking the easy way out? How confident are you that you will be happy if you changed career? The truth is I will never know until I try it. And I want to. I want to just experience something different for once and see if I can.

I keep asking myself if money is more important than happiness. The answer is however that having money is also a kind of happiness. >.< But money is not everything. Or so I believe.

I have been pondering and wondering for this 6 months on how I want to walked on in life and I still haven't gotten a right answer. I am not very fond of the 'what ifs' but I'm thinking a lot about them lately that it is frustrating me. I've made up my mind and changed them far too often. I have set myself a goal that I'm not sure I will reach but is stubbornly trying to achieve. I always knew I lack courage and determination. So I'm praying for guidance and courage. And pray everything will go as plan (which they 99% of the time never do.) and maybe for once just listen to my heart.


Sunday, March 03, 2013


Recently I've been having a liking,
For a band who's out of this world,
Believe me...

So lately I've been listening to McFly who isn't really a new boyband or group but a famous established pop band formed in 2003. I've actually heard about McFly before because of one song which is All About You. A very nice song which had occupied my playlist on a repeat loop 2 years ago. I've put them to the back of my mind until recently when the wedding speech of one of the McFly member gone viral and he made an awesome speech/song with their number one hits. It was such an amazing speech that I went and look for their songs and discovered I should have listen to them earlier hahaha...better late than never...

'Obviously' is one of my favourite and I've taken a page from Tom Fletcher, their lead vocal and rewrote their lyrics on top. Their new song from last year, Love Is Easy is now my favourite song of the moment. I'm so in love with the song and it is on a repeat mode on my music player and I'm like sharing it over on FB a couple of times. The lyrics are simple but the song is so much fun. Especially love the funny MV. Gotta share this.

The pink ukelele is so cute.

I'm a little obsessed with McFly at the moment and I don't care if practically all of the band members are married or not available. They are HOT and so good-looking and funny. Some people are just so talented and so good-looking...hehehe...Sharing some music which I love and hope you guys enjoy it too. They cheer me up and I hope they cheer you up too.