Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dreamy mist..

The misty road looks mysterious....

We couldn't see further as the mist were around.

This was when we were on our way back to Penang two week ago.

The weather was perfect and the mist just envelopes you in it...

Driving by the highway that time was so nice...

It was almost fairy-like.....what a dreamy morning it was...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Pings...

Happy 21st Birthday to Siaw Ping and Hui Ping....

Finally you joined the "Lau Ee" group of 21 years left only one of the Kiddies who isn't 21...haha

Happy Birthday to both of you...

Tanjobi Omedetto our dearest Siaw Ping...Hope you'll always be happy and healthy in Singapore <3 <3 <3

Saeng Il Chuka Hamnida....

To our beloved bug-eyed Hui Ping in the photo....
May you find someone just for you soon....hahaha...
Have a happy merry and crazy birthday!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jalan jalan...Gurney..

I went to Gurney Plaza for 3 times this whole week. Current photo was the second time in the week. Went to eat at guess what? A&W Restaurant.
Of all places, we went to A&W..haha

Met Sathia in Gurney...Hui Ping and Mei Ling went crazy when they saw her. They turn into stalkers and rush over to follow her boyfriend and her.....The funny thing is, Sathia thought both of them were a couple and Mei Ling was a Ahem...short boyfriend of Hui Ping....hahahaha. It was really funny.

Mei Ling and Elora....couple look....

The 3rd trip was to RedBox for a three hours karaoke marathon. Voice condition wasn't good that day and I sang pretty out of tune...Will have to try better next time...haha. Hui Ping, book another session for another karaoke session when I come back soon...

Didn't do much this holidays except spending money....haha. I wish I have loads of them but sadly I don't...Guess I have to start saving again if I want to do anything fun the next we gather for the holidays...

Chilis Hangout

My first time dining in Chilis and look how hungry I looked. We were waiting for Ju and Jane who has gone off to buy some stuff.....The food came and it look so tempting...It smells really good too...Haha. We almost started without them...The atmosphere inside was also nice although the lighting was a lil too dimmed to me...Can't even take nice photos in that lighting..haha.

The very delicious was really yummy....I love the mashed potatoes and grilled lamb..

The yummy dessert we had that night....sinfully delicious.
Looking at it makes your mouth waters...

The Haegen-Dazs ice-cream they treat me too....The chocolate ice-cream was ICHIBAN...It was pure heaven...haha....Thanks again to all of you for treating me to it.

(Jane, Me and Hui the toilet in front of the mirror...hehe)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gamer

Let's get started with my blog with another movie review...

Went to watch The Gamer yesterday.

I didn't have much expectation going in to the cinema because The Gamer was actually my 3rd choice movie of that day...haha. i knew a bit of the story line and basically it was almost like I imagine it would be. It wasn't bad.

In The Gamer, human can control other humans. Ken Castle the creator of Society, an online community in which gamers pay to control a real person in a pseudo community, much like current simulated worlds such as Second Life. Those who work as characters in Society are paid for their participation, unlike Castle's latest creation, Slayers. Slayers allows gamers to control death row prisoners in mass-scale death matches. The prisoners were controlled by a chip planted in their head called the nanite. The nanite would self multiply eventually replacing all your brain cells making you follow any instructions giving by the one controlling you. The story sets around Kable (Gerard Butler) who is an inmate on the death row that is put into the game and has won 27 matches controlled by Simon Silverton(Logan Lerman) who is just 17 wit loads of money. This game called The Slayers is basically a game filled with gore, death and violence and if you win 30 matches then you are free from your sentence. Definitely one movie for the above 18 and not below that age.

The mind control thing is just so wrong. You can control a human being just by a chip in their head. Even if the inmates are soon to be serving their death row sentences I disagree that we can use them as entertainment and play them like you are playing a computer game albeit giving them a chance of freedom if they won 30 matches. I mean, they are human being with feelings and all. Seeing people control other is like a dictator mind controlling you and telling you what you should and shouldn't do. The movie shows the nad side of technology. When used in a wrong way, it can have a very disastrous effect.

The violence in the movie is way a lot. It just show how evil humans could be if they want to I guess. The movie was kinda short and I think the ending was too abrupt. As we suddenly found out that Kable whose real name is Tillman was planted the chip and sentences to death because he killed his friend in cold blood but it was all because of Ken castle who manipulate him using the nanite.


Being busy


Well, busy going out....

Will updated later on ok?

I got lots to write but no time...haha

I'll update all my antics in a few days.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sakae for birthday...

Even though it's my 21st birthday, I didn't do anything much.

I went out with a couple of friends for lunch at Sakae Sushi in Queensbay Mall..

Do you know how much sushi we ate that day? It totalled to an amount of RM221.15.

Thanks to all the buddies who treat me to lunch...and the yummy birthday cake...

The best birthdays are usually spent having fun and I had was simple and nice. A couple of friends (Plus me=8 ;D) can chitchat to a storm...we make a lot of noise...haha.

(The bento set I ordered...It was yummy...)

(The sushi we ate...look at all the salmon haha...Our favourite of all dishes so we ordered plenty.)

(The crazy girls on a money giving ceremony....)

(My birthday cake and me....Yerrr...I look old...I'm 21 after all...)

PS Thanks you all for the cake, the food and the presents....Muaks...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday To Me!!!!

YiPPPeeee!!!! It's my birthday....My 21st birthday...

Ya..It's my birthday....Ohh lalala it's my birthday..It's everybody's birthday
(Excerpts from Lee Hom's Ya Birthday haha)

Lots of THANK YOU to everyone who wished me and people wishing me after this...teehee..let me thank you guys 1st....

Blogging now as it's my actual birthday down to the minute at this time, 1.31am, 21 years ago...haha..

Here's a present for myself hehehee...

Wish he could wish me too...hehe

Saeng il chuka hamnida to me!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


It was suppose to be a quick trip back home but it turns into a long distance kind of journey. I'm also wondering whether I brought home the rain.

Today was suppose to be a great day. It was one indeed, early in the morning. We started our journey early before 8. The weather was great and we were having fun listening to SuJu and TVXQ songs in the car. The road was misty along the Perlis -Changloon highway which was a first for me. It was really beautiful and nice in a way as the mist surrounded us from the sides and parted to give way to the road in front. It was almost like a scene in a movie. A great setting for our journey back to Penang.

It was great until it turn 9-ish. Well, all of a sudden there was a huge jam in front of us on the highway. We didn't have a clue what was happening. All we knew (We as in Loo Wen and me) was we have to take a detour into some highway exit, Jerninag and Sik I think. So we were stuck in the jam there for like an hour. Reaching the toll exit for Sik/Jerniang was like only 2 or 3km but it took us more than an hour to reach. Upon reaching, we enquired the toll worker. It seems there was a huge accident on the highway and we can't use the road at all. (I heard the news from my family that it was written in the newspaper and it was a major accident involving lots of cars and a huge trailer contenna truck. It seems there were explosion and something caught on fire. I don't even want to know what...)

We end up having to use the old highway which was longer and have lots of traffic lights stop. That slowed us down quite a lot. I believe part of us stucking in the jam was pretty much my fault. (I'm so sorry, Loo Wen...) We could have avoided the jam if we have travelled home on Thursday. I blame it all on my inability to make myself skip class. I have this mindset that I have to attend classes it seems...Haiz...I guess sometimes rules should be broken once in awhile. Next time if there's a chance to go home early, I'm going to do just that or at least try to...Usually if I do something like this then there will be a class. Things never work out my way...

The trip was longer but it wasn't all that bad. (Someone who will always find something good from the bad...ME..^.^) In fact, it was the first time I actually passed through Sungai Petani. I didn't even know there were so many shopping malls there. The detour was quite interesting and testing my navigational skills. In SP, there were the Village Mall, 2 Tesco(s), Central Square, Sungai Petani Plaza and Giant and it looks almost like Alor Setar there. It was quite some town but of course nothing beats Penang. The home where my heart is. Unfortunately, a journey that should have been 2 hours long has taken us 4 hours to reach. Both of us were pretty much starving when we reach. We were at McD even before we went home. It was really tiring on Loo Wen and I think she was going to drop dead asleep on her bed as soon as she reach home after lunch.


One more thing was tonight. I suspected I brought home the rain. It was raining cats and dogs tonight. Yet there were reckless drivers on the road who wouldn't care of anyone but themselves. Selfish assholes...The road back to my house from my grandpa's were flooded mostly. I got myself pretty much drenched even with an umbrella walking to my car. Rain...always come when you least expect it to be. That's why there is the idiom "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan". You'll never know when you are in need of an umbrella and always save for a rainy day.

But I'm always glad to be home. Being home is great because I get to sit in my room alone and not worry of anything. Even for awhile I get to cozy myself up in my bed and forget about the rest of the world. I could dream of a lovely world where things never goes wrong and people live in harmony.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprise Pressie...

My roomie just made my day. ^_________^

I woke up this morning alone as she has gone off to class and then going to Penang straight after that. I didn't even realise she left something on the cabinet next to my bed until I was sitting on my bed after I got ready to leave for Kangar.

She left me a PRESENT for my birthday!!!! Which to those who don't know is in 4 days time. ..haha...I didn't even think that she'll remember it or give me a present. I was so happy this morning because of it. I was surprised...but it's a lovely surprise. I guess she know she won't see me during the holidays so she gave me one earlier and it was really a nice surprise.

Thank you so much to Li roommate...

I appreciate it...a lot...^___^


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wasn't angry anymore when I posted this. I was angry a few days ago but I usually get over it in a couple of hours. I guess I mean it when I say I rather be happy than angry.


I rather be happy than angry

It's such a stupid feeling where you rant about the person you are angry with.

It's lame that you have to assure to yourself that you are right and he/she is wrong.

Thinking of anger makes you angry too.

Thinking of people angry with you does that too.

Not understanding why they are angry with you does that too.

Well, I guess that makes me angry too.

I guess I'm allowed times like this.


I still think ANGER IS OVER-RATED....

Sometimes when you say things out of anger, you'll end up hurting someone. Even if you apologised, the wound will always be there and even if the wound healed, there will always be a scar. I guess it is no use trying to understand and find out who's wrong and who's right in an argument because when something harsh is said from it, a relationship will never be the same again. But let's just move on and remain close as I'm someone who will remember only the good and leave behind the bad.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

CLAY...and Buffet....

Today was fun. It was tiring but fun. We had Ceramics lab this morning and I finally get to try the potter wheel. Yippee!!

(Not bad for a first try right??)

(If you see too many hands, those are my coursemates'..We were actually imagining making Kuih Raya...LOL)

It was so cool. I wish I had more time to try it and make it better. I finally got my hands on the clay that we use to make pottery. If only I had the chance to learn more then I might turn into a pottery master like Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers...hehe....I only managed to try it after everyone was done with it. Turning the potter wheel and putting your hands around the clay forming it was really fun. The pottery clay.,it was...well....sticky and wet...haha. I did managed to make a bowl out of the clay but due to time constrain, it was kind of ugly. At least I had fun....


Meanwhile, earlier tonight we went to have a RM20 Ramadhan buffet at Seaview Hotel at Kuala Perlis. The place was okay. The food wasn't that much of a variety but what do you expect from RM20. There were Fish Curry, Chicken, Squid, Beef Curry, Vege and some Ulam...then there were Malay Cakes and Desserts and even pudding and of course Fruits. Well that was kinda a wasn't bad but it wasn't really delicious either but for RM20 it was okay..

I ate quite a lot I felt...haha...It was not too bad...I love the squid..It was really nice. I had fun pigging out. I am still full since I just got back an hour ago. Not everyone had fun though...haha. I won't tell you seems like I'm telling on them..teehee~

Well, a great day compared to yesterday...haha

(I do look kinda face is too pale.)

(More pics to come when I get it from my coursemates...)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feeling DOWN..

Looks like 090909 isn't lucky for me after all.

Went in the test and couldn't remember much.

Didn't even have time to think. Not enough time to finish the test too.

Just realised I wrote quite a bit nonsense that is totally wrong.

I was like "Have faith, Chia Ming!! You can do it" but looks like I can't after all...

Haiz....tough luck....

Aiyaa...don't care~lah. Let bygones be bygones...

T.T.... I can't let bygones be bygones...

Good news on 09/09/09 and then some...

Super Junior M is coming back with a new album. Yaa!!!

" Super Junior-M will make a return at the end of September with their brand-new Chinese mini-album and restart their activities in China. To create hype ahead of their comeback, SM Entertainment has partnered with Chinese portal site,, and will be releasing their teaser clips, etc on their respective websites starting on the 11th.

Super Junior-M expressed, "We are very happy to be bringing our new album to everyone and we have made a lot of preparations for it. We hope that everyone can continue to show their support for Super Junior-M's music and activities and continue to support and love us.

Super Junior-M's new mini-album will be released in China and other Asian countries at the same time by end-September. "

Credits: allkpop & &

Wondering whether I should buy the album when it comes out?? Haha...We shall see...Can't wait to see my Donghae and Kyuhyun...

Meanwhile some miserable news for myself...Got test tonight. But guess when the test is going to start??

9pm at 09/09/09....Great choice for the lecturer. Such an auspicious day to hold a test. Best of luck to me...I am feeling optimistic though. Got to have faith....


Tuesday, September 08, 2009


This isn't the time to do this.
Nor is it the time to be like this.
But here I am Korea-ing.
Watching back silly but funny and romantic Coffee Prince No. 1.
Surfing the internet stalking SuJu and TVXQ.

"How about your Quality Control test tomorrow then?", you say.
I say "I don't know-lah...Study while watch lo."

At a time like this I can still be KOREA-ing....I must be crazy.

WAIT...I already am CRAZEEE....

QC Six Sigma is killing me....

Killing me softly its terms...killing me softly with each words..

Monday, September 07, 2009


I can't breathe properly through my nose right now.

I woke at 5a.m. because my air flow through the nose was blocked.

How freaking great is that?? I'm so annoyed with my nose right now.

The flu starts every morning. Every bloody morning before I woke up and ends 1 hour after I do wake up because of it.

See now it's getting a bit better...Pissed off seriously because of the lack of sleep. Can't sleep with a blocked nose because I can't breathe so the only solution? Online....

Going to try and get back to sleep after this. Still half blocked though. Have to wait for it to fully unblocked.

I think I wasted like heaps of tissue paper...every single day.

Annoyed. Pissed. And I'm feeling pathetic complaining....

Need to take a lot of Vitamin C...

Flu, Oh, Flu, Please go away...I don't want to be sick again...

Saturday, September 05, 2009


This was when I went for lunch with Loo Wen and Jolyn a few weeks ago...

Messing with my leftovers....You guys are probably doing this right now -_-|| Haha

(It looks miserable...probably sad because I was messing with it. Haha..Poor little thing)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Locked out again

Once again, I was locked out. This time it's because I was forgetful. I forgot my keys when I left the hostel this morning. I only remembered about my keys when I was searching for it. I came back to the hostel and managed to get in the front door, thanks to Nana (My housemate) who was with me as I told her I didn't bring my keys.

Then came the problem of getting in my room. No keys, no entry. How then? Once again pick-locking skills came in handy. This is my 3rd attempt at pick-locking and the 2nd successful attempt. I am starting to feel like a thief. Haha. I got the door open in 30 minutes. Using 3 pins I think I was picking at the key hole for what-seems-to-me like hours. The hairpins I used were all spoiled because of it.

(Spoiled hairpins)

Not that I'm an expert or anything because seriously the door to my room is a bit loose. So you just need a bit of twisting and turnings, some force and a bit of luck to get in. So, I got in my room safely and soundly without having to wait for my room mate who will only be back at 6pm something. It was only 2pm when I came back. This lock picking has given me some extra time to enjoy a bit of fun online and playing Facebook...and ya something to write in the blog..

Good thing it is this lock picking skill...hehe.

Disclaimer: I am so definitely NOT a thief....I just do it when I'm desperate...haha