Friday, September 18, 2009


It was suppose to be a quick trip back home but it turns into a long distance kind of journey. I'm also wondering whether I brought home the rain.

Today was suppose to be a great day. It was one indeed, early in the morning. We started our journey early before 8. The weather was great and we were having fun listening to SuJu and TVXQ songs in the car. The road was misty along the Perlis -Changloon highway which was a first for me. It was really beautiful and nice in a way as the mist surrounded us from the sides and parted to give way to the road in front. It was almost like a scene in a movie. A great setting for our journey back to Penang.

It was great until it turn 9-ish. Well, all of a sudden there was a huge jam in front of us on the highway. We didn't have a clue what was happening. All we knew (We as in Loo Wen and me) was we have to take a detour into some highway exit, Jerninag and Sik I think. So we were stuck in the jam there for like an hour. Reaching the toll exit for Sik/Jerniang was like only 2 or 3km but it took us more than an hour to reach. Upon reaching, we enquired the toll worker. It seems there was a huge accident on the highway and we can't use the road at all. (I heard the news from my family that it was written in the newspaper and it was a major accident involving lots of cars and a huge trailer contenna truck. It seems there were explosion and something caught on fire. I don't even want to know what...)

We end up having to use the old highway which was longer and have lots of traffic lights stop. That slowed us down quite a lot. I believe part of us stucking in the jam was pretty much my fault. (I'm so sorry, Loo Wen...) We could have avoided the jam if we have travelled home on Thursday. I blame it all on my inability to make myself skip class. I have this mindset that I have to attend classes it seems...Haiz...I guess sometimes rules should be broken once in awhile. Next time if there's a chance to go home early, I'm going to do just that or at least try to...Usually if I do something like this then there will be a class. Things never work out my way...

The trip was longer but it wasn't all that bad. (Someone who will always find something good from the bad...ME..^.^) In fact, it was the first time I actually passed through Sungai Petani. I didn't even know there were so many shopping malls there. The detour was quite interesting and testing my navigational skills. In SP, there were the Village Mall, 2 Tesco(s), Central Square, Sungai Petani Plaza and Giant and it looks almost like Alor Setar there. It was quite some town but of course nothing beats Penang. The home where my heart is. Unfortunately, a journey that should have been 2 hours long has taken us 4 hours to reach. Both of us were pretty much starving when we reach. We were at McD even before we went home. It was really tiring on Loo Wen and I think she was going to drop dead asleep on her bed as soon as she reach home after lunch.


One more thing was tonight. I suspected I brought home the rain. It was raining cats and dogs tonight. Yet there were reckless drivers on the road who wouldn't care of anyone but themselves. Selfish assholes...The road back to my house from my grandpa's were flooded mostly. I got myself pretty much drenched even with an umbrella walking to my car. Rain...always come when you least expect it to be. That's why there is the idiom "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan". You'll never know when you are in need of an umbrella and always save for a rainy day.

But I'm always glad to be home. Being home is great because I get to sit in my room alone and not worry of anything. Even for awhile I get to cozy myself up in my bed and forget about the rest of the world. I could dream of a lovely world where things never goes wrong and people live in harmony.

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