Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wasn't angry anymore when I posted this. I was angry a few days ago but I usually get over it in a couple of hours. I guess I mean it when I say I rather be happy than angry.


I rather be happy than angry

It's such a stupid feeling where you rant about the person you are angry with.

It's lame that you have to assure to yourself that you are right and he/she is wrong.

Thinking of anger makes you angry too.

Thinking of people angry with you does that too.

Not understanding why they are angry with you does that too.

Well, I guess that makes me angry too.

I guess I'm allowed times like this.


I still think ANGER IS OVER-RATED....

Sometimes when you say things out of anger, you'll end up hurting someone. Even if you apologised, the wound will always be there and even if the wound healed, there will always be a scar. I guess it is no use trying to understand and find out who's wrong and who's right in an argument because when something harsh is said from it, a relationship will never be the same again. But let's just move on and remain close as I'm someone who will remember only the good and leave behind the bad.

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