Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chilis Hangout

My first time dining in Chilis and look how hungry I looked. We were waiting for Ju and Jane who has gone off to buy some stuff.....The food came and it look so tempting...It smells really good too...Haha. We almost started without them...The atmosphere inside was also nice although the lighting was a lil too dimmed to me...Can't even take nice photos in that lighting..haha.

The very delicious was really yummy....I love the mashed potatoes and grilled lamb..

The yummy dessert we had that night....sinfully delicious.
Looking at it makes your mouth waters...

The Haegen-Dazs ice-cream they treat me too....The chocolate ice-cream was ICHIBAN...It was pure heaven...haha....Thanks again to all of you for treating me to it.

(Jane, Me and Hui the toilet in front of the mirror...hehe)

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