Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Gamer

Let's get started with my blog with another movie review...

Went to watch The Gamer yesterday.

I didn't have much expectation going in to the cinema because The Gamer was actually my 3rd choice movie of that day...haha. i knew a bit of the story line and basically it was almost like I imagine it would be. It wasn't bad.

In The Gamer, human can control other humans. Ken Castle the creator of Society, an online community in which gamers pay to control a real person in a pseudo community, much like current simulated worlds such as Second Life. Those who work as characters in Society are paid for their participation, unlike Castle's latest creation, Slayers. Slayers allows gamers to control death row prisoners in mass-scale death matches. The prisoners were controlled by a chip planted in their head called the nanite. The nanite would self multiply eventually replacing all your brain cells making you follow any instructions giving by the one controlling you. The story sets around Kable (Gerard Butler) who is an inmate on the death row that is put into the game and has won 27 matches controlled by Simon Silverton(Logan Lerman) who is just 17 wit loads of money. This game called The Slayers is basically a game filled with gore, death and violence and if you win 30 matches then you are free from your sentence. Definitely one movie for the above 18 and not below that age.

The mind control thing is just so wrong. You can control a human being just by a chip in their head. Even if the inmates are soon to be serving their death row sentences I disagree that we can use them as entertainment and play them like you are playing a computer game albeit giving them a chance of freedom if they won 30 matches. I mean, they are human being with feelings and all. Seeing people control other is like a dictator mind controlling you and telling you what you should and shouldn't do. The movie shows the nad side of technology. When used in a wrong way, it can have a very disastrous effect.

The violence in the movie is way a lot. It just show how evil humans could be if they want to I guess. The movie was kinda short and I think the ending was too abrupt. As we suddenly found out that Kable whose real name is Tillman was planted the chip and sentences to death because he killed his friend in cold blood but it was all because of Ken castle who manipulate him using the nanite.

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